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HARD ONES: Three new PC games that are BLOODY DIFFICULT

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Don't Starve for free

On Playstation + this month

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers

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Tried a few and ended up with

Latest Newish Canon.

1st printer Epson heads failed big time guzzled expensive ink.

2nd printer Older Canon, spare parts more expensive than new printer, head went after a lot of use. Wear & Tear.

Kept with Canon due to ink prices, found genuine ink at similar prices to pattern inks and in seperate cartridges. So cheap to run.

Sony on the ropes after Moody's downgrade to junk

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Re: what ifs

This is why Kaz is the current best choice for CEO.

Media person as CEO - no.

Please remember that people who like Sony hardware do not have to like Sony music.

Also think for every Sony music there is a Naughty Dog.

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Re: Optional

You are right on the cheap crap - I managed to avoid it and I have upset sales staff telling them that.

Now the media side, I blame everyone who bought the crappy Vhs system over the better Beta system.

I have a still working Sanyo Beta HiFi deck and watching rental videos with that was much nicer than some Vhs crap.

Sanyo supported Beta to the end along with Sony, they produced some indestractable decks and the best deck for pre recorded films - why?

There were 3 UK HiFi decks, the Super made no difference for prerecorded and both Sony kept tapes laced, so had greater head wear. the Sanyo and Sony ordinary HiFi decks were very similar in performance.

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Re: Cameras

Of course Nikon and Canon have always been top. But for Video cameras Sony were a top brand, I will admit I stopped at HDV as I wanted tape, and the choice was basically a £800 Sony, a £1500 semi pro Sony, or a £1000 or so semi pro Canon.

Back in the 80s Sony were a no brainer for the portable recorders. But JVC were the top camera.

Mini DV was a great format for SD cameras, there were multiple good manufacturers.

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Re: First digital Walkmans

Well if you look at home they developed them not too surprising.

Basically take a MD Walkman and replace MD with HDD.

The second generation with MP3 support were better but ATRAC sounds better than MP3, They were good, but didn't sell well - too expensive.

I have a MiniDisc Walkman, so can see the similarities.

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Re: Get rid of Cowell for a start

Can't stand the git!

Just to let Sony know, AFAIR I have never bought an alnum off them, nothing which I want for a start, perhaps you should ditch the record company.

Keeping the film studios is a good idea for format reasons (RIP Betamax).

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Made the best video recorders.

Like my 1982 portable, very good deck, or my late 80s home deck with every toy imaginable.

Then early 90s they went rubbish!

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Re: Lost trust

How do they split?

Where do you place for example the first party game studios?

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Re: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Still one of the best, TVs are still very good, but other companies have caught up post Trinitron era, to be honest no other tube TV could match one.

When looking for my current TV I went Sony for price and quality reasons, the Pioneer Plasmas were a lot more, and to be honest at the time, most other LCD TVs were poor (including cheaper Sonys) and most Plasmas looked cack.

Look at their home cinema stuff, still among the best middle range kit, but not many people buying in that market.

PCs well I don't do laptops but a cheap one would do. Tower PCs - build your own. May be best off dropping out of the PC market.

That said I think Kaz can turn them around, probably best person for the job.

I think they will rely on their gaming division for now.

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each

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Aren't concerts on the internet advertising

If he is good you then want to see him.

Does this mean he is terrible and trying to hide it?

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors

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Re: I wanted to go.

Oh well it will be a shorter trip.

Colossus is the thing I would most want to see.

MJI Silver badge

I wanted to go.

But no Colossus no visit.

Oh and I want elderly people who know the place intimately to show me around.

A BBC-by-subscription 'would be richer', MPs told

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Re: Student TV

I thought they just watched the Teletubbies.

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But they want to take their time and do it well not churn out a load of crap. We only have one Moffatt and he has to do DW as well

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Multiple tuners - what then?

That said licence fee amount is enough for me.

Treat yourself to some FA, NFL or 1D action at Wembley Stadium

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For many of us

A waste of money.

And the winner of the most reliable disk drive award is ...

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Re: Samsung were good drives

Thanks for that

I will investigate them as I need to mirror my C and D drives at home, I don't want to have to recapture hours of footage again.

I do have DVD and BD backups but there is the time aspect as well.

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Samsung were good drives

Got two in the home PC and I am after a 3rd drive, but cannot find any more Samsung.

So what do I buy?

Reliable, quiet and large are the important features, as to speed, can it handle HD video if so fast enough..

WHEW! OpenBSD won't CloseBSD (for now) after $100,000 cash windfall

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Re: How many are there?


Still seems a bit of a pity they cannot all combine their resources, FreeBSD seems to be doing well.

MJI Silver badge

How many are there?

It seems there are quite a few BSD companies, can someone explain why please?

We see ya, Ouya, you tasty Android games console gear

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Re: Everyone seems to have missed a little point


Hmm I think I will just plug in the Megadrive. or the SNES, and I am sure both the PS2 & PS3 plays PS1 games

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Re: Expensive

And try the three best Android games against the three best PS3 games.

Just the chance to play the four Naughty Dog games a PS3 is worth it

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Re: Neat but pointless?

Oh dear - so peer bullying has become part of the marketing ars(e)anal

Pretty silly yes but these are all 14 year olds - they get what they are given, or what their parents give up to shut them up.

I think the XB CODs are just obcessed - one game and stuff the rest, where as I have two boys who have multiple games, they both have Steam accounts, Vitas, DSs, and share the family PS2/3/4 Wiii, even managed to just about get a Megadrive working on a monitor (doubled up screen still to sort).

They will sit on Terreria, Minecraft, or Garys Mod all evening given the chance, or sit there on Warframe, AC4, or Borderlands 2 until we want the TV, one really wants Borderlands 2 for his Vita.

Definately a bit more open than COD.

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Re: Neat but pointless?

Much agreement here. Absolutely pointless. Kids will get these and be shunned by their friends for having a weirdo hipster Dad that buys them a cheap shitty 'droid gaming box instead of a proper one.

Actually there is some right shit thrown around at school, my boys have received a bit for not having Call Of Duty and not having an XBox. They retailiated with the usual arguments against that combination, eg Killzone multiplayer requires a lot more skill (well 2 and 3 did), oh and show them a game which looks better than the output of Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us or CoD 47 - no contest.

So if there is crap thrown for having the use of a Playstation, what chance to kids with a strange device like this have? At least with a PS3 there is plenty to throw back and make the argument starter look very foolish.

Now they can fling PS4 at the XBots at their school.

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What will happen when Vita TV arrives?

Similar price, better controller, known brand.

Will be interesting.

Sony brings 4K shooting to the masses in weeks

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Re: 4K?

I moved to HDV, pretty good for what it is

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The prices

Are not that bad if you compare to the prices paid in the 1980s.

I paid £400 for a second hand camera and recorder, which were new a £1000 in early 80s, that is the equivalent of £1100 / £2800 in todays money and for that I had a video camera of good picture quality and low number of features (no auto focus), and a heavyish recorder known to be quite light.

I could have spent more if I had the money, a better camera like the JVC GX-N70 with the essential and most popular accessory of 14pin K adaptor, but the recorder was just the best.

Actually the mix and match was good, Sony as an example made the best portable VCR on the UK market by a huge margin SL-F1UB, but their cameras were bare on features (even the HVC4000P 6 x zoom no, AF, no remote control beyond pause), JVC made an excellent camera (GX-N70) but their portable was shite.(cannot remember the model) Same with Panasonic, the NV180 was not fit to be mentioned in the same sentence as the SLF1, but their late model video camera was really good. The cheap cameras from JVC tended to go green, their VCRs could not handle multi generation editing.

In my experience of videoing in the late 80s was that editing on all Sony kit in the domestic market automatically gave you an extra generation to your tapes, basically a Sony master edit tape was better than a JVC or Panasonic camera tape and the duplication copy from a Sony master was better than the edit master from the other two companies.

Part of this was due to the sync pulse handling within Sony kit and part of this was due to the higher resolution of Betamax. I edited onto a SL-HF950, Pro-X tapes all round.

4K-ing hell! Will your shiny new Ultra HD TV actually display HD telly?

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Re: 2K intermediate

Some of us still watch the SD channel rather than the HD because..........

Some wanker put a sodding great big on screen turd on the HD channel

Channel 4 you are turds!

Take that, BT: Vodafone and BSkyB mull over broadband tie-up - report

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Re: I was wondering....

What was wrong with O2?

I had Royal Mail try to sell me telephone, I said I was with them as I was with BT, they were confused, why?

My name is Dabbsy and I am an EMAILOHOLIC

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Lets count


1 - Work

2 - One the PC told me to do (MSN via Hotmail)

3 - My Hotmail spam proof email

4 - Abandoned from onetel

5 - Abandoned from ukonline

6 - current BT

7 - Ebay bt

8 - fullname@fullname.co.uk

9 - firstname@surname.me.uk

10 - Googlemail

11 - Abandoned from a forum

I use 5 regularly, work, the MSN for webmail, my BT, Ebay BT as they refused my BT, and my .me.uk

EU eyes UHF spectrum: What do you think, biz bods... broadband?

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Re: It not about the Consumer. But Big Business and Regulator Income.

I only have one working TV with five people.

But it probably cost the same as 8 ordinary TVs.

Small people happier with either I player (daughter) or gaming (sons)

Fine! We'll keep updating WinXP's malware sniffer after April, says Microsoft

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Re: *just* 14 more months to upgrade? @MJI

I do know that MS deliberately removed it. Very annoying.

Since our Windows software uses the same database as the older DOS software, migration has not been too difficult, but certain older tools just worked.

Our reindex tool was more stable in MS DOS executable than a Win32 Console mode, but the netbios thing in 7 32 bit prevented us repairing a database - we zipped it up brought it back to the office to fix.

We did have a competitor using our late appearance in Windows as a selling point, but out MS DOS package was so much more powerful that it took us years to convert. He used to get very nasty and was annoyed when our new version appeared.

We still have a couple of customers running our DOS system on XP, and a few customers still using older DOS screens on a couple of PCs against the latest database.

I liked XP as I could run both our old system and our new system. As a developer being able to run all of your software is good.

Now we get sales where prospective customers do not like the same competitlrs software,

MJI Silver badge

Re: *just* 14 more months to upgrade?

Why don't MS get 7 to run software which XP could? Vista started the rot.


Full screen DOS programs

VGA mode DOS programs

Nintendo: We didn't just slay Wii Fit 'troll', we've now gobbled its patents

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Re: Partial Repayment. Sony & Nintendo

Actually two completely different teams came out with two similar ideas at a similar time.

There are many differences just for starters.

Wii system uses IR lamp ontop of TV and IR sensors in the controllers

Move system uses glowing balls and a camera

Different methods same result.

MJI Silver badge

Those patents are a bit tenuous

Looks like they used patents for the wrong things to try to troll Nintendo

Coffee a memory enhancing drug, say boffins

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Re: More important drink in the UK

I like the alcoholics too, and like you cannot touch coffee

MJI Silver badge

More important drink in the UK

What about the effects of tea?

Twitter: It's JUST LIKE Elder Scrolls (no it's not)

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Well I like mine like the Box Set and sometimes the blockbuster.

It was good to see developers I have heard and read about for years.

Could be a series if they looked at more games.

Nice to see TLOU mentioned near the end before socail networking reared its ugly head.

BT 118 phone number fee howler lands telco giant with £225k fine

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last itme I used directory enquiries

I used 192

If someone asked me to try a 118 I would try 118 192 first then 118 000 then work up from that.

Optical Express 'ruined my life' attack site wins Nominet takedown battle

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Re: Glasses here

To be honest I need to buy a PC set, reading I am fine, driving OK. Drilling small holes for handrails and door handles OK, for applying transfers accuratly good.

Because my close up vision is pretty good I see more problems with my models!

MJI Silver badge

Glasses here

I am pretty short sighted, but now getting a new issue due to age, not so easy to focus, I struggle to see close up things with my glasees on. But when I do take off glasses I can do a lot of closeup work, as a modeller it is actually not a problem to be short sighted.

If I had contacts or laser treatment I would now be in a more difficult place than I am in now.

However I do annoy the fashion police as they talk about brands they mean frames by fashion designer, whereas I mention brands like Nikon and Zeiss, so middle price metal frames here with bloody expensive plastic!

Sony seeks mojo reboot with 147-inch 'honey-you-can't-afford-me' 4K home projector

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Re: Formats

Someone needs to invent the formats. Sony develop good ones but they often do not take off.

ATRAC is good, better than MP3, worked very well with Minidisc.

Memory stick is OK, there are a lot of card formats anyway, best thing about MS is it is easy to hold.

Betamax was first to market, and was technically better than the opposition and is what got me interested in Sony kit in the first place.

Formats developed with other companies however. Do you use CD? DVD? DV/MiniDV/HDV? BluRay?

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Trying to compete on price

Really hurt them, I hope this is a return to premium products at a reasonable price.

Yes I do consider £1500 a reasonable price for a good LCD TV, compared to say £500 for a rubbish one.

I also still perceive Walkman to be better than IPod, yet they are cheaper. I have always felt you get what you pay for with Sony, pay too little you get little, pay a decent amount you get a decent product.

If you want to see engineering and design, go back to 1983 and look at their top of range VCR, everything built for quality, even the 4 year later top end VCR did not have the fine reel control of its predecessor (I own the portable version of the first and I do own the 1987 VCR).

Basically Kaz needs to bring back the premium feel of the 1970s and 80s before their descent into cheap crud and people will buy it again. Just think how many ex Trinitron owners have a Bravia, I bet it is not 100%.

I am still sad that Pioneer cut back on its ranges, and I am still worried that Panasonic may take the cheap road to junk. We need premium consumer level kit, so stop always chasing the cheapskate.

Before people mention PS4 prices, the PS4 is the cheap fix to get you hooked into the games where the profit is made.

No sign of Half-Life 3 but how about FOURTEEN Steam Machine makers?

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Re: Games

Well lets think, what games am I after this year?

Infamous Second Son



Then I will have the next Fallout and Borderlands games.

I think my current console will play them and I do not need a XBone for them. Apart from the 2 PS exclusives all would be PC games as well.

Steam boxes will sell,not madly but enough to make a name for themselves. Our next PC will be either Mint or Steam OS.

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Re: Hats

Got 4 accounts here, my sons have one each, I have one and my wife just set one up to play an old game she used to love.

My daughter is a holdout, but give it time.

My wife even had a go on Hat Fortress 2 but still does not get the hat joke.

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I noted they went for the XBone sales rather than the higher PS4.

I may be interested in Steam OS as our main gaming PCs are both running XP, the older PC is also running Linux and some games work on that. I have more important things to buy than newer copiees of Windows (such as PS4s and food) and I don't think the older 2.8 P4 will run Win7.

But now you can get games for Windows, Linux and BSD.

Portal 2 was a PITA played with a controller, after using mouse on Portal, (Got Orange Box on Steam and Portal 2 on PS3), but the Move patch fixed that.

Now I see the Steam boxes as a supplementary console at the moment, big PC gamers can use them to play their Steam games on their TV with a controller. Other console gamers can use it to play ga,es not on their console.

For now I don't think Steam box will take main console sales off the X1 or PS4 but it will definately take secondary console sales. I would see me more likely to buy a Steam box than a XBone.

What is the difference between a drone, a model and a light plane?

MJI Silver badge

As a modeller

of other things this is a great article.

There is a lot of cross interest between all the model types, I personally do 4mm scale model railways, but also like building 1/72nd aircraft and also balsa rubber powered aircraft like the West Wings.

So you will see us Railway Modellers getting excited by these machines, as we also appreciate all the work put into these.

Now I am going to have to try an RC aircraft!!!!

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Sea Fury


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The Hawk

Prefer in 9s and bright red

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