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Enterprising French chap cranks up €100k 'flying car'

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Spoked wheels

Seen enough scrambling to know spoked wheels are fine (now called motocross)

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So when you saw Pegasus who first thought of ....

The famous jet engine.

That is what went through my mind when I saw the RSS feed.

SkyDrive is dead! All hail Microsoft OneDrive! Happy now, Uncle Rupe?

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Re: There was a TV programme about it


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There was a TV programme about it

With Adrian Chiles and Christine Brinkley

Chihuahua TERROR: Packs of TINY hounds menace Arizona

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Local cats

Knowing how small a Chihuahua is I am a little surprised the local cats haven't had a go.

Annoyed moggies have sharp claws, and do not suffer annoying dogd.

Tata says USA rejecting HALF of Indians' work visa requests

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As I have said on a few occasions, the good Indian IT staff are running their own companies in India, or are employed at decent wages for India in one of those companies, or are working alongside you as a decent member of your team.

They are not much cheaper but generally are very good.

Beancounters use the inexperienced and not very good.

Brit boffins brew up blight-resistant FRANKENSPUD

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GM Objections

To a lot of use the objections are not about GM as such but some of the strange things they were trying.

Swapping out genes from wild potatoes is fine, doesn't bother me as an example at all, good idea, same as those purple tomatos, all seems fine.

But when you start adding in jellyfish genes, this is what worries some people.

I get the feeling that the UK teams are simply a lot more cautious than some of the foreign ones. As some of their other aims has been nutrition and taste.

Samsung flings sueball at Dyson for 'intolerable' IP copycat claim

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Re: Not enough protection?

They wouldn't let him expand his factory so he moved it abroad

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Re: The picture ..

JD got the idea from a saw mill.

He admits he thought of the application but just repurposed the cyclone seperators.

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?

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A few mistakes and some history

The Wiii was a fluke, yes it was underpowered (about twice a PS2 I have heard mentioned) but a novel control system and a few excellent games (eg SMG) helped it. But online was horrid, not a patch on the same generation PSN. (We have a Wiii and a PS3)

They tried similar with the Wiii U, but they should have thought a bit harder.

Not much more power than a PS3, but not near an XBOne, let alone a PS4, the online is still nowhere near as good as the main competitors, and the lack of a Trophy/Award/Acheivemnt system will push players to play their multi platforms on other platforms.

To be honest Mario as a character is rather stale, but is used as a figure head, but that as we all know is Donkey Kong.

We thought about it but for 2 games (at the time), not much more power than the PS3, a price not that far from what we thought a PS4 would be and poor online sealed it.

I feel that Sega games are just wrong on a Nintendo console, luckily the MD still works but I need to check over the Dreamcast as I suspect the GD-ROM has failed.

But I would get a Wiii-U over a XBOne simply due to the Lego game and the Zombie game looks quite good.

But what about Nintendo?

Do they cut short the U? Do they go third or second party? Do they buy the MS XBox division?

I am afraid I do not know.

The UNTOLD SUCCESS of Microsoft: Yes, it's Windows 7

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Re: What the hell did they expect? - telemetry

That is the call home to Microsoft EVERY techy turns off!

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Re: Region locking


Welll you are trying to use a PC not a X360, so try the proper places for PC games Here

No idea why your PC is trying to be a games console.

SCRAP the TELLY TAX? Ancient BBC Time Lords mull Beeb's future

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Re: Grade

He cancelled Doctor Who.

I think that says a lot.

Whitehall and Microsoft negotiate NHS Windows XP hacker survival plan

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Re: Balmer for the win! TOS

Actually there is loads of legacy code out there, some of the bank systems are based on 1970s code.

As to some of these legacy programs, they are connected to machines which are pretty old but work well.

Those PCs also have to be networked for data to be sent to these PCs.

Why replace a £250,000 machine which works?

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Re: Balmer for the win! TOS

1) Doesn't work with VGA graphics modes

2) Does this fix the linked issue?

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Re: Balmer for the win! DB

If old software works, does the job, why should it be forced out of use.

I remember that the latest versions of multiuser DOS could run CPM stuff right to the end.

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Re: This crap with OSes

No it isn't.

MS do remove features, this does stop legacy software from running.

What are operating systems for?

Enabling the user to run their programs. So if MS disable features it is their fault!

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Re: Balmer for the win!

Here goes, these two have caused us along with many other people issues.

1) Full screen DOS mode in Vista also followed with 7, some DOS executables run in various VGA graphics mode to provide more lines per page. Fixed by using XP instead.

Why MS are bumholes

2) Removal of NETBIOS, this stops a lot of applications which rely on it for inter program communication.

This is an example

There you go two pretty serious issues, and we still have a couple of customers unwilling to update so they HAVE to stay on XP or earlier.

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Were they called Jen?

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Re: Balmer for the win!

Now if these new operating systems were not losing features there would be a point, but the problem is that XP was an Apex in MS OSes.

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Re: How about @HollyHopDrive

Well I do know about a couple of systems.

One was last time I saw it a MS Dos application, the other a Win32 application.

Both would work on XP but one on anything newer.

Now since the second system was written by some of the staff (after they escaped) of the first I expect they will offer an escape route to their competitors customers. But moving data around systems is a huge task.

But a lot of software is written by small companies and the owners are nearing retirement, the code has worked for years (20+) without huge modifications, Noone is supporting those industries so people keep hold of their small systems.

Now they have OSes which cannot run them.

It can take years to migrate systems.

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This crap with OSes

If they work they work, new ones stop supporting your software, to be honest it is just a money making machine.

And I also blame MS for the following though.

1) Pushing people to use web apps using IE6 exclusive features. Then not supporting it with newer OS.

2) MS for dropping MSDOS application support from Vista and newer.

Since XP could run

1) Web apps written for IE6

2) MSDOS apps

3) Windows apps

It has stuck around longer than it should.

I cannot think of anything MS removed say from Win 95 to Win 98 OSR2, nor from NT4 to Win 2000 to Win XP.

I work as a developer in IT and I am now counting the years to retirement and it cannot come quick enough!

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How about

Any Microsoft employees in the UK now have to pay £200 for every visit to the doctor, to hospital, to A&E.

This would look really bad for MS if the TV news broadcasted it.

If it is the full amount that means that every person in the UK is paying £10 to £15 EACH this year to MS JUST to support XP.

Minecraft developer kills Kickstarted Minecraft movie

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And Notch is doing his bit to help it into its grave

Also so is Gabe.

Does this say anything to you?

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Re: Porting costs money

There is the X360 version, the PS3 version, they all take time, this costs money. Then there will almost certainly next be XBOne and PS4 versions, but these are all guaranteed sales.

Win 8 can run the Windows version and how many people would buy the TIKFAM tablet for games? But a note to Notch, I have two Minecraft mad teenagers here who want it on their Vitas.

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But there is a Windows version

So no need for a TIKFAM

A lot of ports are by external companies.

Anyway it is up to Notch

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP

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I last built a PC

During the Vista era.

So of course it is on XP Pro.

Still pretty good PC.

1TB of data on it roughly (mainly AVI)

Can't go backwards due to NTFS

Can't go forwards due to application compatability

If I have to lose the ability to run quite a few things, I may as well lose a couple more and go for a free OS.

Main thing stopping me moving would be video editing and BluRay burning.

BOFH: Attractive person is attractive. Um, why are your eyes bulging?

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Re: Bad answers.

I can't even remember what colour our curtains are.

I know the carpet is green, and the timber flooring is light, and the tiles are blue.

Sony set to axe 5,000 workers worldwide as it flings PC biz overboard

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Re: TV and DLNA

Don't knock Opel (Russelheim) they used to make good cars a decade ago.

And they still look nice today apart from the huge dent in the side. Look nicer than the equivalent Audis and BMWs

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Custom laptops

Well those sites look usefull.

Will bear them in mind, also nice to see Win 7 still as an option

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Their market

As a desktop user I am not a laptop expert, you do not do self builds.

So they made nice looking laptops with a premium feel.

What would people recommend for premium laptops now?

My daughter bought one, partly due to being nice looking, and she could play with one, and it was NOT PC world.

My sons will want laptops soon, they are thinking of Alienware but they are expensive

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die

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Re: Steam sale on 'Don't Starve' - Good timing El Reg!

Got it even cheaper (free) a week or so ago on PS+, just after the boys bought it off Steam.

Android console on the way? Amazon slurps gamehaus Double Helix

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Up against it

When you can buy a previous generation console for under £150, or just £150 more for a next generation console.

Actually for that £200 you could get a Wiii-U. Some good games on it as well.

Never been a better time to buy a PS3.

Hmm think of all those cheap AAA games.

Lots of people I know seem to be doing this. Non gamers, 360 owners, all picking up cheap PS3s

Greenland glacier QUADRUPLES speed, swells seas

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A few thoughts of mine.

In the near future pollution is more of a worry than CO2.

We cannot make any worthwhile difference while China is expanding their power stations.

We need fusion.

We need to stop clearing land for fuel crops and grow trees.

The best way of dealing with CO2 is with plants using it.

Climates always change but how much effect are we having with it compared to natural causes?

It's Satya! Microsoft VP Nadella named CEO as Bill Gates steps down

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Re: Bad Servers

Netware was bloody reliable, quick and gave us little issue.

But customers insisted on their Windows servers despite the performance drop when they downgraded.

18 month uptimes were commonplace.

The rot was also forced by MS breaking Netware clients, and the insistance of Novell to add a GUI to the server,

Final death was due to lack of support from our customers hardware support teams.

Our sites with 4.x or 5.x ran reliably for years.

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Re: Bad Servers

And yes they are. We are just pushed into using them.

RIP Netware

Eurocops want to build remote car-stopper, shared sensor network

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Re: @Mary Jane Bogart re: A.B.S. (Cowturd)

To never activate ABS you must never have driven on an icy road, on snow, nor been forced to brake on a greasy junction.

The odd ABS activation when a wheel hits a bit of slippy road does happen, it is not bad driving, in the past you would have released the brakes or just let it skid a little, ABS controls it.

That said ABS is a pain in snow

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Re: Integration

Locked in a car stationary on the motorway?

No effing way!

Make sure your car is built pre this system!

Bit like buy a pre 2006 for reasonable car tax

Is modern life possible without a smartphone?

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Re: Potty time dilema

Book, good time for reading!

BSkyB sees first half pre-tax profit tumble as sales climb

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Re: The solution!

Actually with the Red Bull/Sev Vettel dominance the problem has solved itself.

I just lost interest.

F1 was so much more exciting in the Senna Prost Mansell era, especially with Murray commentating.

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Re: They screw up FTA broadcasters

Actually DVD release was before C5 I do remember that, and I suppose I contributed to the first 4 series by watching on a free to air and ad free channel with anamorphic widescreen on the last widescreen series and no moronic logo.

And I did pay I bought the effing DVD box set!

Used to sit down after tea and watch this. And later on Star Trrek Enterprise on C4.

When you get used to BBC you get annoyed with other broadcasters!

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Re: They screw up FTA broadcasters @MJI 11:57

I was OK watching Lost on C4, but I stopped watching torrents before it finished because it went crap, sitting in a hole pushing a big wheel about, and more and more confusing storylines, so confusing it confused the writers.

BBC had the right idea with Heroes get exclusive deal for life of programme.

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Re: They screw up FTA broadcasters

I am surprised you know the dates, also no way was I going to sign up for a year for one programme.

C5 as well has that moronic 5 in the corner.

And I saw it before Murdoch vision showed it.

And I had the DVD before C5 showed it.

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They screw up FTA broadcasters

New series comes onto free to air TV, we watch it and want to know what happens, then these gits come along and outbid on it so we have to resort to torrenting to continue watching.

My first ever torrent was Farscape Peace Keeper Wars, after watching 4 series on BBC2. This introduced me to torrents.

Torrents were visited again for Lost until I gave up during the penultimate series.

So to Sky please eff off and leave our TV alone.

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

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Missing are

Phono - essential to every HiFi, BNC for component & composite video is already listed


SCART - not nice but for years so usefull for RGB connections.

And of course the BS1363 mains plug

Japanese quantum boffins 'may have the key to TELEPORTATION'

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Re: It was a triumph....

Well spotted

UK internet filtering shouldn't rely on knee tappers, says Tory MP

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Re: Rats in a sack

So when it comes to the fight who do you put the money on?

A few ex military in the Conservatives. Labour have John Prescott.

Or does everyone just pile into Ed Millipede and Ed Bollocks (please).

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Re: Sorry... am I reading that right?

Jake the peg?

We're on the same wavelength! TV stars cosy up to flog spare Hz

MJI Silver badge


So that is where Edmonds went!

HARD ONES: Three new PC games that are BLOODY DIFFICULT

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Don't Starve for free

On Playstation + this month

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