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TV sales PLUMMET. But no one's prepared to say what we all know

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Re: "5 blade jobbie."

Single blades leave me stubbly, a good rinse removes the hair and gel.

The leg rubbing straightens the edge.

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Re: Seriously how often *do* people replace their TV's?

Other devices.

Nothing wrong with using a 1984 VCR is there? SInce the only better VCR was 1987 (and mine is faulty, need a scrap one for parts) no reason to change, My old 1982 portable VCR still works, but the camera died in 2000. Currently now a user of HDV.

1984 VCR is very rarely used though as I have 2 PVRs, but a big pile of old tapes.

Outlasted a DTTV PVR killed off due to Pace being crap.

Still on DVD player number 2, number 1 worn out. Had to replace the BD player due to a flashing yellow light but managed to ressurect long enough to transfer data.

I have seen people replace kit regularly because they bought something sub standard, or something unsuitable, or because they just have to have the newest thing.

But the mod 1990s quality drop hit a lot of people who thought they were trading up their late 1980s kit for something newer.

But basically you need to take care when buying stuff as there is so much cheap junk out there it is silly.

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Re: Seriously how often *do* people replace their TV's?

My DVB-T tunered TV takes a second, just until it gets an I frame. Mind you so was the previous one.

Oh it works, it is 1920x1080, it is big enough, it has 3 HDMI, it won awards for picture so why would I change it?

I am over 50 and still on TV number 4, I bought my first one at 20.

TV1 was a portable

TV2 was big TV and had SCART

TV3 was 16x9 flat CRT and had DVB-T

TV4 is 16x9 LCD, and HD

Yes 4 TVs in over 30 years, I always bought the best I could afford and changed when old one worn and new technology arrived.

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Re: "Lightbulbs, nylon tights, razor blades, can all be made to last years or decades"

How to make your razor last longer.

Push it backwards for a couple of strokes against you leg.

It helps to keep the edge, I am managing to double the life of a Gillette 5 blade jobbie.

Virtual reality? Two can play THAT GAME, says Sony: New headset revealed for the PS4

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Re: I can see a flaw in this

More info.

A friend who did use the assult rifle attachment, also played with a projector, I used to jokingly wind him up by saying he used to dress up as well.

Another player I knew kept trying head sets like this so I expect he will buy one.

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Re: I'm all for this stuff...

MS would just use them then close them, best fit for them would be Valve

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Re: I can see a flaw in this

I used mine for 900 hour in just one game.

OK I used it properly for 4 games and a couple of simple games.

4 are first person shooters if you count a portal gun as a gun.

And I never did get the assult rifle attachment.

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Re: I can see a flaw in this

Did ann summers toys come with an assult rifle attachment?

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Re: I'm all for this stuff...

Apple bought the Kinect team

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Welcome to the real world

Was my first thoughts upon seeing the name.

Great film.

And it showed James Cameron how to do DVDs, fancy expecting a no extra, expensive, poor transfer (letterboxed), romantic film to sell better than a well priced, full of extras, anamorphic, sci fi film.

Bono bests Bezos in Fortune's 'World's 50 Greatest Leaders' list

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Some stupids


Just why?

As to music from Ireland nothing tops Thin Lizzy anyway

Lots of people I have never heard of.

I can name someone missing from top ten. The Queen. Name any world leader with a better reputation? She even stars in a Bond short!

Osbo's booze, bingo, biz and big data Budget

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Unfair to cider

Why shoud cider drinkers pay more tax than beer drinkers?

Westons, Healeys, Aspalls and co should complain

Blighty goes retro with 12-sided pound coin

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Re: Good Idea

I remember in the early 80s, £1 got you 4 pints of scrumpy

Cheap night out!

GRAV WAVE TSUNAMI boffinry BONANZA – the aftershock of the universe's Big Bang

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I read the title as GRAVY WAVE TSUNAMI

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past

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Xenon 2 good game but I was rubbish

We had it on various servers.

Definately sat on out NW3.12 and 4.11 boxes for a while.

I remember using it unser Windows Work Groups and Dos 6.22, but it is too long ago to remember I it ran on REAL/32 or not.

What have Cherie Blair, Jonathan Porritt and El Reg's mobile desk got in common?

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Reasons to avoid

Sounds like hell

Amazon wants me to WEAR NAPPIES?! But I'm a 40-something MAN

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Re: @Alister (was: World-class data-mining.)

_EVERYONE_ just knows that the best musical ever is The Blues Brothers!

Hence my joke about musicals.

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these silly boy bands

I haven't actually seen the point in them, except for picking on.

I am still trying to work out why one infected a Doctor Who special, this really annoyed my daughter as she hates these sort of bands.

The nearest thing to a boy band she would listen to would be Busted or McFly.

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Amazone tends to not be used now

Because more than one person using a computer, they see what others have been looking at, same with Ebay, if I want to look on it I need to use a different computer AND account just to avoid last looked at ect.

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Re: World-class data-mining.

I better not mention my liking of certain musicals with car chases, penguins and Dodge Monacos then.

Straight to 8: London's Met Police hatches Win XP escape plan

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Re: Huge systems locked into upgrade hell

I am not personally involved in some bit roll out. But it is so obvious, lets say you are looking after 1000 pcs, they tend to work OK, but if you have to replace the OS (with a different one) every couple of years beyond just maintenance you have a lot of extra work.

And you do get locked into a loop.

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Huge systems locked into upgrade hell

As soon as you have changed OS on your huge amount of PCs it will be time to change again, and again.

Imagine, just finished 2000->XP, now time for XP->7, but will 7 last long enough before 9?

We actually had stability with XPs long life time.

Mozilla takes Windows 8-friendly Firefox out back ... two shots heard

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Re: Kiddy Mode

Actually XP was Teletubbies

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Friday is Pi Day

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Re: "Of all the many and varied stupid things in the world"

YYYY-MM-DD is the other sensible way to do dates and the only indexible way.

MDY is just stupid

Tony Benn, daddy of Brit IT biz ICL and pro-tech politician, dies at 88

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See a sort of joke about this.

But not nasty.

About someone reading death of Tony B starting to get cheerfull then getting upset at the enn and no lair.

MJI Silver badge


Lived a long life, stuck to his convictions, one of the last true great politicians.

Not many left now, if any.

Not a fan of his politics but I can respect him for them.

Seen a few digs other here (not ElReg) and there, this is not time for that.

But look at the late politicians now gone recently Thatcher, & Benn, compared to todays pigmies of Cameron, Clegg & Millipedeband.

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Not many, so who else?

Heard Alan Clarke mentioned.

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Re: Leyland, ICL, Post Office Telecom

Apart from some of the cars (eg SD1) I prefered Rootes, I liked their small 1970s saloon and their late 80s hatch (the one with interesting engines), pity being bought by Peugeot killed them off.

Will Yelp help 'Yahoo!' compete with Google? Search us...

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Tinplate toy search engine second!!!!

TBH I thought Yahoo was still no. 2

NZ bloke's drunken poker bet ends in 99-letter name

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Re: Vanity Plates !

You have it the wrong way round, you change your name to your cars registration number.

Boffins demo FIVE MICRON internal combustion engine

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6,000,000 RPM equivalent

Well the propose 100 kHz would be.


Q. Can your Linux PC run Crysis? OK, it can. But will it run natively? A. Soon, very soon

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Remember their boasts about Crysis 2

They said it would be the best looking console game ever, not a good idea to boast about that.

Then you get compared to other games which were better looking.

More game engines to more platforms is ALWAYS good.

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Re: Crysis

Clever game, lots to do, but just didn't grab me. Some games do, some don't.

A lot of people found it boring. But then I liked FarCry 2 and a load of people found that boring.

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Am I the only person who found the original game a bit boring?

Sony can't wait to flash you its enormous disc ... a 1TB Blu-ray spinner

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They are coated with something that makes them survive.

Only damage to any was a hub crack in UC2.

BD-R seem as robust

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Re: BD Backups

I reckon most BD sections are about 1/4 the size of DVD sections, but careful shopping means I can buy a BluRay for the same as a DVD.

Games - PS3 PS4 XBone, we have the first two

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Re: BD Backups

Seem to be plenty when I look around.

Plenty of games ones around as well.

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BD Backups

Used them a few times

Pioneer burner and IMGBURN and I backuped the photos no problem except I cannot remember where I put the disc.

As to will the format take off.

When Sony and Panasonic work together yes it does tend to (BluRay & DV)

Neil Young touts MP3 player that's no Piece of Crap

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Re: Gold is still controversial

Gold plated TOSLink cables

Most stupid idea ever.

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Re: 2N3055

Haven't heard those mentioned for ages, they were THE power transistor, also used it controllers for model railways.

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Re: Golden ear set again

It could be due to hearing issues that MP3 is causing the problem.

My hearing is not wonderful but I can still hear high notes and can hear very quiet noises. But MP3s can sound terrible.

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I just look to see what is best on price versus robustness,

As long as it is chunky and copper I would use it and I do biwire, simply brcause I can.

With cables the important things are.

1) Is it copper, copper is good.

2) Is it nice and beefy, this equals less resistance.

3) Is the covering good, we don't want it letting the cable get damaged.

Microsoft to get in XP users' faces with one last warning

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Useless test

Crashes on both PCs here!

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Re: Huh?

Well my previous FD Trinitron had a digital tuner, but I moved to HD & LCD when the tube just started to lose brightness in the corner.

None of my TVs have had root kits on them, the newest runs Linux

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Re: Ancient hardware

Is this the hardware we spent a fortune on 10 years ago? The hardware which has done its job with no issues, which has gained bigger HDDs, more RAM?

The hardware which when my work PC failed ended up in the office for 1 year, and was the fasted machine in the office despite being built so long ago.

If old hardware is fast enough why scrap it?

The killer for me as a home PC was MPEG2 encoding was slow, now a second PC at home.

Microsoft to push out penultimate XP patch on March Patch Tuesday

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My PC is quite new but had to have XP at the time

I built it before 7 and used a XP Pro licence as there was nothing else I could easily install at the time.

No easy update to any other OS.

I suppose I will have to watch the XP embedded PC at a customers and copy things off that

The other PC is 10 years old and already boots into Mint as well.

Boston court confirms Peeping Tom's right to upskirt

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He has been named.

Just need to see pictures (of him) then the women will know who to knee in the groin.

And yes he is a pervert.

Roll up, roll up for the Commentards' Ball

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Re: Well done El Reg

And me!

Putin to battle Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

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Re: Malala!

Good call.

But I am shocked, why downvote you?

Massive new AIRSHIP to enter commercial service at British dirigible base

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Re: "there're plenty of people who'd prefer to take the "cruise" approach" @h4rm0ny

Trains are often packed, when they are the quickest 100-200 mile or so means of transport they tend to be busy.

GWML is something else, people are commuting 100 miles or so in about an hour.

Luxury cruises, well airship sounds civilised.

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