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Oh Sony. Have we learned NOTHING from SuperAIT?

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Don't knock Beta

It pissed over Vhs in quality.

And I have captured 30 year old tapes perfectly

Hackers ZERO IN on ZOMBIE XP boxes: Get patching, Internet Explorer 8 users

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Been patched today

And Ithought they EOLed it.

Perhaps Mint can wait a little longer

Stone the crows, Bouncer! BT defends TV recorder upgrade DELETION snafu

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I have a silver one

Early one £30 for any BT Internet customer.

They changed the EPG a while ago and took away the best feature the day skip button (bastards!).

No recordings have been deleted AFAIK.

Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer – advice from US, UK, EU

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Re: Backwards compatability @MJI

Well that beats the stupid message vista produces with a VGA mode DOS app.

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Backwards compatability

People are ALWAYS forgetting that the main reason people are hanging onto XP is backwards compatability.

It was the last MS OS to properly support MS DOS executables. things we have used for many years.

Will a modern Linux run programs created say 15 years ago?

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Re: That's all folks...

Actually since no one uses Vista why is it still on support?

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I will watch for patches on our server

Then copy them in!

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Re: IE on XP? Wow, that's safe!

I did Firefox on ours.

Also had the funny situation that the boys PC would only work on one site when running Mint & FF and not XP & FF.

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Re: So is XP OK?

Well X and V are a bit near each other

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So is XP OK?

According to the list of OSes it is not affected.

Anyway I use Firefox

All men are part of a PURE GENETIC ELITE, says geno-science bloke

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Re: Women are more important for the survival of a population - Arnaut

There were probably women around at the time bigger and stronger than both Nelson and Napoleon.

Well since Napoleon was a dwarf................

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Re: Some clarification MondoMan

Not all of us are missing cheeks; my tongue fits nicely in mine.

Bum cheek?

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Re: Interestingly*

You forgot more efficient lungs.

But ultimate brain power, mammals come top, great apes, cetaceans, even some carnivores.

Put together top mammal brain, some of the better mammal COLOUR vision, but more importantly the visual cortex to process it, and of course hands, humans will remain top. An I think we will remain at the top unless we wipe ourselves out.

UK.gov chucks £28m at F1 tech for buses and diggers plan

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Flywheel locos

It was added for a number of reasons.

One was to provide a way of controlling voltage at the motors with DC.

Other was to add a mini battery to deal with gaps in the 3rd rail.

Bullieds 70s stayed as electrics

71s, some were rebuilt as big EDs as class 74 with a V6 Paxman.

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Re: Cue the bus fans complaining...

Re Fonant

My first thoughts also

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But look at the HUGE amount of tax the sales of their digger raise over £500,000,000 a year, £3,000,000 back for investment is nothing

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I think you can be assured we all know who Guest Keen and Nettlefolds are.

A very important British company.

Slip your finger in this ring and unlock your backdoor, phone, etc

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Would have to be passive

The point is it is always there, if you have to take off to charge it will be forgotten or not bothered with.

EE & Vodafone will let you BONK on the TUBE – with Boris' blessing

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Had a nose around

Looks like they should be asking Brush rather than English Electric.

Most recent ones seem to have Brush electrical kit.

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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Re: give me a break

Flat earth fanbois are a recent phenonema, even early men knew they lived on a ball.

The only flat world is Discworld.

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Re: We'd Answer Rationally

You mean Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins?

Next Windows obsolescence panic is 450 days from … NOW!

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Re: Does your software require Windows?

We did but the market pushed us away from them.

I suppose it serves us right for not keeping with a proper server company.

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Re: "The first is that servers tend to be be upgraded more often than PC's"

Netware 3.12

And what is wrong with that?

Thanks, Amazon – we'll take it from here: SAP muscles in on cloud subscriptions

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They are a pain

Since they took over Sybase customer support has got worse.

Can't even use any of the techies any more.

The developer conferences has dried up as well.

Bad PUPPY: Undead Windows XP deposits fresh scamware on lawn

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Re: An optimist's view for your consideration

Well I would not trust a DC10, they fall apart!

Audio fans, prepare yourself for the Second Coming ... of Blu-ray

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Re: Another DRM failure

MP3 and rock

I find that never actually works, always sounds off.

Some CDs sound grating at high frequencies.

SACD and DVD-A both sound good, but it is likely the production which helps rather than resolution.

Vinyl still has a place.

People argue to CD quality and they will continue argueing for as long as they are around.

I have a small number of high resolution discs and they do sound good, I don't care about the reason, may be as simple as mastered properly, or may be the higher resolution, I don't really care why, if it sounds better to me it is worth it. There are so many poorly produced CDs around now, it is a minefield trying to buy something listenable.

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Re: a mono speaker on the phone

But the pocket transistor radio had an actual speaker of reasonable quality.

Phone speakers are just shit

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Re: DVD-Audio ?? try VHS-HI FI...

It wasn't Sony - they bought them in

Sony did make Beta HiFi though and PAL HiFi was rather good

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Re: Unlike DVD-Audio

Not too bothered about PS2 emulation because on the shelf under the PS4 is a PS2 and a Wiiiii.

PS3 lives in HiFi rack under my play anything Pioneer.

Pioneer made really good DVD players

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Re: Unlike DVD-Audio

Only 60GB with PS2 compatability

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Re: no market

I went DVD for multiple reasons.

1) Picture and Sound Quality

2) Tape rental market had gone totally rubbish - nothing available.

3) Tape for sale companies were dumping their best duplicating decks.

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Thumb Up

Re: No thanks, I'm fine with SACD

£110 to get a SACD and DVD-Audio player.

Also plays DVD and CD.

And Bad Beaver I bet you have a Pioneer DV575.

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Re: Not interested.. But I am.

The differences are similar. Just that you are happy with SD.

Vhs was a terrible format, a well mastered DVD, anamorphic, encoded for quality, good source is near the top in SD video, I just watched a Superbit DVD last night still looks good, one of the best SD pictures I have seen. But a well mastered Blu Ray does look a lot better.

I have seen a film on 3 formats, a Super Beta copy of the DVD (bad pressing so missed 20 seconds, so copied before posted back to be swapped), the DVD and the Bluray.

The tape copy was quite acceptable on a wide screen tube TV of British SD resolution (TV was not properly a PAL TV as the main tuner was DVB-T), main issue was composite edge enhancement. But this Vcr pissed all over any Vhs deck,

DVD looks good, best on THAT TV, via RGB of course.

Newer HDTV with decent upscaling

DVD looks good but a little soft.

BluRay looks stunning and is at the correct speed without being in jerkyvision (3:2 pull down).

So far I have replaced 6 films from DVD to BluRay.

1) Remastered, 5.1 and directors final cut better than, grainy master, PooLogic and directors quick cut.

I enjoyed the better presentation and the lack of messy grain, I also got a decent price for the DVD at a CBS.

2-5) Box set at £15 too good to pass up, pity last one is best used as a drinks mat.

I paid more for the DVDs but keeping them for the extras.

6) One of my favourite films.

Looks and sounds better.

So to me with a large screen panel TV of good quality and a Cell powered Blu Ray player I get more enjoyment from a film with the better quality as it is more like my own personal cinema, better than huddled around a 14" portable with a rental tape in my old Beta portable.

Mind you I have seen size and loudness substituted for quality, a work collegue from a previous job showed off his new TV and video, guess it was 29" about, but the size took away people from noticing the fuzzy picture and hissy sound. I noticed everyone else looking impressed and me thinking yes you have a TV and a crap VCR. I just sat 4 foot from my 25" between a pair of stereo speakers from Skipton, with a nice amp and the stereo out from one of my Beta HiFi VCRs, mainly watching films and TV from ITV (when they were good) because they had NICAM and BBC didn't.

Some of us like quality.

Discovery time for 200m WONDER MATERIALS shaved from 4 MILLENNIA... to 4 years

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Re: So, on the horizon

All you have done is beaten us to it

Broadband Secretary of SHEEP sensationally quits Cabinet

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Re: How about trial by combat?

Would have worked for the last Conservative party leadership elections.

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Another victim

Fabricant sacked over his twatting about her,

And wasn't he correct?

Another interesting one sacked by Camoron.

Look you berk, stop supporting the corrupt ones and the yes men and use your more interesting MPs

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Re: Shame

Bwahahahhahahahahahahahahaa! There speaks somebody who doesn't remember what am unresponsive empire of waste, incompetence and customer indifference that the GPO was! Remember "party lines"? Six month waits to install a line? Crummy little local exchanges with a few hundred lines and a full time engineer sitting around reading Razzle, and an operator polishing her nails?

I remember party lines, GPO were a little bit crap at some things.

And national rail? Remember the failed 1955 Modernisation Plan, which was supposed to support British industry and improve the railways, cost £1.6bn at the time (around £20 billion in current prices) How much more money would you want the state to throw away when it clearly doesn't either know how to build railways, nor how to run them? Or remember the dismal customer-loathing service of BR through the 1970s and 80s? The antiquated and unreliable rolling stock despite the Modernisation Plan? And BR were responsible for all manner of rubbish ideas of their own accord regardless of government support, like the progressive near closure of Marylebone, the failed outsourcing of locomotive manufacturing to Romania in the 1970s.

Started sensibly with trial batches, then they went stupid buying lots of crap just to oust newish build steam locos.

Mistakes, buying NBL stuff, Using 12LDA28C in the 47s rather than 16CSVTs, not buying lots of DP2s, the Claytons rather than more 20s.

Our railway industry is now a joke with only Brush left, and some remains of Paxman. If you want a British built and designed locomotive now, it would be Loughborough built, not sure on power units since Ruston Paxman were gutted.

Shockingly the remains of the most well know British power unit are now German and called the MAN 28/33D, this engine started in the 1930s as the English Electric 6T and grew valves cylinders turbos and intercoolers up to the CSVT range, then the Ruston merge change the name again, bored out twice to 280mm MAN bought them in early 2000s and now made around the world but NOT in the UK.

Nationalisation saw our domestic car industry go from world leading to woeful,

BL was a complete and utter joke, some cars were good, most were woefull. There were a few excellent cars like the Dolomite Sprint and the P6, but so much shit like the Allegros and Marinas.

left our aerospace industry as a single firm that no longer makes an entire aircraft in its own right,

Same sort of disaster as the railway industry except we still have Rolls Royce.

BTW my current car is British designed and made, but the owners were not, no idea who it was at the time. Also had the last in house designed engine.

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Re: Shame

What was wrong with his opponent when Cameron was elected leader?

Shows some backbone, and personal beliefs and like every other rebel gets told never a minister again.

Can someone please tell me why all the politicians I would like to run the country are blocked by Cameron from being ministers?

Murdoch says Microsoft needs 'big clean out'

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Shut up walnut head

I make a point of avoiding your businesses.

You are irrelevant and give walnuts a bad name

Windows 8.1 Update: Throws desktop drones a bone but still as TOUCHY as ever

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Re: Windows 9

To the down voter, sometime this old software is needed. I used it to repair a database last week, nothing else would touch it. Did a copy from one database driver to another, site working again.

Corrupted by server less Peer to peer networking.

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Windows 9

Just add in support for legacy applications as well.

Even if a VM, remember that we use OS to run OUR applications.

My tests would be a VGA mode DOS graphics application, using 16 bit DOS mode NETBIOS to communicate to a 32bit windows program.

Just want to be able to run without messing with compatabiltiy modes.

Now the above software worked with IPX on 6.22, Real/32, WFW, W95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP. With NETBIOS and IP on 2000 and XP, and got as far as loading but locked up when it tried to change video mode in Vista.

But with MS the question is always from Vista and on, what will they remove this time?

Gov cheerleader Sajid Javid gets nod from PM to park in Miller's spot

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Re: Don't recognise him at all.

Never thought of that you are completely right Millibland is his own Spitting Image puppet.

Have an upvote.

Bring back S.I. we have at least four very pisstakeable leaders here.

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Re: Lovely chap

What a twit.

It was obvious we needed to keep out of Syria too many sides. Which side would we have supported?

And with Crimea, again keep out of it too much history.

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Re: Mind you his...

And I'll raise you a donkey.

Seen this the other way round, with some local councillors, some are basically incompetent, and others are idiots.

The incompetent would be the blue hat stand, and the idiot is the pin a red rosette on a donkey.

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Re: Minister of Fun?

Voted very strongly for increasing the rate of VAT

Voted strongly for higher taxes on alcoholic drinks

Now those are NOT fun

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Re: Sajid...


Well our MP (nearby to Sajid) he is not a local as such but has big local connections, his father was a previous MP, his father also died in a local hospice, oh and our MP lives in the town.

But then he was picked on quite nastily by a Labour PPC pillock (this person not the party) for not going to a discussion on food banks, therefore meaning they didn't like them etc etc. Instead he was at a meeting on childrens hospices. Oh that back fired on them people asking them why they hated dieing children.

But he entered parliament at the same election but has been told to expect to not be a minister as he once voted against the government.

This proves the usual that the party system is bad for democracy, vote as your constituents want and always be overlooked.

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Re: Sajid...

So that is why he has been promoted and not my MP.

My MP occasionally rebels.

MJI Silver badge

Re: Sajid...

I am not too far from those - work used to have Wacquie as MP

Home has the son of a previous MP

MJI Silver badge

Tongue twister

I just cannot say his full name!!!!


However seen him on QT and he seems OK.

The... Windows... XPocalypse... is... NIGH

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Re: Just upgraded the last of my xp machines,

Well it dual boots into Linux but the users games don't all run in it.

I will tell him he has to use Linux if the network cable is plugged in.

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