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Cortana, remind me to patch Windows, IE, and Adobe gear next Tues

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Just need a full list of files

Then I can copy them in to our home PC

'A proper British BOFFIN': Famous Martian prof Pillinger dies aged 70

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I had a short email conversation with him back in Beagle 2 time.

Today is a sad day.

Spain clamps down on drones

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Too confusing!

I think I will do Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

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How can it be banned .......

if there is no law banning it?

Tesco to tout its own smartphone – now THAT'S an unexpected item in the bagging area

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Re: I hope they use thicker plastic...

Those are hopeless so we reuse older stronger ones

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Re: High End?


Not a bad car. Nor the Subaru.

Now Subarus are normally blue and the GT86 normally read so have a red car icon.

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Re: I hope they use thicker plastic...

The carriers last for ages, some of our a two years old.

Don't tell me you do not reuse carrier bags!

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Re: Far too creepy Tesco

ref ammabamma

Thing is Tesco have competitors, I could pop down to Asda and try to park, I could slum it at Sainsburys, drive miles to the other Sainsburys, or pay too much on a long drive to Morrisons.

My local shop is a large supermarket about 1/4 mile away. So I use it.

And come to it I trust Tesco more than the government, as governments can become more authitarian (see Nulab)

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Re: Far too creepy Tesco

Ref codejunky

But I have a choice with Tesco, but not with health ect

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Re: Far too creepy Tesco

I do not actually care if Tesco knows what food I buy, if I was going to buy anything I did not want tracked I would buy elsewhere.

£10 off a tank of fuel is not to be sniffed at just that Tescos know what I buy in THEIR store.

It is not like they have aisles upon aisles of sex toys or anything embarrasing.

Since I am not buying cheap crap alcohol, and ready meals I do not have that embarrasment,

I avoid other tracking, but shopping at Tescos, what can they actually do which adversly effects me?

Bill Gates: Sell off Bing? Nah. Xbox? Maybe...

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Re: Perhaps I'm a simpleton..

OK think of this

1) Would PSN be as good as it is now without XBL?

2) Would PS4 be as easy to use without X360?

3) Would XBL be as good without PSN?

4) Would X360 have been as well looked after without PS3?

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Re: I didn't understand what Bing was

You are forgiven have an upvote for honesty

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Re: I didn't understand what Bing was

Just for the village idiot who downmarked me, here is the Proof

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Re: I didn't understand what Bing was

Is easy

A make of tin plate toy trains.

Potato in SPAAAAACE: LOHAN chap cooks up stratospud with Heston Blumenthal

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Would you eat anything of his?

Uses some strange ingredients.

Then there are the news articles about his restuaurant.

Last night saw a clip of Joe 90 making a bollock pie.

As to icon - they need to keep away from Heston or may end up as a meal

HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er, BIKER

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Re: Why a large battery?

Anyway well done for all this testing and treat yourself to a pint

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Re: Why a large battery?

A properly defined biker would use his bike battery!

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Re: He is NOT a biker (not illogical)

Ask anyone and they will tell you a biker rides a motorbike, and a cyclist rides a bicycle.

BTW I work with a couple of cyclists!

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He is NOT a biker

He is a cyclist

Cross bar gave it away.

A biker rides a motorcycle.

Stone the crows, Bouncer! BT defends TV recorder upgrade DELETION snafu

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Since ours is an early one

Will it be failing completely soon, or will the recording be safe, no one seems to know

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I have a silver one

Early one £30 for any BT Internet customer.

They changed the EPG a while ago and took away the best feature the day skip button (bastards!).

No recordings have been deleted AFAIK.

Oh Sony. Have we learned NOTHING from SuperAIT?

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Re: Don't knock Beta

And I remember comparing a Super VHS deck against a Sony 950 and thinking SVHS still has crap colour handling.

I still have a working Sanyo deck

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Don't knock Beta

It pissed over Vhs in quality.

And I have captured 30 year old tapes perfectly

Hackers ZERO IN on ZOMBIE XP boxes: Get patching, Internet Explorer 8 users

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Been patched today

And Ithought they EOLed it.

Perhaps Mint can wait a little longer

Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer – advice from US, UK, EU

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Re: Backwards compatability @MJI

Well that beats the stupid message vista produces with a VGA mode DOS app.

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Backwards compatability

People are ALWAYS forgetting that the main reason people are hanging onto XP is backwards compatability.

It was the last MS OS to properly support MS DOS executables. things we have used for many years.

Will a modern Linux run programs created say 15 years ago?

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Re: That's all folks...

Actually since no one uses Vista why is it still on support?

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I will watch for patches on our server

Then copy them in!

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Re: IE on XP? Wow, that's safe!

I did Firefox on ours.

Also had the funny situation that the boys PC would only work on one site when running Mint & FF and not XP & FF.

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Re: So is XP OK?

Well X and V are a bit near each other

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So is XP OK?

According to the list of OSes it is not affected.

Anyway I use Firefox

All men are part of a PURE GENETIC ELITE, says geno-science bloke

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Re: Women are more important for the survival of a population - Arnaut

There were probably women around at the time bigger and stronger than both Nelson and Napoleon.

Well since Napoleon was a dwarf................

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Re: Some clarification MondoMan

Not all of us are missing cheeks; my tongue fits nicely in mine.

Bum cheek?

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Re: Interestingly*

You forgot more efficient lungs.

But ultimate brain power, mammals come top, great apes, cetaceans, even some carnivores.

Put together top mammal brain, some of the better mammal COLOUR vision, but more importantly the visual cortex to process it, and of course hands, humans will remain top. An I think we will remain at the top unless we wipe ourselves out.

UK.gov chucks £28m at F1 tech for buses and diggers plan

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Flywheel locos

It was added for a number of reasons.

One was to provide a way of controlling voltage at the motors with DC.

Other was to add a mini battery to deal with gaps in the 3rd rail.

Bullieds 70s stayed as electrics

71s, some were rebuilt as big EDs as class 74 with a V6 Paxman.

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Re: Cue the bus fans complaining...

Re Fonant

My first thoughts also

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But look at the HUGE amount of tax the sales of their digger raise over £500,000,000 a year, £3,000,000 back for investment is nothing

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I think you can be assured we all know who Guest Keen and Nettlefolds are.

A very important British company.

Slip your finger in this ring and unlock your backdoor, phone, etc

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Would have to be passive

The point is it is always there, if you have to take off to charge it will be forgotten or not bothered with.

EE & Vodafone will let you BONK on the TUBE – with Boris' blessing

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Had a nose around

Looks like they should be asking Brush rather than English Electric.

Most recent ones seem to have Brush electrical kit.

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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Re: give me a break

Flat earth fanbois are a recent phenonema, even early men knew they lived on a ball.

The only flat world is Discworld.

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Re: We'd Answer Rationally

You mean Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins?

Next Windows obsolescence panic is 450 days from … NOW!

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Re: Does your software require Windows?

We did but the market pushed us away from them.

I suppose it serves us right for not keeping with a proper server company.

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Re: "The first is that servers tend to be be upgraded more often than PC's"

Netware 3.12

And what is wrong with that?

Thanks, Amazon – we'll take it from here: SAP muscles in on cloud subscriptions

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They are a pain

Since they took over Sybase customer support has got worse.

Can't even use any of the techies any more.

The developer conferences has dried up as well.

Bad PUPPY: Undead Windows XP deposits fresh scamware on lawn

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Re: An optimist's view for your consideration

Well I would not trust a DC10, they fall apart!

Audio fans, prepare yourself for the Second Coming ... of Blu-ray

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Re: Another DRM failure

MP3 and rock

I find that never actually works, always sounds off.

Some CDs sound grating at high frequencies.

SACD and DVD-A both sound good, but it is likely the production which helps rather than resolution.

Vinyl still has a place.

People argue to CD quality and they will continue argueing for as long as they are around.

I have a small number of high resolution discs and they do sound good, I don't care about the reason, may be as simple as mastered properly, or may be the higher resolution, I don't really care why, if it sounds better to me it is worth it. There are so many poorly produced CDs around now, it is a minefield trying to buy something listenable.

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Re: a mono speaker on the phone

But the pocket transistor radio had an actual speaker of reasonable quality.

Phone speakers are just shit

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Re: DVD-Audio ?? try VHS-HI FI...

It wasn't Sony - they bought them in

Sony did make Beta HiFi though and PAL HiFi was rather good

Discovery time for 200m WONDER MATERIALS shaved from 4 MILLENNIA... to 4 years

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Re: So, on the horizon

All you have done is beaten us to it

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