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Farewell Felix Dennis, deal-maker supreme of tech publishing

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Head gardener

I work with some relatives of the head gardener

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Oh dear

RIP, Never met him, but I know loads of people who knew him recently.

Last I heard he was working on creating more woodland.

Sony CEO forced to shush shareholder heckling at fiery AGM

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So variable

When they get it right Sony get it really right, when they get it wrong well you all know what happens.

As someone whose entire tube TV purchasing history has been Trinitron based (remember those lovely FD Trinitrons from the 1990s) you do tend to watch what they are up to.

Back in the 80s and early 90s Sony kit had this aura of quality, which to be honest was earned, look at the home video market, was there ever a video recorder as well engineered as the SL-C9? Their last PAL deck was a rather good one, brilliant picture and sound but was not as well engineered as the C9.

They have managed to turn technical successes into commercial failures. They tried too hard for the cheap market where to be honest they are crap. I still cannot work out how they managed to screw Minidisc.

The TV division may make losses but their TVs are still good, among the better ones, losing that would be rather sad. But people want cheap not quality, look what happened to Pioneer.

HiFi - best to completely give up the cheap crap and stick with upmarket portables, mid range Home Cinema, and esoteric HiFi.

Viao best gone, stylish but they are not a PC company.

Imaging, well this is a core market, they need to work on this.

Games, they need to deliver on these games they promised.

Phones, make proper use of their imaging and audio brands, and their styling and really go for it

It used to be that if you bought something from Sony, you knew it would be good, it would last, and it would look stylish, now it is buyer beware.

They have a long haul ahead of them, but I think they have the reserves to make it.

BT and TalkTalk BOTH claim victory as Ofcom tackles fibre price row

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I misread it as BOFH

Not that would be fun.

World still standing? It's been two weeks since Cryptolocker, Gameover Zeus takedown by feds

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2 infections at customers this last fortnight. Both cases idiots clicking on attachments, and lack of knowleage on these nasties.

Yesterdays was full restore from backup and wipe offending PC clean.

We tell them, they still do it.

I think the security services need to borrow some people from Hereford to sort it out at source.

Hate phone games that make you buy in-app gumble? Congrats, you're a niche player

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Mobile <> handheld

As I do not own any mobile games, basically not bothered, but I do own my own handheld games console.

Now that has in game purchases as well. One game one of my sons has as well and he spent money on a DLC gun.

But them some of these games are £20 - £30 and are made by biggish teams on big budgets. And yes I have been at work during breaks playing a handheld FPS.

YouView loses YourView trademark fight, may have to pick new name

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You vs Your

They pronouce differently, I still cannot see the issue, seems like lawyer crap.

As to Skydrive, isn't that a Murdoch thing?

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Re: Huh?

Well not all Vax vacuums are properly Vaxes either since the founder died. Some of them cannot even suck up water!

Did DEC VAX suck? Well some Vax vacuums do!

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Wow the logos are totally different

And I cannot see how people can confuse them

3CX WebMeeting: Not bad for a 1.0 product – just keep my phones out of the cloud

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JCB time agin?

Well that is what I thought of!

Toyota catches up to William Gibson with LED hood

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Re: What's a hood?

Kyrano's evil brother

LEAKED: Redmond not allowed to sell 'Nokia' smartphones after 2015

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Re: Sensible of Nokia to keep Here...

My work phone is Android the old one was Symbian

The older phone had a much better satnav and maps

GAME ON: Top 10 tellies for a World Cup kicking

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Re: Urg...

I thought that too,

Mind you I do not like the curved ones.

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Re: The names...

Because you can have too many TVs of a size due to features, seen one manufacturer have 5 at one screen size

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I'll stick with my Sony 46"

And my PS3 and PS4, lots of games and lots of films.

Pity Destiny is not released sooner

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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Re: An Excuse!

If I get asked that I will give the a choice,

XP, Linux Mint, or some other victim.

Freeview's rumoured '£100m YouView killer' is real – and it's yet another digital TV thing

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I need a Freeview HD box

And was considering the BT Humax offer.

Which is best for normal broadcast HD?

BT Humax Youview OR Humax Freeview HD?

I already have a Freesat PVR and an old Freeview PVR on its last legs

Kardashian's bottom plumps down on Instagram throne

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Why is everyone obsessed with them and not Klingons and Vulcans, or even Andorrans.

Ballmer SLAM-DUNKS $2 BEEELLLION bid for LA Clippers

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Re: I read the title and sub-head...

Another non believer.

Clipper was a fantastic tool, a geat way of making DOS database applications, which were fast to use, fast to write, reliable and flexible.

As to clone, no, just the natural progression of XBase.

Clipper (or CA-Clipper) was XBase, tons of tools, some excellent replacable database drivers, and still many programs in use.

All those great addons, Blinker, Funky (sp), Novlib, Advantage XBase Server, things like this made for some pretty powerful applications.

We were using serial comms libraries, Netware task libraries, client server libraries, lots of links to C as well, with our own C code.

Clipper was the pinnacle of Xbase not just a clone

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I thought of CA-Clipper

Now that was good!

Still watching DVDs? You're a planet-killing carbon hog!

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Re: This adds in my driving to the shop to buy the disc?

My daughter hates those sorts of films, she still likes animated though, and super hero films.

Teen angst gets her ratty.

Microsoft's 'CEO of no' on Xbox: NO SALE

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Re: Good luck

MS have been feature removing from anything after XP.

A few older but used technologies have gone

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS

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Re: Support must end at some point

My last 1999 Sony TV picked up Freeview fine, sold because I went HD 4 years ago.

DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? New leccy BMWs have flimsy password security – researcher

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Re: Need they an app to stop wheels exploding

Not my fault, but it was bloody scary and I now have anxiety attacks if a BMW drives too close. The front wheel on the BWM literally exploded, then there was the head on in front of me, then I was the sad owner of a slightly bananad Omega.

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Need they an app to stop wheels exploding

Then I would not have had my car written off.

JJ Abrams and Star Wars: I've got a bad feeling about this

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Re: Alien Resurrection. 3 was not too bad(Gordon 10)

Those deaths were jarring but it was still much better than no 4

My favourite is Alien as Aliens is a bit American

I also prefer The Terminator to any of its sequels, short fast, to the point, good characters, good story.

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Gave up half way through the penultimate series, was not worth the effort of MKV2VOBing it.

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Re: Overly Harsh

I think you meant Alien Resurrection. 3 was not too bad

More chance you came a cropper on a UK road than bought a Chromebook this year

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Re: Correct

For more info.the BMW hit an oncoming car head on both were totalled, one of them spun into my car bananaing it, It took 5 months for my shoulder to recover.

My car was the only one which drove home.

Quoted £2500 to repair, so they wrote it off!

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I had an accident in December, some minor injuries, and I do not have a Chromebook.

RIP my last car.

Just have a fear of black BMW 3 series driving near me in case they crach.

Brits to vote: Which pressing scientific challenge should get £10m thrown at it?

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Re: Agriculture

We only buy outdoor reared pork.

My farming relative does cattle.

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Re: Paralysis

What costs the NHS more?

The chairs.

There you go.

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In the US

In the UK there is not the stupidity

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Re: Sigh

HS2 should cost a fraction of that but someone somewhere screwed it, But at least it will help with flight option.

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My answers

Antibiotics - £10 million there, phages research and crack down on stupid usage.

Water - spend some money on storage and piping it around.

Flight to Scotland - go by rail and use nuclear power stations to get zero carbon.

Paralysis - I think this is already not far away to be honest.

Dementia - I think post it notes were a good idea

Food - eat what is in season and encourage population shrinkage.

Could vegetarians eat a 'test tube' burger?

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Not much can grow on hill farms apart from grass and animals are good at turning grass into human edible food.

Contacting Ebay

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Contacting Ebay

A bloody nightmare, phone, phone back or live chat.

But I NEED to email them, my seller ratings have been trashed by villiage idiots and I want to put a load of information and links in an email.

Used to sell about £200 a month, now at about £20 a month.

I need some advice from their customer services.

So it looks like I will have to post them a letter, I will of course put all the links in it for them to have to copy into a computer.

I offer a repair service on Ebay, it says repair service all over, including pictures and titles, big warning boxes, then I get bad feedback and bad ratings because I do not post them a working item as they are supposed to send theirs in for repair. Having to refund the VIs is also wrecking my seller ratings.

Been fine for 5 years, only last 6 months the village idiots have gone mad. So I need to work out with Ebay the issues, but they are basically uncontactable.

Google please hurry up and kill Ebay!

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops

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Re: Peckham Spring

Didn't Coca Cola try selling it?

Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399

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Re: Meh.

When ND and GG got the performance out PS3 was definately more powerful, just was a pain for the developers coming from single core and the last generation

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Head screwed on better

Things are looking better for Xbox since Phil Spencer took over, how does he have time for this and Location Location Location?

Anyway the price cut is not enough, for the same money you can buy the more powerful PS4.

The main issue with this new generation are the game prices, £10 more than last generation is rather a lot.

I am playing a waiting game on new games as having a new console doesn't stop the old ones working.

Mozilla agrees to add DRM support to Firefox – under protest

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If they have to change Firefox

Firstly kill Australis.

Horrible shite

Apple, Beats and fools with money who trust celeb endorsements

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Re: Delicately put

Speaker cable

I bought cable which was thick and meaty, not expensive, and you know what, it sounded better than the thin stuff I took off.

Those speakers were too big for the thin wire I had lying around.

Directional cable - as above 1 to left 1 to right, 1 to centre and a few to back

Wiring wrong way round, erk just don't left to left right to right and do not cross them over.

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Re: I am sticking with Sennheiser and Walkman

Well they do sound better than the in ears it came with, and are pretty good in their price range.

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I am sticking with Sennheiser and Walkman

Now Sennheiser that is a good headphone brand.

The weird and wonderful mind of H.R Giger is no more

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Pretty sure that was Dan O'Bannon, father of the producer of Farscape

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Some fantastic art.

The superb direction and fantastic design of Alien makes it an all time classic.

He will always be remembered for it, but as an epitaph, it is good.

BSkyB eyes up Uncle Rupert's telly channels in Germany and Italy

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Re: Pay TV is a pain


1) You have to go through Murdoch in the UK

2) You still get adverts.

3) You have to go through Murdoch in the UK

4) I can get logo free HDTV free to air with good programmes.

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Pay TV is a pain

They are parasites on top of FTA TV

Mozilla axes HATED Firefox-ad-tab plan ... but will try again

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Re: FF at home has gone nearly unuusable

Thanks will try tonight, just been round at work disabling dwongrades on the Firefox using PCs.

I am on 28.0 at work and it works!

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FF at home has gone nearly unuusable

Blue header, rounded tabs you can't see, Managed to download something which makes it a bit better but how do I get back and forwards back to the left?

Tempted to ty other browsers now.

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