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The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three

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Re: BBC 3 or BBC 7

I stopped watching C5 when the logo returned, I emailed them, deleted the timers, told them about it.

But according to C5 their logo is more importatnt than viewers

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Re: Under the banner of digital, the middle class marches on.®

Michael Portillo works well as he likes history and likes railways, he was also responsible for signing the paperwork keeping the Settle & Carlisle Railway open. Yes they had a railway enthusiast as a public transport minister.

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Re: BBC 3 or BBC 7

BTW I did watch Torchwood and Gavin & Stacey but that purple blob just turned the channel off for me.

Distracting on utv1 to 4 as well

C4 HD might as well not be there logoing a HD channel - moronic!

TBH this would be something for the government to ban - on screen channel logos.

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Re: Under the banner of digital, the middle class marches on.®


Great British Railway Journies is one of the best programmes on TV!

<-------------- Michael grabbing one of his jackets

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And before it was wrecked, Bob the Builder (Neil Morrisy version).

Their Christmas special was once the highlight of the day.

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BBC 3 or BBC 7

I stopped watching for two reasons.

1) The logo was bloody irritating

2) The programmes were poor

Prefered BBC Choice

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Re: Only Connect


Not 3

Spanish scraper scrapped: Google axes Google News

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How silly

How are people going to find their news stories?

I use the UK one daily, great for checking through a story

Blu-ray region locks popped by hardware hacker

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I have returned stuff before as unplayable

Done it with non red book CDs after 3 faulty I gave up. Non red book is a fault.

Done it with crap filled DVDs, cannot get to the film.

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Re: Forced to view content (Adverts etc.)

It got to the stage I stopped buying that companies DVDs, having to rip and burn a brand new DVD just to watch it was taking the piss.

So cut out the first stage.

Yes sales are lost due to forced adverts.

eBay planning massive job cuts following PayPal split – report

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Are a real pain since they dumbed down.

Since I hit classic view as soon as I log in it missing things, send invoice classic view becomes send money.

They need to completely redo Paypal, try by putting it back to how it was.

Microsoft tries to defend Irish servers from US g-men invasion, again

MJI Silver badge

Very interesting

The result will have huge implications for the cloud industry, I am following this with interest.

My personal thoughts are that local Irish and EU laws matter more in Ireland and the EU than any US laws. Basically the US has no jurisdiction in Ireland. MS may be between a rock and a hard place but MS US cannot demand that MS IE breaks local laws.

The Pirate Bay SUNK: It vanishes after Swedish data center raid

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I have uploaded before to TPB

To be honest it was a pain, wouldn't seed properly, so I stuck it on Youtube instead.

But if it had been taken down by the copywrite organisations could I have complained?

I wanted to torrent as I don't like Youtubes framerate changing.

I filmed at 16x9 anamorphic 50Hz, I wanted it kept to 16x9 50Hz.

In the end someone hosted it for me for a few days to get the AVI.

As you have read above, I tried to use TPB to distribute a video I shot, to people I knew. So that was fully legal and my distribution method is now being blocked.

Buy Your Own Device: No more shiny-shiny work mobe for you

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My mobile phone

Is my work phone, allowed to make personal calls provided we do not take the piss.

Now the people who make the most personal calls use the phone the least they do not exceed contract.

Yes I make 4 or 5 personal calls a week. But as I am not sales noot many work calls.

HOWEVER. I do get called, can be anytime except at night.

PlayStation Network blasted offline AGAIN. Just not Sony's decade

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I blame the video recorder buyers


A company Sony were able to ignore until the yanks made them.

Was fun being able to play a macraprovision DVD and record it to tape. (Needed to return a film to producers and wait for remaster as the layer change went wrong).

The recording was anamorphic and the downmixed to pro logic was more annoying than the drop in resolution. This was with a very expensive Sony VCR.

Anyway why did Sony go DRM?

Well it is the fault of all the people who got Vhs rather than the much much better Beta format. Since the second worst video format ever beat a better format Sony needed to guarantee a source of media, so they bought a few music and film studios.

Just think if you had bought a Sony Sanyo or Toshiba VCR rather than that Vhs crap we may not have had one of the main innovators dragged down the DRM route.

Just for fun my Sanyo VTC-M40 still works, just need a post DSO Freeview box since my Freeview PVRs were killed off by DSO.

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Re: Pissing off the wrong people.

It was a DDOS, and I am wondering who's next.

XBL then PSN, will they try it on STEAM?

MJI Silver badge

Pissing off the wrong people.

"Hahaha we have disabled xxxx!"

Where xxxx is your gaming network PSN XBL etc.

Cue a large number of angry gamers.

Imagine if you could not play your favourite game and you knew of one of the hackers.

Would you be able to resist giving them a really good kicking?

Competition probe opens door to Canal+ Spain for Rupert Murdoch

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Re: Turdoch

I won't touch any of his papers, I won't buy into his TV empire, I avoid any of his companies as much as possible.

MJI Silver badge


Please FOAD

Furious GTA V gamers seek similar ban on violent, misogynistic title: the Holy Bible

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Re: Games characters

Really bad as in a really shit game, there are a few and luckily most of us avoid them.

MJI Silver badge

Games characters

Stupid idea trying to ban GTA5, may be ban a game if it is really bad, but GTA5 is pretty well liked.

Personally I prefer to play as a goody, baddy CAN be fun, but I do not enjoy killing NPCs which are not a threat. Morally ambiguous is also no real issue.

So if an alien is shooting at me, or even just an alien soldier, it will be wiped out. People trying to kill my character, bye bye.

But killing shop keepers, prostitutes, non shooting Police, no thanks.

It is possible to play the Infamous games as a baddy with good intentions without wiping out huge amounts of ordinary characters. Wipe out the baddies violently.

Yet I really enjoy morally ambiguous games, some of my favourite characters are like this (Nathan Drake & Joel for example)

MJI Silver badge

Re: Not again!

And it is published on a .co.uk domain

VW's Scirocco diesel: A sheep in Wolfsburg’s clothing

MJI Silver badge

Nice looking Sirocco

Was a late 80s one a workmate used to own.

MJI Silver badge

Re: wot?

It isn't.

I have had quicker accelerating cars, one a sportyish hatch, the other a 4 door saloon.

One of them was an Avenger based hatch back. 8 sec 0 - 60 (timed) from 1600cc

The other was a German built luxobarge with an engine from Merseyside (under 8 sec timed)

Lets just say that the 1970s car is still one of the best handling cars I have driven.

Apple knob refusenik Sir Jony Ive handed award - for talking BOLLOCKS

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Re: Talking of plain English (Graphsboy)

lives in one of the best places in the world,

I didn't know he lived in Cornwall!

MJI Silver badge

Re: Russell Brand

He knows lots of words but not how to use them.

I also notice I am from from being his only hater, he is so annoying that sometimes I could smack him!

Crack open more champagne, Satya, XP's snowballing to HELL

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Re: My XP

No, got a dual boot into Mint Cinnamon for that

MJI Silver badge


Thinks it is XP POS version support for a few more years.

It was space vs boat at Orion launch. The boat won

MJI Silver badge

Re: Space 1999

Yes and you can have a trip on it


Sony Pictures struggles as staff details, salaries and films leaked

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Re: Is this Sony ``rootkit'' Corporation?

No that is the music division.

MJI Silver badge

Re: Doesn't bode well...

They may as well be different companies

SCE is basically proper Sony, the hardware company a lot of people still like.

SP is basically a US film producer they bought (Columbia?).

As to PS4 vs XB1 the winners are the gamers. The manufacturers actually LIKE each other.

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP

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Re: Your lack of choice is not limited to Operating Systems.

Built some Win 7 PCs this year no issue with drivers

Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance

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Re: Don't worry too much.

Which idiots do we choose?

None of the party leaders fill me with confidence, and choosing a PM is a least worse process, not best.

MJI Silver badge

Re: Double standard?

Yes but which one?

MJI Silver badge

Re: What???No reference to midget porn???

And you know what I would not be surprised if it featured a rather over exposed but very likeable British short person (and his wife).

Ha ha ha I now have you try to not imagine it.

Gangnam Style BREAKS YouTube

MJI Silver badge

I will have to tell some one at work

Their son broke youtube!

Apple denied 'App Store' trademark by Australian court

MJI Silver badge


App Store?

If they want to trade mark a name add the le on to App

Stupid Apple prats.

Hominid ancestors beat humans to the drinks cabinet, say boffins

MJI Silver badge

So that is why!

Clyde could enjoy a beer!

Sony Pictures hires Mandiant, asks FBI for help after massive cyber attack

MJI Silver badge

Everyone is now a target.

Especially if you rip the piss out of baby ronery.

Want to upset him - make a sex film with baby ronery and that Yank basketball player.

Fiat 500X: A fun-loving Goldilocks who'll get down and dirty

MJI Silver badge


I like the 500.

I do not like this, not an issue with the car at all but it is not a 500. A 500 is a small car, this is not.

Now the BMW Mini.

Some of them are huge, and one I saw this weekend had a huge tacky looking Mini badge on the boot. Really big like a couple of foot wide.

Small cars should be small and not rivalling large cars, they look ridiculous.

Sony employees face 'weeks of pen and paper' after crippling network hack

MJI Silver badge

Re: Not even close

For me it was Trinitron - the best CRT TVs ever,

Then their VCRs so good at what they did, a friend had a C9, but I out did him with a 950

Oh BOY! The MICKEY MOUSE Apple Watch is no heart-throb

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Re: Still not convinced by the crown

Boxster - they are OK, but after driving one I did not feel bothered by getting into what was then (RIP) a 10 year old Vauxhall.

GT40 nice, 911 over the Mustang I think and Cayenne well I don't like them, I prefer 4x4 from Solihul.

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Re: What if you're mad like me

Or like me.

"Oh that clock is wrong." And corrected the time.

Then the person who used it was late as they were used to it having the wrong time

BT said to have pulled patent-infringing boxes from DSL network

MJI Silver badge

Has anyone actually said.

Did BT pinch their code or use it without permission, or did they independantly develop it?

Perhaps BT should patent the electronic computer!

MJI Silver badge

Is this why my internet

connection keeps dropping out?

Chromecast video on UK, Euro TVs hertz so badly it makes us judder – but Google 'won't fix'

MJI Silver badge

Re: "Never noticed the problem"

I don't like 3:2 pulldown.

24 frames/second Film on 60Hz my last 4x3 TV could take 60Hz RGB, but not NTSC. Never tested the WS CRT with NTSC, just went RGB.

Prefer the BluRay way of letting an HDTV handle 24FPS

As to not noticing, may be on computer monitors they are happy.

But 50Hz uploaded to Youtube gets converted quite dodgily to 60Hz.

Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register

MJI Silver badge

Re: 1350bhp? try 2150bhp

But yours is 3 years after mine, 1961 2 x 1350 in a Western.

But very heavy for the power since the UK had 3300bhp within 100 tons

MJI Silver badge

Re: Excellent article

You would have difficulty getting hold of them, the boat engines are being bought by the railway preservationists.

MJI Silver badge

Excellent article

I reall enjoyed reading it.

Now for my thoughts.

For that sort of power and torque I think you are much better off with a torque converter, they seem to cope with high power a lot better than a clutch. As an example the old Diesel Hydraulic locomotives would put 1350bhp through a torque converter.

This would provide a lot better operating environment for the transmission.

Suffering satellites! Goonhilly's ARTHUR REBORN for SPAAAACE

MJI Silver badge

Re: half and an hour? And bring back the barbeques.

My father is from the Lizard!

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