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Lashed Saudi blogger Raif: Prince Charles has word with new king

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Re: "harmed the reputation of the state,"

It is not punishment, it is GBH.

Punishment requires a crime.

Skin colour's irrelevant. Just hire competent folk on their merits, FFS

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Re: MLP?

I prefer mine!

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Re: MLP?

No idea what that stands for.

Mango Lettuce Peanut?

Major League Penguin?

Microscopic Little People?

Now Samsung's spying smart TVs insert ADS in YOUR OWN movies

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Re: Ha

Mine is just pre smart TV, but it has a ethernet port! And it looks like I was right.

But it has a good panel, a good picture processing engine for I to P, just enough HDMI and I can use a console for the Smart gubbins as they get updated a lot more, Smart TV, what do you need apart from I Player and friends, and web browsing?

Well both online consoles have I player, both have internet (even if crap on older one) and the newest allows me to kick off a web browse mid game, Destiny players understand.

My worry is the market will change from

crap panel no extras -> crap panel some extras -> good panel some extras -> good panel all the toys


crap panel no extras -> crap panel some extras -> crap panel smart -> good panel smart

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Re: LG do it too

That would be unfit for purpose and I demand a refund

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Re: Come back SONY all is forgiven.

What do you mean come back?

Hacker hijack 'threat': Your car's security is Adobe Flash-grade BAD

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I am scared about newer cars.

They are nice, but I can't afford £60,000 for the one I like.

But road tax is high, maintenance is not too easy, some parts can fail and not easy to fix.

My current car (2 versions older of above) has 4 ECUs I think, but I can read them with a £300 code reader, Most things are easy to fix, under £300 road tax, but the ride is not good.

I know I will have to replace parts to keep it on the road, everything is available (including galvanised chassis). But how long for?

The manufacturer is also going more upmarket and moving away from its enthusiast market.

Ok I have no idea whatsover what my next car will be!

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Car security & Senator

Made me think my worry about security on the old Vauxhall/Opel Senator

Red car icon

Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate

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Will the embedded workaround work?

My home PC still gets updates using this technique, could you use it for S2003?

My migration BTW relies on trying to get WINE working.

Ofcom can prise my telly spectrum from my COLD, DEAD... er, aerial

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Re: "Broadcast is efficient" Badvoc

I was refering to the fact that I am sure most streams are not 50i or 25p

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Re: "Broadcast is efficient" Badvoc

Where are these high quality streams you mention?

I have used BBC I player recently and it is not as HD as broadcast. Also I am sure there is temporal compression as well.

Not a patch on broadcast

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Just filled it in

I put in a date when I will be 100

Also mentioned that for broadband internet there is such thing as fibre broadband

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Re: "Broadcast is efficient"

We record and watch mainly but Sunday BBC2 20:00 is sancrosant live TV.

My daughter get annoyed at me skipping theme tunes as whe likes to make stupid noises to them, whereas I prefer adverts at speed rather than skipped as I may miss a good one.

Yes If I see a game advert I watch, the Destiny adverts are almost better than the game!

$10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience

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Re: Cable quality

Tin - that is interesting, but all the phonos are gold plated on my amp. I thought that was why the cables were plated as well.

My interconnects were cheap enough but not cheap, just good value.

Most inputs are digital anyway, TOSLink or SPDIF

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Re: Guaranteed: Silver Tarnishes. Oh Noz.

HDMI cables

I don't buy the cheapest.

I buy well constructed good values ones, which are still a lot cheaper than Monster. And not much more than the cheapest.

MJI Silver badge

Cable quality


Needs to be robust, immune to interference, and not colour the sound. Gold plating on the ends does help a little in maintaining a good contact.


Optical - Needs to be robust, not kink, and make sure enough light gets through to not lose any data. Gold plating is stupid.

Wires - Needs to be robust, and not leak RF.

So for any interconnect the most important things are, robustness so they don't get damaged, and interference proof so your analogue interconnects don't pick up strange signals and the digital interconnects don't broadcast them..

Ofcom's new broom Sharon White sweeps into office

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Re: Doesn't look like she is able to read

Well I think she looks friendy and approachable!

APT devs are LOUSY coders, says Sophos

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Re: When I saw APT I thought of this

Seen the real one at the NRM. Model at Warley exhibition

As to engineers - both, at the same time, a slighty mad Canadian and a chap with Mr Tilt name badge

MJI Silver badge

When I saw APT I thought of this


And I have chatteed to one of the main engineers behind the project.

Zimmermann slams Cameron’s ‘absurd’ plans for crypto ban

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Will Ed be the same?

I think so,

I don't think Nick will, but Nigel - no idea

Undead nights: Zombie FPS Dying Light shines bright

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Just looked up the voice actors. Ezio Wheatly and a Grand Theft Auto character.

I hope he doesn't sound like Ezio as I once completely screwed up on a Desmond section as when he was climbing, he talked and I used the same buttons as Uncharted 2 (same voice actor).

Supersonic Bloodhound car techies in screaming 650mph comms test

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Try it with

A Cape Jets Lightning at full speed

Spartan on Windows 7? Microsoft is 'watching demand'

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Will there be 300 users?

And I really enjoyed the film

EE squashes Orange UK: France Telecom's been 'destroying it for years'

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Seems silly they are not rebuying Cellnet

I mean they created it, so now they buy a competitor for what was their own system (and also I found had better coverage).

Or as I said to someone trying to sell me a Post Office telephone system "I already wih BT."

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?

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Re: Cheap BDs from Asda

That's the one

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Re: Stallone

Seen both liked both

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Re: Is this a tech site or not?

Alien 3 is not bad, just a disappointment.

Most dissappointed person was James Cameron as they killed off his new characters,

Resurrection is the drink mat supplied with the trilogy.

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Re: Computer Games Movies

I reckon the new Ratchet & Clank movie may be OK.

Film scriptwriter wrote the games.

The voice actors are the game voice actors.

The game studio is heavily involved.

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Make your self feel better


I was surprised at Studio Ghibli having so many animated. (Yes I know they are good)

Actually I have seen all of the best animated

MJI Silver badge

I should not have

Worst ones on Wikipedia

Freddy Got Fingered

So bad I had forgotten it existed



Actually asked for my rental money back and did not watch it all, just total shit

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My dry period

I watched a lot in the 80s, rental tapes by the ton.

Then they dried up in early 90s.

So watched TV instead.

Then late 90s a shiny new format appeared. So I bought them, I got addicted, over 200 DVDs here!

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Cheap BDs from Asda

Bought a few of these for a laugh.

And the films were not bad.

A Norwegian zombie Nazi film was quite funny.

B movies but not bad movies.

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Re: Bad movies? I LOVE BAD MOVIES!

I remember Slipstream, I quite liked it at the time.

I remember renting it, on Beta

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Re: Devil

Quite annoying after you find a good one, to find they get rubbish was so sad.

Signs to me was the the start of the drop.

Now I just don't even bother.

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Re: Coping Mechanism

Say to yourself.

There was never a remake to "Wicker Man"

There was never a remake to "The Italian Job"

There was never a remake to "Taxi"

Chap at work said he had seen Taxi, I said did you like the 406?

Go the reply American film.

I will HAVE to lend him my Taxi DVD

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Re: Devil

What happened to him, MNS made some really good films. Then they turned to crap.

6th Sense was clever

Unbreakable was his best I really like it

Signs OK

The Village clever but silly

Lady in the Water rot set in a very average film

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Re: Two words

I don't know, I liked the version with David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and the 3 wheel yellow Batmobile

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Re: BE

Aghhhhhhhhh I forgot how dragged on it was!

MJI Silver badge


The book is bad and the film poor.

Not even a second rate author, more like third or fourth.

The film could have been a lot better, but at best was OK.

MJI Silver badge

Adam Sandler

Is also in some real stinkers.

MJI Silver badge

Armageddon does have some good bits

The special effects

Landlines: The tech that just won't die

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Still use our landline

Saves farting about with mobile phone contracts

Ex Machina – a smart, suspenseful satire of our technology gods

MJI Silver badge

I need to see this

It looks good

Game over? Sony FINALLY offers compensation to MEELLIONS of PSN hack victims

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Their 2011 issues cost me money because

It got me into Infamous.

Second Son is brilliant

Sony blames NORK The Interview cyber strike for delayed Q3 report

MJI Silver badge

Strange looking weirdo

Who is that big baby?

Windows 10: The Microsoft rule-o-three holds, THIS time it's looking DECENT

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Re: Let me see

Or old Fords and King Leonidas

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Re: Apps

Err that is not an issue.

I have access to millions of programs, from simple text editors to huge vertical market factory software.

It is of a standard format usable by most PCs in the world.


MJI Silver badge


I just want a computer to do what I want. Different prettyness no problem, but completely methods aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Basically Windows was very similar from the one after Program Manager (95) to 7, that is well over 15 years of the same style. Well guess what they got the basic idea right.

I do not want confusing GUIs, as far as I am concerned ANY keyboard based GUI program should have a menu at the top. Basically the File Edit, so when non Windows OSes look more like Windows than Windows there is something wrong.

All the ribbon applications should have had a proper menu as well, I needed a news group reader in Win 7 so took the easy choice of Thunderbird.

MS Word I have to use addins with the file edit patch.

So basically do not get in the way of me working.

Oh and for anyone saying I could learn all the new features (which are just as likely to be rejected at a later date) of something I use when necessary I would rather use the time to improve my programming skills. (.NET is the next one).

Look I am over 50 now, and the last thing I want to do is spend my own time working out how something should work, when it should just work. It was not hard to build two Win7/Mint 17 dual boot gaming PCs.

I was fine in the DOS days, I loved Netware, Multiuser DOS was very good, I was OK with Windows. I even ran WFW on the Real32 server.

I will have a play with 10, we have a 8.x PC at work everyone avoids, then we will see how annoying it is.

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

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Re: Cortana?

But is it XFlow or Pinto?

MJI Silver badge

Re: I'm free!

TBH I do not know if it would run on my XP PC, which was built just before Windows 7 was released (so XP was the current version of Windows at the time), but it is a quad core 4GB and thinks it is embedded.

Perhap it way, perhaps MS should offer a checking tool.

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