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Bridge, ship 'n' tunnel – the Brunels' hidden Thames trip

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I still think the GWML is his greatest acheivement, still used today with 125mph trains, no realignment needed, just right to begin with.

Also allowed steam to maintain some of the fastest regular schedules in the 30s

And Royal Albert Bridge is a national monument!

Tesla reveals Powerwall battery packs for homes, Powerpacks for cities

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Makes solar power relevant

Currently solar power is not relevant in the UK, generate power when you don't need it.

Now you could even be off grid.

Storing you daytime collected power for the evening seems a good idea to me.

Your new car will dob you in to the cops if you crash, decrees EU

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Re: How is this legal?

Most dangerous thing in a filling station are starter motors, they spark, a lot.

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Re: Anyone else wonder...

The problem with DRLs was that the EU mandated they had to be seen and had to dazzle.

The old Volvo sidelights were much better

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Re: Anyone else wonder...


Really dazzling sometimes, especially at dusk when headlamps should be on, headlamps are a lot less dazzly than DRLs

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Re: Gah!

Accidents happen, sometimes you can't avoid them. But then I was undamaged enough to call Police and Ambulance.

Two other people had a head on air bags deployed, just in shock.

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Re: Spikes

No just no, I would like to live thank you, as would the driver who smashed into me.

I still get flash backs of the car infront of me swerving into oncoming traffic (suspect broken wheel), the the car they hit head on spun put of control smashing into me.

So 3 deaths would be a good idea then?

More safety the better, I called 999 for Ambulance and Police, the other two cars were twisted pile of metal and I drove home with a slightly bent but beyond economic repair car (£2500 to repair to a decent standard)

Range Rover Sport: Like a cathedral on wheels, only with comfier pews

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Re: re: If I was looking for an SUV ...

With the ECU cars the answer is Hawkeye or Nanocom.

I had intermittant 3 Amigos, the only thing which fixed t was clearing with Hawkeye, it has behaved ever since. Sensors all OK, wiring all OK.

I do have a spare SLABS ECU but loath to swap due to calibrating the suspension.

With newer cars a code reader like the above two is essential.

Found out that aftermarket MAFs are crap by monitoring the air flow, cleaned the original and now OK, the one I fitted made the car flat.

Ny previous car was OBD2 compliant, gearbox played up, the reader I used on that car said selector switch, used to get to work until repaired (not a fan or gearbox repairs in the snow) was by resetting error codes when they occured. Even discovered new gears like lock up second. Or pulled lock up top from around 300rpm.

I would say that with a code reader the D2 is as maintainable as an early car.

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Re: re: If I was looking for an SUV ...

There is an argument about this, when did they stop making repairable Land Rovers.

To some the end of the series.

To others the end of the TDi300.

Some the Transitification of the Defender.

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Re: If I was looking for an SUV...

D2 injector loom

How else can they get signals to the uint injectors?

Easy just to replace when necessary, not a bad job. Just annoying, but the design does work.

Sun roofs. Mine had a broken pipe, now dry inside

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The problem with the Porsche soft roaders is that they tend to make the owners look like nobs. Porsche sports car styling does not translate to the offroader look at all well.

LR Air suspension does work well, surprisingly compliant off road compared to the coil spring live axle jobbies. My car is part coil part air and the back does ride better than the front.

My problem with the RRS is that it is too small inside for its size and between two better cars, The L405 is pretty majestic despite the silly door grills. Then the D4 is roomier and more practical.

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Re: Hang on a minute...is this a review or a cut and paste job?

Thumbs down, has anyone actually driven one?

The visibilty down is not good, but otherwise it is good off road. Just I prefer the full fat RR or the Discovery.

Someone I know were looking at a large offroader and the RRS was too small inside. So bought a D4.

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Re: Hang on a minute...is this a review or a cut and paste job?

RRS works well off road, just the visibility

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RRS is lower than RR.

D4 is nice, but not as user servicable as anything with live axles.

I can carry out most work on my D2 myself

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Re: @Banksy

No a pre 2007 Defender

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My thoughts

They are lower than the full fat Range Rover (which I prefer) but you sit too low behind the wheel.

I felt more comfortable behind the wheel of a Discovery 4, but the big difference is when you go over very steep summits.

You cannot see the ground, whereas you can on the higher seating position cars.

This car is in market between what I would want.

Family off roader, I'd go Discovery

Luxury off roader, I'd go full fat Range Rover

Full offroading, an older product like a pre 2007 Defender, or a Discovery 1 or 2

Citroën C4 Cactus BlueHDi: A funky urban crossover

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Re: No rev counter

On my last sports bike I changed gear at 12,500 rpm

It LOVED revving

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Re: No rev counter

Rev counter

Jump off a sports bike into a car, used to power bands starting at say 8000 revving a car to 8000 is not excessive, if it will go there it gets there.

Unless you have ridden high revving engines it is difficult to understand.

When engines with strokes over 60mm are hitting over 10,000 rpm reliably on bikes there is no reason to jump into a shortish stroke car and think that revving it will kill it (when warm of course).

My old pushrod lumped hot hatch was 4mm longer stroke than some superbike engines, no wonder the racve engines were fine at 8000rpm and mine was fine at 7000rpm. Also that it did > 100,000 miles OK

Rev counters are needed.

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Re: No rev counter

The problem is some engines will rev hard into their red sections, no rev limiters, a prime example being the old blobby shaped 1300 Astra D reg era I suppose. Old high mileage lease cars.

Rarely had rev counters, engine would rev like mad, coming off a bike, you think nothing of an engine revving.

Was around a year before I came across a rev counter on a 1300, and was amazed to find I was changing 1st to 2nd at 8000rpm, that is when the power dropped off.

1600 had a rev limiter

1300 red line was under 7000 cannot remember the value.

A few years later I owned a hatch with a 1600 pushrod lump in it, would safely rev to 7000rpm, red line was 6000 but the manufacturer stated bottom end safe in road tests (sportyish model maximum power was over 6000rpm) to around 7000, they were too stingy to produce different rev backgrounds.

A standard low tune 1600 valve bounced before 6000rpm red line, the sportier and tuned ones, well I knew someone with an 8000rpm lump, mine started to bounce a bit over 7000rpm.

So there I am driving around in a old car with silly rev limit and I have to drive a Sierra, 1600 Pinto. belonged to my then employers,

OK it was crap, but the red line was about 5,500 or so, but if no rev counter I would have taken it over 6000, just to get it moving.

By the way I have never rev damaged an engine, but I have killed a couple of poor gearboxes, usually due to crap change quality forcing wrong gears (Ford front drive ones were horrid). When 2 was to he back and left of 1 1st to 4th was common. Perhaps I was spoiled by my own cars having gear levers sticking out of the box itself rather than via cables.

So the first point is, if you do not have a rev counter make sure there is a rev limiter, you do not know what the driver has just come off from. If you have just come off a bike, you will thrash the car just to get slow acceleration, and when you are used to 8000 to 10000 power bands, well a high revving car engine sounds like it is just coming on song.

And another point, too little power, get plenty of power and the car will accelerate well enough without revving. Had 2.0 and over now for 20 years, can't see any reason to buy a tiny engine with the weight cars are today.

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No rev counter

No problem driven loads of cars with no rev counters,

Change gear when they stop accelerating.

Then I drove a rev counter fited version.

Vauxhall Family 2 1300cc engine will do 8000rpm. Red line 6.something

As my own vehicle at the time had a 10,000rpm red line 8000rpm was low.

I had a part time job running ex lease cars around.

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Re: On mirrors on the left and the right

We beat Napolean so we drive how WE want

Lib Dem manifesto: Spook slapdown, ban on teen-repelling Mosquitos

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Re: Rock and hard place

Now you are saying you do not want them tying up with anyone.

To get a stable 5 years, if we need a coalition lets just have one, Where is the win by forcing minority governments and stagnation of policies.

Germany runs coalitions, they manage OK.

We did OK last time.

I do like the starting tax policy, great for anyone not earning a fortune.

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Least worse

That is how I describe Cameron, not that he is good, just least worse

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Re: coalition is what people want

And also a large chunk of them would not want to go near Labour.

There is an overlap between parties and the Lib Dems have both Labour tolerant and Conservative tolerant supporters.

I would put most of the South West Lib Dems seats in the more Conservative tolerant side.

Personally I am Labour intolerant and would vote for the party most likely to unseat them.

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Re: Rock and hard place

Hmm lets think

Higher starting rate for income tax. That was good.

Stop ID cards, great.

As to Lib Dem voters, Lib Dems are voted for by Conservative supporters who are annoyed with their own party or when the LD is in the best position to unseat a Labour.


Lib Dems are voted for by Labour supporters who are annoyed with their own party or when the LD is in the best position to unseat a Conservative.


Lib Dems are voted for by centrist people where the MP comes before party.

Now if you do not like Lib Dems teaming up with Conservatives, but would be happy for them to taem up with Labour, why are you not voting Labour?

Personally I think the coalition has been a success and some of that success is due to Clegg getting involved.

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Rock and hard place

I admire them for getting involved in the coalition and not shirking the job.

They were shafted over tuition fees I feel, but remember they are their own party.

It is not all parties vs Conservative, it is all parties vs ALL OTHER parties.

There is NO RULE which says you must side with Labour if you are not Conservative.

The Lib Dems went with Conservatives as they were the highest polling party.

If parties are planning pre election tie ups just elect that other party.

Will be interesting the day after polling.

Conservative manifesto: 5G, 'near universal' broadband and free mobes for PC Dixon

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Voting has to be planned.

Depends where you live as well, which parties are likely to be the winners and runners up.

Then there are the leaders, I have said this before, there are no best leaders, just least worse.

Nationally the smooth talking marketeer, Mr Bean, the very earnest, bloke from the pub, the strange mad lady.

Scotland has Jimmy Crankie!


I am casting my vote on my prefered local candidate rather than their boss.

Labour manifesto: Tech Bacc, not-spot zapping and hi-speed interwebs

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Are they fit to govern?

Some of the party, well they worry me, Ed Milliband, can he even feed himself? He gives this aura of incompetence (not saying he is) and I cannot see him being up to the task.

Cisco loses logo lawsuit against WiFi inventor boffinhaus

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Re: Sure looks like...

Look at the linked article, the CSIRO logo inherits a lot from its previous version, more than Cisco.

MJI Silver badge


Interesting read, The linked document is worth looking at.

Lots of similarities, blue white, vertical stripes, a picture, capitals, begins with C ends in O.

Different font, different shade of blue, different badge shape.

Both are revamps of earlier different logos. CSIRO was blue before with stripes. And more like its current logo.

I feel Cisco were right to bring it up and the TMO were right to throw it out.

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs

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My games machines run Free BSD

Which is pretty good.

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m

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I still think it is funny

That Jay Zed lost out to a games programmer on a house.

Well done Notch

Netflix teams with AWS to launch VHS-as-a-service

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Re: I used to rent lots of tapes

I did lots, the shop owner had the same top end model as me.

I may have a downvote for knocking the inferior format, but at least I saw all my 80s rental films with better picture and sound!

MJI Silver badge

I used to rent lots of tapes

But not Vhs.

Would not stoop that low.

Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account

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BD Based games

I still buy them rather than download.

They are mine and cannot be taken off me!

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He needs to escalate it

Try contacting this person, he will get it sorted.


Need to get past the minions and onto the big cheeses.

If Sony CE agree he has been hacked they should allow him access to his games, someone should be ashamed of themselves.

This is now negative publicity, 1 lost PS4 sale is more than the loss of this stolen game price.

Definately Contact YOSP.

Is this what Windows XP's death throes look like?

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Re: Oh wow... - Keyboard & Mouse

Unfortunately for me it feels too much like the tools of work, rather than the tools of play.

For a lot of IT staff a console is a better bet because it is NOT a PC like they use at work all day. (Yes I know about graphics card, and yes my sons PCs graphics cards cost more than some basic PCs).

So sit at a desk all day using a PC, not so much fun to do the same for gaming.

So for me to slob out on the settee with a controller is relaxing, nothing to do with frames per second or resolution, but it is not like work.

Forum chat is like Clarkson punching you repeatedly in the face

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Re: Good riddance, I say

I get the feeling if someone punched Clarkson that he would have congratulated them.

Please remember it is not OK to punch anyone not called Piers Morgan

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: Discworld author finally gets to meet DEATH

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Re: Turtles all the way down

Raising Steam is pretty good, Humour is there, The writing style is slightly different. Not surprising, he was using speech recognition.

Better to go before all marbles have gone.

I am pleased that he avoided the worst bits and died peacefully at home with his family, and not with assistance.

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Was a shock

Saw it as headlines on BBC news site.

Great writer, sadly gone.

Look, no handsets: How to do telephony without a phone

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A few thoughts.

Is it JCB again?

Fruity phones, why did I think of Blackberry first?

Lost WHITE CITY of the MONKEY GOD found after 500 years

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Indy will arrive there to find that Nathan Drake has been and gone.

Forget 1,000 lashes for Facebook posts, Saudis now want to behead blogger Raif Badawi

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Women driving

They are still banned there, but a certain well liked and important woman made her view felt.

She took the last King for a drive around Balmoral.

And QE2 is not a slow driver!

Telly behemoths: Does size matter?

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This will give you a laugh

I am in my 50s and have had my own TV since the age of 20.

Apart from a Relisys monitor/TV I have only owned 4 TVs, 3 tube, 1 LCD. 2 cylindrical, 2 flat

Portable, big 4x3, big 16x9, big HDTV.

All were expensive for their size, all lasted well, all had excellent picture.

I bought the 4x3 when I lievd in a bedsit, the 16x9 when DTTV started as it was an IDTV, the HDTV not long after buying a PS3.

People thought I was mad spending £1200 on a 32" TV, but I bought ONE, not two or three, The picture was sublime, the tube flat fronted, DVD and DVB-T both near the best quality you could get. Ran it for 10 years until the tube started to fade in the corner, so dropped brightness by 1 and sold it for £50.

People kept telling me that tubes defocus and pictures get bad, but apart from a small amount of fade there was nothing else wrong, focus good.

I still think that FD Trinitron was the high point of tube TV design.

So yes I have bought expensive TVs, average of £2 a week, but how much to go to the cinema?

MJI Silver badge

46" diagonal vs 6x2 and 6x5

Great I can get a bigger TV!

MJI Silver badge

Colour TV

My dad also was an early adoptor, we had an early all transistor set not long after either Mendip or Ridge Hill went colour (can't remember which, but remembered we had two UHF aerials replacing a H aerial)

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Re: What's my size?

Now I am going to have to watch my 3 series of Star Trek I have on tape (Beta HiFi of course)!

Currently going through my Farscape DVDs and they look fine on my 46" HDTV.

To be honest a good SD image is much better than a poor HD image.

Das Boot looked excellent.

And I did pay a lot for a TV with really good upscaling.

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Re: What's my size?

Why do they need to function as furniture?

Isn't using a screen for some thing or another one of the main uses of a room?

I watch TV, not a lot, but I do, I game, I watch films. If I am reading does having a large screen TV stop me?


Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!

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Re: XP is fine and still supported

So I change OS

OK Win 7, I have to buy it and not run some stuff I currently can (why remove features?)

Mint. I can't run some stuff and have to replace some expensive software with shareware which may not be as easy to use (Video Editing in HD and BluRay burning)

XP does what I require, I do not run an OS for the OS sake but for the programmes.

RIP Leonard Nimoy: He lived long and prospered

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Re: Science Officer

They are patiently waiting for William Shatner, then I suppose they will be ready

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