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UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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Re: The encryption horse is free

I know of quite a few centre right voters who liked the coalition moving their votes from one of them to the other.

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Re: Clueless govt...

May party - want our data.

Labour - want our data.

I know how I am voting now, and it is not those two.

Theresa May is the reason I will not vote for her party. Both Corbyn and the previous ID cards shite for his.

Better say it again.

I prefered Cameron, Milliband and Clegg to May, Corbyn and Farron.

PayPal peed off about Pandora's 'P' being mistaken for its 'PP'

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Re: Flog them!

Lots I can think of

Overpriced Jewellery, Goooogle obsessed with them

An EM2 electric loco, built in 1950s, sold to the Dutch

Adrian Moles Crush

A very hostile planet, full of vaults

A moon around Saturn

A planet inhabited by giant Smurfs

A box

A lovely Inn in Cornwall

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Actually seems a valid moan

FIlled in, similar colour.

Lot more similarities than some which have been moaned at.

I suppose Gearbox sued them for trying a Vault symbol and the other Pandora when they tried pinching theirs.

Do we need Windows patch legislation?

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Re: "If they had included 16 bit support in 64 bit"

The applications were written in a big selling database compiler and the best database for it used native DOS IPX, there was no IP layer in DOS.

It used NETBIOS to talk to a Windows IP interlayer to talk to the server with IP, this worked perfectly with 2000 and XP, 98 we used IPX as 99% of the servers then were NETWARE.

MSes aggresive attack on Novell caused all customers to go Windows server, and MSes depreciation of IPX forced the tool we used.

Search for ADSDOSIP and Windows 7.

And the server engine can work with all Windows languages I have come across, so at least data is safe.

The graphics mode though this was games mainly, I remember Wolf3D.

As to AMD removing 16 bit support, why not leave in for Intel and let them use it as an advertising feature. It would be nice to allow my home PC to run my favourite text editor in 7 (64) as well as XP (32).

Mind you I raised a laugh today when a customer asked us to check the specification for a server and I said my 10 year old XP PC is more than twice as powerful.

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Out of interest.

Do any of these OSes replacements REMOVE features these have?

Are their replacements fit for the purpose?

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Re: All products have a support life

But MS have forced the adoption of XP past its natural life.

THEIR fault not the customers.

I don't know about anyone else, but you buy an operating system to run programs.

If they kill off things we keep using OSes that run them.

As mentioned many many times before.

Vista killed full screen command prompt (VGA DOS programs) and 7 32bit NETBIOS.

If they had included 16 bit support in 64 bit, and kept NETBIOS, and still allowed full screen VGA mode applications we would have seen XP go sooner.

We have had customers FDISKing Vista and 7 PCs to use XP to run older programs.

Blighty's buying another 17 F-35s, confirms the American government

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Re: I'm in the mood for being a downvote magnet

"""The F35 is intended to be everything to everybody."""

"Yes it is. But when did that ever actually work? (Other than finding out by need or accident that 'hey, look, it was only designed to do this, but it can also do that'?)"

DH Mosquito

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Re: ...set in stone...

Like the first Harrier RADAR?

Since Blue Fox was not ready they use Blue Circle to get the weight distribution correct.

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Re: Odd choices upon odd choices

A modernised one of these would have been a good choice for our carriers.

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Re: civilian Intercept

>>Good luck sending an Airbus A-3xx up to intercept an SU-22

No it would take a different model within the Airbus family, if they allow them to fly again.

I think only a Lightning could escape, the English Electric version.

Why Microsoft's Windows game plan makes us WannaCry

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Why is XP still being used?

Because MS have been stripping features from newer versions.

Two which have personally annoyed me


Full screen Command prompt

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT

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Just SAS them then.

MJI Silver badge


Why would we want to?

Without leaving the contintent we can have plenty of brilliant cars.

Why buy a US generic big saloon when you can drive a BMW, Mercedes or Jaguar?

Why buy a US 4x4 when the best are made in Solihull?

Sports cars, hello Italy

Then there are the grand tourers, hatches, estate cars, so many decent ones available.

No need to go to Yankland

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GCHQ Cricket Bats

Use to know people who worked there.

A very competent group.

MJI Silver badge

Sod cricket bats

Send the SAS.

With cricket bats!

Try not to scream: Ads are coming to Amazon's Alexa – and VR goggles

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Re: Why Do They Persist....

Actually Tesco toilet paper is not bad value.

usually stock up when cheap

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Quality ads

From the likes of Ridley Scott as well no less

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Re: Adverts on Star Trek?

That is what I said!

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Re: conflicted on the VR one

Product Placement. Two sides to this. Can be fine, can be annoying. Depends on usage.

Some video games get flack for this. Seen some people moan about Uncharted 4.

Why can't Nathan Drake own a Sony phone?

Why can't Elena FIsher own a PS1?

Perhaps because ND is owned by Sony. But needs a phone, why not use own make.

But then in The Last of Us EVERY games console in a house or shop was a PS3. But that was not an advert nor product placement as to play the game you needed one. I wonder if it was because there would be no copywrite issues.

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Adverts on Star Trek?

Never seen any.

But then saw them on BBC

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Re: Why Do They Persist....

>>You really think that Meercats have done nothing to alter where people buy car insurance and Labrador >>puppies what they wipe with?

But they do not advertise A-Plan Insurance nor Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue.

Drugs, vodka, Volvo: The Scandinavian answer to Britain's future new border

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What a hassle

Anyway I thought this vote was to leave the EU, not leave customs union, nor single market, nor ECHR.

But this lot of jokers have decided we are.

But the British are like the internet, makes things more expensive or more difficult and we will work around it.

Italian F-35 facility rolls out its first STOVL stealth fighter

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That took the British to achieve

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Engines & Turkey do we need to?

Just thinking about this, do we need the engines?

I am sure we could fund a British jet engine manufacturer to produce one, or even a European consortium.

It is not like we do not know what to do.

Just remember the most hours supersonic belong to a British France collaberation.

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Re: Finmeccanica


Wasn't the boiler Polish?

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Re: a train that could actually go faster than 40 km/h in winter[

Really cold and snowy

Well back in the early 80s we had quite a bit of snow and trouble with some trains.

Snow compacted into traction motors dropping a loco to three of them, but it still managed OK on its trailing bogie. Got over 25mph anyway (40km/h).

Next train was OK. I got to my destination.

Not sure if same year or previous or next same trip a loco took full advantage. Must have been at least 10% up on power due to the cold, went like shit off a shovel!

Hackers emit 9GB of stolen Macron 'emails' two days before French presidential election

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Re: So, just another day in the office...?

Privacy is not a left right trait but a authortarian/libertarian trait.

We have had both left and right try to take it off us.

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Re: They did invade Crimea


A very difficult history here, I think it is best for the rest of world to keep out of it and let the former Communist block countries sort it out.

It was Russian, then Ukrainian, now Russian.

Are the people there happy?

What do they want?

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Re: What a load of guff

In the UK if you think the UK is better off in the EU you have lost your place.

Try being of centre right anti authortarian persuasion.*

Now a bit stuffed.

Basically in the gap between Lib Dem and Conservative.

* This means

1) Leave me alone, stop checking everything I do, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

2) Do not take everything in tax.

3) Do not micro manage.

4) Allow businesses to make money so they can employ people and pay out to their shareholders####

BUT control in form of

1) Do not allow businesses to rip us off.

2) Provide a safety net.

#### Shareholders = everyones pension funds

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Re: So, just another day in the office...?

>>Quite a few on the Right, Farage, (Fortuyn, Wilders, van Gogh, Le Pen, Trump.)

That is not right wing, that is the nutjob list.

I would not compare any of those to Cameron, Major, or Thatcher.

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it

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I was annoyed when

My wife decided she had to join as I was very happy to have www.facebook.com in my HOSTS

When someone could just leave a link to their faceache profile on a forum and it actually goes there and pulls in shit I thought I was justified.

I then knew it was privacy hell. Also I am not a Yank uni kid.

US copyright law shake-up: Days of flinging stuff on the web and waiting for a DMCA may be over

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I have had a video been pulled from you tube

In car footage, car radio music.

Yes, not the reason for the video, but incendantal noises in my car.

Makes me want to pirate everything by that publisher!

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors

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Re: Hmm, bugger off, government. I didn't elect you, and I don't respect you

May vs Leadsom ughhhhhhhh

Pity no one ever gave Ken Clarke a go.

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Robin Hood Bombing - Doncaster Sheffield

What is at Doncaster Sheffield Airport?

A bomber!


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Re: Law of Unintended Consequences

Shut post offices.

last time we had a Labour MP this was his acheivement.

Shutting post offices

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Re: Only one question

Local <> national

So you could vote Bean locally and Alice nationally (if he wasn't a Yank).

Local elections, I voted for the only candidate who lived in the ward.

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Re: Hmm, bugger off, government. I didn't elect you, and I don't respect you

ID Cards and surveilance were a good reason to kick out Browns lot in 2010.

Just a pity Cameron chose an authortarian nut job for Home Secretary.

Remember there are a lot of people who want economic competence with small government who let us live in peace, but we are neglected.

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Re: Hmm, bugger off, government. I didn't elect you, and I don't respect you

You think that all Conservative voters like May?

Actually many do not and are either abstaining or LibDemming this election. However kippers will be boosting Mays vote. Younger ones who remember Brown and then the Coalition are very happy to go LibDem. Seems quite common among the late teens early 20s. They even understand the tuition fee issue.

See the bit about David Cameron and 45 minute walk and chat vs locked in a room away from Theresa May.


This was just top link, seen it in other places as well.

I know it is unfashionable but I liked all 3 main party leaders last election. I thought Cameron was the best for the job then, but Clegg and Milliband were OK. Actually Clegg did pretty well as Deputy PM despite being the minor party with only partial influence.

I am not sure if it would be wise to compare May to the secret Police ranks, but May is an authortarian nut job and Corbyn a CND loving old fool with no clue. Farron, well he seems to have no image.

Dark-web pedo jailed after FBI and co use vid trick to beat privacy tech

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Re: Unidentified foreign law enforcement agency?

Targeted vs everyone

Control the server to get the users is much more effective than spying on everyone

Windows 10 S forces Bing, Edge on your kids. If you don't like it, get Win10 Pro – Microsoft

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Re: A few thoughts of mine.

When I stuck W7 on my XP & Linux box it kept saying put 10 on, did not want it.

Then had to unplug all the other HDDs to install.

Took 2 days to install updates as well, with the other drives unplugged.

What a faff!

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Re: A few thoughts of mine.

So if it can't run WIN32 can we use sales of goods act over them calling it Windows?

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Re: Forty Quid

Different, regions, ages, countries, different slang.

So hence no idea.

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Re: "free from a MSDN disc from work."

Free from the internet, Completely legal. Linux Mint Cinnamon

MSDN CD, well they told me I had to move from XP, and it was sitting around not being used.

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Forty Quid

That is how much I pay for a video game I hope to get many hours of enjoyment out of. 40p per hour is OK.

Drinks - that is too much, how much are your paying?

Meal for 1 - too much again

cig - not sure on the value of a 4CIG EMU I am afraid but scrap value is a lot.

Knee trembler - no idea what it is even.

Operating systems, I do not know if I have ever paid for one. Free with PC?, free from internet, free from a MSDN disc from work.

I would say the MSDN disc one was a nightmare to update and install, it hated all my exisiting drives, the free from internet one was much easier, and more well behaved.

So I may have paid for XP as it was on the PC, but I don't think it was that much.

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A few thoughts of mine.

Q) Why do people run Windows?

A) To run applications.

Q) Why Windows over anything else?

A) WIN32.

That is it, the ONLY reason to run a Windows OS over anything else is the best WIN32 support there is, and of course also WIN64. But WIN32 is the important one.

Who cares about app stores and the like?

The simple question is.

Can it run all of my WIN32 software?

If yes OK

If no FDISK and install something useful.

Windows 10 S: Good, bad, and how this could get ugly for PC makers

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7 is better

My sons school uses it, triple boot with a Penguin and part eaten apple.

They use the flag waving OS all the time and never use the other two.

How would you pronounce 'Cyxtera'?

MJI Silver badge

Inhale pepper

And sneeze, that is near enough

BOFH: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back

MJI Silver badge

I was right

They were training him

Waiter? There's a mouse in my motherboard and this server is greasy!

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Re: In a complete about face...

We have to know.

What did you do with it?

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