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Defra recruiting 1,400 policy wonks to pick up the pieces after Brexit

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Re: brexit cost

1 no 2 no 3 no

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From what I have read and seen

The people they need are not fans of the exit and would like it to fail.

The cheek of it! Beach bar owner shoots nude bather in the booty

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Re: Could have been worse

Personally I am not keen on jokes about being polydactyly as my mum had a mild anti sickness medicine and I was lucky that it was not thalidomide, so too many rather than not enough.

Not offended but it ain't fun.

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Re: It may have bounced off

This may have happened hence no more reports.

Depends on angle and distance.

Same weapon could take out a small animal, blind someone, or just sting.

Air gun pellets are like that.

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It may have bounced off

Pellets do not always break the skin.

HBO Game Of Thrones leak: Four 'techies' arrested in India

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Re: The books are usually better.

I remember they used Harriers.

And it was a really bad film.

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I might watch it sometime

I have a huge back log of legal stuff.

But how much do they expect me to pay per episode!

Is it really worth £100 to watch legally?

Not even watched the first one yet, do I torrent or pay Amazon?

Bit of advice, make first few free and drop the price.

Read IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's letter to staff: Why I walked from Trump's strategy forum

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I could not have done that comittee

I would have spent the entre time punching Trump in the face.

A glimpse of life under President Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO's boffins censor awkward Q&A

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Re: Help make FakeBook the next MySpace....

I know, he has a good laugh about it.

Still don't think much of Zuckerberg!

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Re: Help make FakeBook the next MySpace....

No I see an irritating twerp.

Carver is a young unwalnutty Turdoch

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What is the use of a Zuckerberg anyway?

Why compare him to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos?

Both of those have achieved more.

Elon Musk is definately more intelligent.

Jeff Bezos has a much more usefull product.

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Re: Help make FakeBook the next MySpace....

Musk is definately Bond Villain not demonic warlord.

White cat.

Volcano base

Yes Bond Villain.

She's arrived! HMS Queen Lizzie enters Portsmouth Naval Base

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Re: Genuine question

Easier to stop and land, then it is to land then stop

Blighty’s beloved Big Ben bell ends, may break Brexit bargain

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Another one

Mail has always seemed a bit bonkers.

I would love a paper which was fun to read but printed the truth and was reasonably politically independant.

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talk about a fall

Many years ago Express was half decent, actually readable, then it got Desmonded.

Now it is a xenophobic, racist, hate rag which is not even soft enough for bottom usage.

It is no the Internet killing newspapers, it is turning them into hate rags like the Express.

Best to use for lighting your fire.

Official: Windows for Workstations returns in Fall Creators Update

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Re: Windows 10 is currently getting on my nerves

Tried those no difference unfortunately.

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Re: Getting issues, why downvotes?

This latest update is hanging reliable software, so why down vote someone having genuine issues with Windows 10?

4 PCs we have seen have issue All latest update Windows 10.

I suppose downvoting someone with issues is easier than fixing it.

As before all OK XP to 8.1 and before we used some newer libraries was OK on 2000 and NT as well.

And yes we are looking at a rewrite to go platform neutral.

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Re: Windows 10 is currently getting on my nerves

Longest path around 20 characters

Been using Process Explorer to examine in detail and this gave.

One machine the 32 bit spooler, or NTDLL.DLL.

Another machine process explorer locked up.

But the 7 PCs just keep working reliably.

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Windows 10 is currently getting on my nerves

Take an executable

XP runs perfectly

7 runs perfectly

8 runs perfectly

8.1 runs perfectly

10 locks up a few times a day, something to do with NTDLL.DLL

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Re: But as a Play Station...

Take the space out and play Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn

Old Firefox add-ons get 'dead man walking' call

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My dealbreaker is

The GUI, so if it has those silly rounded tabs and cannot be replaced, I will replace the browser instead and goodbye FF.

Tech giants warp eco standards to greenwash electronics, rake in cash

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Green laws can make it worse.

Notably the leaded solder ban.

How many things have you bought since leaded solder was banned which would have not failed if leaded solder was used?

(Lots of X360/PS3 owners put their hands up).

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

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We are in IT

and should be more scientific


Google diversity memo: Web giant repudiates staffer's screed for 'incorrect assumptions about gender'

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Just employ most suitable candidates

And stop following quotas.

If 6 legged martians are most suitable so be it.

Gender, age and race should have no bearing on the jib, but skills should.

Also why should an able candidate be disqualified due to their gender or skin colour?

Ofcom: Blighty has devolved into a nation of unwashed binge-streaming mole people

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Re: Eastenders

I am just going to wait for them to finish the series then binge watch the lot!

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I now have a new rule.

I only watch something with no channel logos, so down to 2 or 3 TV channels and streaming.

I still have plenty to watch.

BBC1HD, BBC2HD and the whole of Amazon Prime.

Saves getting annoyed at channel logos and gives me more time for interesting things.

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I actualy prefer binge watching, some shows make more sense that way, 2 or 3 in a day.

On S5 currently of Walking Dead, one a week would be too confusing, much easier to watch a few.

S6 is now free, not sure if to pay or wait for S7.

Now Lost, was good in the beginning, but after the hijacking I had to use TPBTV and it was not good enough for the effort to watch it. (Download, convert, copy, watch).

Stopped when people kept turning a wheel in a hole and I realised it was rubbish!

Uber drivers game Uber's system like Uber games the entire planet

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I would like......

A box fitted that ahocked the driver in the nuts when they do not signal at roundabouts.

2 roundabouts in a row, Uber sign on door, did not signal at all, twat!

The Telegraph has killed Prince Philip

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Re: What a pity, these German impostors are not dead yet!

Ginger comes from the Spencer side, his humour comes from his Great Grandfather, who probably laughed at the obituary.

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Re: House of Lords

Advantages of non elected people in positions of power.

They are in it for the long game, not just the next election.

So this means that the Lords have to do what is best for the UK and not the government.

The Queen also holds a lot of power. She can sack the government, and the military swear allegiance to her.

This does mean we could never get an extremist government as all the Monarch has to say is to order her Generals to take the cabinet to the tower.

Sputtering bit-blasters! IBM's just claimed densest tape ever record

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Who did most work?

Sony or IBM?

Creditors urge Toshiba to consider bankruptcy – reports

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They need it and it serves them right.

They are in my shit list for cancelling a film I wanted to see in the format I wanted and forcing me to pirate it.

Yes the HDDVD debacle, and yes I did email the company and say I downloaded from Pirate Bay, copied it to the hard drive on my PS3 and watched it from there, because they cancelled the BluRay due to Toshiba bribery.

Yes I did watch quite a few HDDVD rips where no BluRay like this.

Apple removes VPN apps in China as Russia's Putin puts in the boot with VPN banlaw

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Think when you vote

Do not vote for extremist parties.

They keep trying though, but May seems to be suceeding unfortunately.

Uneasy rest the buttocks on the iron throne. Profits plunge 14% at Sky UK and Ireland

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They have nothing but sports

Which they are slowly killing.

To be honest Amazon Prime and Netflix are MUCH better value.

I am managing fine just watching BBC channels and Amazon Prime. Just dropped C4 due to logos.

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Re: THe Real Reason

F1 Used to watch every race, now not seen one since BBC news put results up before they showed the race.

Cricket, I have no idea on who any of the current lot are except a local player as he is on local news sites.

Pay TV is killing sport long term.

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff

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Re: Betamax myth again...

There was always a quality advantage with Beta.

I have owned a few top end Beta decks and they are definately better than Vhs.

Head to head more than once.

Differences are more pronounced with editing and a third generation Beta is better than a second generation Vhs. In this comparison this was a mix of Sony & Sanyo vs Panasonic or JVC kit.

Test cards, Beta decks tend to manage one more frequency box than Vhs.

Portable use, how come so many JVC cameras (a very nice one) ended up paired with Sony recorders (the best on the market at the time, the SLF1 was a better performing deck than the Panasonic NV180)?

Beta definately out performed Vhs, on luminance resolution, colour resolution, deck control (with early 80s direct drive F1 & C9), noise levels were similar, sound comes down to deck and tape more than format, but Beta linear stereo was not good!

MJI Silver badge

I use

Firefox with Classic Theme Restorer and do not like Chrome, for a start where is the search box?

Oh and my video recorders came from the factories of Sony and Sanyo as well. 1 portable and 2 HiFi sound, well those are 2 VCRs which can be identified and a 3rd guessable.

US vending machine firm plans employee chip implant scheme

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Employee indentitifaction.

Rather than hand out cards, why not employ people who know who they are?

What use is someone who has to carry a card on a string just to know who they are?

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10

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I have back installed Vista paint on W7 at work as it has menus unlike the W7 version.

So W10 is falling?

Not surprised.

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

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How about this for making money by tax?

Cannabis fluid for vapers.

Not skunk but the ordinary stuff.

Think of the tax money

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Re: One has to wonder who is paying those guys off

I would ban egg sandwiches from the work place.

Horrid stinky things!

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I hate smoking, horrible stinky habit, good for killing grand parents.

Vaping is a good ecape route from it.

I would rather have vapers around than smokers.

BUT. No overblown smells please, I am not a fan of strong perfumes either.

Also anything that weakens the smoking industry is good.

Another Brexit cliff edge: UK.gov warned over data flows to EU

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Re: "The potential downside of not getting this right is very serious,"

"Maybe you should talk to people outside your normal circle of acquanintances?"

Funny but a lot of them voted remain, but of the leavers about 50% thought about it and thought it was a good idea. The other 50% were f**kwits.

This includes some relatives, one particular uncle is really embarrasing about it.

Are they one of my downvoters?

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Re: "The potential downside of not getting this right is very serious,"

"If you voted to leave you are a) a moron of massive proportions and/or b) a massive xenophobic racist".

Well from my experience about 50% of them are.

Jodie Who-ttaker? The Doctor is in

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The writing has always been variable, but not sure on the new show runner.

RTD did a good relaunch and Moffat did a good takeover.

Some new Who episodes are classics (Blink, the castle one with Capaldi).

Actors variable, Tom Baker still favourite despite starting with Jon Pertwee.

But the last few all worked though. Only odd ones were Tristian Farnon and Silvester McCoy, (not bad, but odd), got to give it to Peter Capaldi to be the Doctor despite a biggish name.

As to woman been there done that with Missie.

However I am not that bothered, more concerned if I will actualy like it. Will it be like the best of the original, the best of RTD, the best of SM, or like the worth of?

Or will it be completely different, I have seen that launch trailer and definatley a bit worried. Style, not keen on.

Nearly three-quarters of convicted TV Licence non-payers are women

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How can they make a profit from it?

Repeated visits and letters, loads of them, to homes not yet occupied. New builds or rentals not yet rented are being pelted with them, no occupants, no TVs.

Just two I know of.

IETF moves meeting from USA to Canada to dodge Trump travel ban

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Re: 3 presidents and the war on tourists must continue until the last one is stamped out.

Didn't May say the same in Wales?

Eggheads identify the last animal that will survive on Earth until the Sun dies

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I thought the last surviving organism would have been

Richard Hammond

Red car of course, not on fire

May the excessive force be with you: Chap cuffed after Star Trek v Star Wars row turns bloody

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Which Enterprise?

_ and A would do it,

D would walk it

Defiant would absolutely destroy it.

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Re: No contest

SAAB was actually pretty good, I just wanted series 2

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