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BBC Telly Tax petition given new Parliament debate date

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Re: Sigh

>> The problem I have with the BBC is it is run by twats who were appointed by twats.

Cohen has gone!

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Re: Sigh

Very strange comment about Destiny 2 but every player I have come across has ported their Destiny characters across.

I do not know of anyone after the PC version.

Everyone I know is on the PS4 or XB1.

Oh and they do pay a % to MS and Sony as well.

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Re: high % women?

Pumping the heat from the fridge to the oven.

The axeman strikes again: Microsoft has real commitment issues

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W10 next?

I would like that, make my job a LOT easier

Thomas the Tank Engine lobotomised by fat (remote) controller

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Re: What's that Skip?

Don't think they run those there.

I think it is only the UK with those inflicted on us.

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Are they DC or DCC?

We need to know!

Ex-sperm-inate! Sam the sex-droid 'heavily soiled' in randy nerd rampage

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Some companies will need to get ready for litigation.

Especially companies like Disney Pixar.

It seems there are a lot of adult obsessives, according to a Disney fan quite a few adults pay for advance tickets to hug people dressed up as characters.

They would pay a fortune for a doll like the Frozen princesses, or even the snowman (with snowballs).

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New product from our favourite Saturday Night TV presenter

New from NTV industries are a new pair of sex droids.

Both are round, pink with yellow spots.

Male is large downstairs and goes "Blobby Blobby Blobby" as it simulates an orgasm.

Female goes "Blobby" on every thrust.

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What I think the market will be.

Not of women and men but of stuff not normally found.

Aliens, and not of the Star Trek type.

Female dolls with male bits.

Male dolls with female bits.


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Re: This is how the robo-lution starts...

I though it was all the downtrodden CL4P-TP units protesting.

Start chanting now

Clap trap clap trap clap trap clap trap clap trap clap trap clap trap clap trap

And so on

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I could imagine

All sticky and smelly.

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Am I alone in prefering to play games with stuff I cannot do in real life rather than can?

Done the real baby stuff (x3) now have one which will join me in shooting aliens in the face!

Commodore 64 makes a half-sized comeback

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If a USB keyboard require no sale

Commodore keyboards were good.

WIll it support the short cut commands to save RAM?

Ofcom head Sharon White slams 5G hold-up in spectrum auction

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What is currently at 3.4?

Looks like amateur radio may be a victim

Playboy founder and dressing-gown wearer Hugh Hefner dead at 91

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In a newsagents I once saw

Someone hiding their w@nkmag inside a Sun so they would not be seen buying it.

They did pay as I was behind them.

I would be more embarrassed buying a Sun.

I can still remember what I bought but not which issue.

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I once knew someone who bought a copy

All I can remember was there was a TVR article.

And I never managed to get hold of his copy to read it.

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I had a panic at one article

Heff had died, I thought it was Hoff

I panicked was Michael Knight dead?

Phew he isn't

EasyJet: We'll have electric airliners within the next decade

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Re: It's cold up there.

Last time I went to Cosford

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door to door electric for the Southampton/Edinburgh

3rd rail to London, tube to Kings Cross, IC225 to Edinburgh

Electric all the way

Bing fling sting: Apple dumps Microsoft search engine for Google

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One use only for MS search engine

They bought multimap, multimap had OS mapping.

swaps to a German tin plate URL now though, but OS is still there.



So when did MS buy them?

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Re: What happened to all the older search engines?

Yes but it used to be +

More to the point why does it think that not including my search term is more relevant?


20 pages of shopping sites, then some real sites.

I am sure there is less usefull content on the internet now.

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What happened to all the older search engines?

With wildcard searches + and - worked.

Being able to do <randompartword>* was usefull and returned a good list of sites where the randompartword was important.

Google is getting painfull

word 1 is common word 2 is rare

Google search

site 1 lots of blah

Underneath word 2 is crossed out

and so on down the search

So put in + in front

No it looks for +word 2 not YOU MUST HAVE WORD 2

Search engines, I despair, all shopping sites now

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It is a German tinplate toy company

Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck

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Re: I'd trust the build quality

Ours is at least a decade old

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I can already see the styling.

Colour scheme of grey and purple. Rear wheels are large and grey, front wheels hidden under the body work, large transparent passenger compartment with curved front.

Roof is purple.

See DC08

Microsoft reveals details of flagship London store within spitting distance from Apple's

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You can have games there as well.


'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google

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Re: Because It's Not Google

No Hoover make toasters

And yes for ages I wondered why people put their carpets in toasters.

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Re: Because It's Not Google

Beinfg old enough to use internet pre Google, I search for stuff, using a search engine.

Which search engine depends on annoyingness or lack of

Scottish pensioners rage at Virgin cabinet blocking their view

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I am going to have to look at that one

I wonder if they want me to pull it away

It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower

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Re: Bill Gates....

Managing a server withiout a GUI was easy.

Start the database server was as simple as

LOAD ADS<enter>

Stopping it


it was so easy!

Just used RCONSOLE

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Re: A serious question. Normal I think vision

Except for my colour palette. May just be typical male.

I cannot tell the difference between pastel shades they all look the same to me, light blue, light green ect.

So when I see light grey and lighter grey I cannot actually see what it there (Google maps is a prime example).

So as far as I am concerned there are about 15 or so usable colours, and that a lot of the pastel shades would be the same.

But I have no problems with photos and the like.

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Re: Personally, Bad Handling, Ricochet

Didn't stop Ford with the Escort Abysmal*, loads of bad feedback, got slated for terrible handling.

* AFAIR Quentin Wilson

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Re: Personally (Car park)

I have a towing strop.

Tie strop around barrier, pull it off.

Saves farting about.

Why is it that geeks' favourite enemies are... other geeks?

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Re: I have come across some

Hmm 3 downvotes looks like I upset Gates, Ballmer and Nadella!

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I have come across some

The heated discussions between FoxPro users and Clipper developers.

Later the open warfare between NT Server and Netware supporters*

* I actually relished telling customers their software is now slower because they downgraded their server operating system. MS never mentioned the half speed file access over Netware.

Terry Pratchett's unfinished works flattened by steamroller

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What a way to do it.

I liked the idea, the fun, the way of doing it.

Read most of his books, (75% to 80%), still need to read a few to complete the set, (missed a few in the middle).

But I did notice a style change on the last few though, Raising Steam felt like it was cowritten.

The Shepherds Crown was a great finish to his series, very poignant.

Not sure where I saw the film though, the one with David Jason, as I never had Sky. But he seemed too old to be RIncewind.

But better no more books than half written and badly finished books.

The only thing I would have wanted would be if the characters were ones we knew, would they have been OK.

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Re: At least we have been spared...

To be honest completely ruined by Britt Alcrofts terrible post Awdry scripts.

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired

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Re: How does this work on my CRT TV?

My last CRT TV had a couple of over the air updates, but the first few involved an engineer visiting and installing them. Then I received a car with it on, then they managed over the air.


Changes to specification of UK DVB-T broadcasts in early days

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Re: I'm an old fashioned guy

My TV is slightly thick, OK an early smart one with no applications.

Runs on Linux.

Not networked, no point.

My smart source is a games console, now that has the grunt to handle anything thrown at it, and will also be supported past end of manufacture (because there are over 60 million out there).

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Re: JVC UK TVs - Matsui by another name?

That is nasty

Good way to wreck your business name

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Re: Go Samsung!

LG is always and for ever be Lucky Goldstar

JVC are also part of Matsushita, but Panasonic is supposed to be better.

I have also only owned 5 TVs in my life, and apart from a LCD monitor/TV all are/were Sony. Portable, big screen, digital wide screen, large LCD panel.

Fancy talking to SAP about your indirect licensing concerns? Straw poll says no

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SAP lack of support

We use a product aquired by them and since their acquisition the support has gone to toilet.

Used to have seminars and regular new versions. But since SAP bought the company nothing.

Even the developers have been let go.

Oldest flying 747 finally grounded, 47 years after first flight

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Re: Spinal Tap (inspired) Airways

I like the BAe146

Germans force Microsoft to scrap future pushy Windows 10 upgrades

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10 is not fit for purpose

Looks crap

Reliable .exes become unreliable causing support issues.

Printing layout issues requiring recompilation of the report writers code (if you have it.)

Random hangs of the OS on itself.

Then annoyances on the GUI, why does start menu bring up little pictures of random rubbish, where is there something called a Store running?

Why is everything sorted strangely?

I am currently on 7 (due to getting over powered PC when 7 was current), but absolutley dreading having to have Windows 10, I see the problems other users in the office are having and sitting here wondering if I can get my PC to last another 12 years.

I just know I will be a nightmare to the hardware maintenance company when I am finally punished.

Daily Stormer booted off internet again, this time by Namecheap

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Re: Private businesses do not have to deal with them

I suspect that not linking to a Nazi site will help their business more than linking to it.

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Private businesses do not have to deal with them

His business, his rules.

If he doesn't want to connect to them he is within his rights not to.

Especially if it would hurt his business.

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

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My best ever work mobile


UK.gov is hiring IT bods with skills in ... Windows Vista?!

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Vista had an upgrade path


I say, BING DONG! Microsoft's search engine literally cocks up on front page for hours

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Re: Aye, that'll be right!

Well it has hijacked multimap.

Defra recruiting 1,400 policy wonks to pick up the pieces after Brexit

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Re: brexit cost

1 no 2 no 3 no

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