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Killzone 3

MJI Silver badge

I'm getting this and using Move

Quite soon, I played the multiplayer Beta - that was fun.

I will advise using and getting used to Move, on this game it is excellent, I noticed there was no mention in the review of Move. Pity as this is a USP on this game, it just works really well.

Also I will admit i prefer the Helgast to the ISA - it is those accents.

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

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Ann's Were

Last year had some from there - were not very good.

Rowes were a lot better.

Had them before and were nice so don't know what happened.

My dad is from Lizard.

MJI Silver badge

That's me stuffed

Grand parents are a mix of Cornish and Devonish.

Ancestors include Brixham trawler crews, Cornish gardeners, Coastguards, and we are still investigating a few.

MJI Silver badge

Last holiday

Got some last year from the factory - not far on from Asda towards Penryn.

Asda pasties were nice as well I found in Cornwall - well it was from a Rowes counter.

Came back home laden with cider as well.

MJI Silver badge

Yes it is a pasty

So it is VERY serious.

Do not diss the pasty.

MJI Silver badge


Or anti pasty

Sorry Pasty beats Antipasty

MJI Silver badge

Often no alternative available.

This is why they sell. They are in all the garages.

MJI Silver badge


I have ate loads crimped along the top and they were definately the real article. Both cooks were Cornish born (Helford River area).

BTW carrots are a no-no

MJI Silver badge

But only in Cornwall

Everyone else would drop

MJI Silver badge

Don't depress me

Not down to Falmouth until end of May.

MJI Silver badge

Pork Farms Pasties

They are just disgusting hence my Alien quip!

MJI Silver badge

Rowes are nice

Had a lot last holiday.

How about relative made pasties?

Or Cornish owned chain bakers like the late lamented Falmouth Pasty Co?

MJI Silver badge

Still better than a lot

Of the mass market, mass produced pasties I am afraid that Ginsters is the best you will get.

If you don't believe me try a Pork Farms.

Alien as I think Pork Farms make pasties out of them.

Moderate boozing good for your heart: Official

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I think it improves circulation

Also relaxes you.

Less stress.

Easier to pump blood in relaxed blood vessels.

MJI Silver badge


This is about what I drink anyway

BMW says 'i' aye to EV and hybrid car

MJI Silver badge

Or you ate it?

That is what I thought

Exhibition to applaud videogames as art

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That is why I chose SotC

I went by art rather than gameplay.

MJI Silver badge

Same here

As an Orange box fan (via Steam) I wanted to vote for both, same problem I had with PS3 games. (But that was easy to choose)

How do you choose?

I went for HL2 but now I think I should have gone for Portal.

MJI Silver badge

Painfull voting

I wanted to vote for Uncharted 2 and Little Big Planet, sorry Sackboy, UC2 is the most art like of the lot

UK set top maker set to gain from Latin America pay TV surge

MJI Silver badge

And I have a Pace PVR which will soon fail

Already a right PITA with turning it on and off. But come DSO scrap time.

I took it on holiday to a DSO region and it didn't record anything. And Pace support are not interested.

Will be replaced by a Humax very soon.

MJI Silver badge

UK sells to South America and

we buy from Korea.

funny really.

Fifa, Uefa lose free-to-view footie challenge

MJI Silver badge

That reminded me

Unfortunately I forgot to follow the WRC after the triple things of brain tumour, helicopter crash (RIP to both) and the ruining of the RAC rally.

I think I last saw it on an ITV channel.

MJI Silver badge

Don't worry

The car makers do not want F1 on pay TV they and Bernie INSIST it is shown on free to air TV.

If it is not shown, the public will not see the cars and the team sponsors.

The Doctor Who Experience

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Lots of reasons

As above nostalga, but there is none from the young children watching now.

How about a well written family drama with good production values and a lot of fantasy and SF elements.

As to quality of writing 2007 2008 Hugo awards winner for starters.

MJI Silver badge

How much!

Shows I haven't been many places recently.

For a family of 5 not that cheap.

Also for that much I would expect to be shown around by the Moff!

Actually that would be worth it!

Ten... over-ear headphones

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Nice to see them get top, I have a cheap pair with my Walkman and they are fantastic.

Mine are over ear open ones.

May promises £63m for cybercrime fight

MJI Silver badge

Ok who instantly thought of James?

When I saw the headlines my first thought was "What did this have to do with James May?", then I thought not Brian either - then realised Teresa.


Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

MJI Silver badge

There are other good channels

Freesat 108 109

Freeview 9 15 80

Most of what we record are on 108 and 109

MJI Silver badge

I hate logos and they drop viewing figures

I used to watch a lot of C5 during their dogless period, now I don't even watch the Gadget Show and that was the last one I did.

Poor channel, knows how to annoy viewers.



MJI Silver badge

I'll stick with Motorstorm

Nail'd sounds pretty poor.

We have all of the Motorstorms, now they are a really good offroad racer.

I like the Patriot Rodeo, Monarch Claymore (a Bowler), the blue tanker lorry (Hydroaid?)

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

MJI Silver badge

No more Nokia

We have had company Nokias for a few years, currently an X6.

Looks like we will have to go elsewhere at contract renewal.

Perhaps it will be Android time

Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'

MJI Silver badge

Sun readers- oxymoron

can they actually read?

'Tree Octopus' proves journos no smarter than 13-year-old Americans

MJI Silver badge

Running on water

I have seen trains running on it - they have large tanks for the stuff

MJI Silver badge

Tree octopus

We all know they live on a Pacific island and don't let them think you are a coconut!

Britain takes delivery of first Nissan e-cars

MJI Silver badge

You can buy a proper Nissan for that

370Z for similar money

Skyline for quite a bit less to £10,000 more

Half a GT-R

Can I have the funding for two please and get a GT-R

Aussie advertisers call for more bloat in web ads

MJI Silver badge

Yes occasionally watch live

Sometimes you catch up, sometimes while skipping you see an interesting advert.

Or children are watching CITV.

It does happen even if you have 3 PVRs.

MJI Silver badge

Ads are responsible for their own demise.

I am not bothered by non animated banner ads and have been known to visit the sites (specialist forums). But a few years ago I was forced to start blocking them.

1) Popup adverts covering the site - kill them.

2) Huge ads taking up too much screen.

3) Animated ads - as bad as animated TV channel logos - evil.

4) Ads with sound - **** off!

5) Sites where we already pay - looking directly at Ebay here.

And there you are, a lot of web users were happy with them until you started assulting us with them. We knew they paid for the site but we do not want to be assulted.

HINT: TV ads if not watching a recording, due to advert volume I do not turn down the volume I MUTE.

Republican reps push for mandatory gun ownership

MJI Silver badge

Predator - great film

I had completely forgotten than quote - thanks for reminding me.

You know why Aliens don't visit us?

They are scared of Arnold Swarchenegger

MJI Silver badge

Sounds quite good

I am another person who is going to say I am glad we have the NHS.

MJI Silver badge

No - I want a Gau 19

If it is good enough for Drake it is good enough for me.

Anyone guess the reference?

ICO drops BT, ACS Law probe

MJI Silver badge

Save it up for ACS:Fail

Sue them out of existance

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

MJI Silver badge

Cars - similar to PS3 in this case

Yes you own the car, yes you can swap bits over, but the car firmware rights still belongs to the manufacturer.

MJI Silver badge

Different rooms! and I still like Steam

TV is quite a way from the PC.

Also I am not that great at FPS so mainly PC game during Dancing on Ice/XCraptor.

Downloaded PC games - just Steam - they work

MJI Silver badge

Blacklisting - who loses?

I buy what is good, manufacturer doesn't matter.

Sony make some of the best video cameras - so when I needed a new one - what did I get? I am not going to buy something else just due to brand - that is a little silly.

I would even buy Apple of they made something I wanted and were best or good at it.

MJI Silver badge

Don't forget Uncharted Series

One of the best series of this hardware generation.

MJI Silver badge

May be sequels - but really good sequels

When you have a series which you enjoy, which gets new and exciting games which provide different stories you are happy with sequels.

HL2 metioned before - sequel

Portal 2 soon - sequel

To many gaming fans near the end of the year there are two "3" sequels being released, my favourite series Uncharted and a lot of peoples favourite Mass Effect.

Why are they worse by being sequels?

Well they are not, they are well respected series.

MJI Silver badge

Aghh - why fight?

We have a PS3 and a PC well capable of gaming.

I prefer sitting on a comfy sofa to sitting on a dining room chair.

I prefer our 46" TV to the 17" monitor.

I like the holdability of a controller over KB & mouse.

Yes I do both.

And I am using a rather DRMed PC gaming system, but everyone loves it - Steam.

PSP 2 'as powerful as PS3'

MJI Silver badge

They are trying to make us buy it.

A new Uncharted no less.

If it is any good (as it is not a Naughty Dog production) it will be a system seller.

Smartphone makers to embrace multi-core chips

MJI Silver badge

I think Cell is on its way

Read rumours there will be a mobile version of the Cell processor.

That would eat batteries.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3

MJI Silver badge

Even better now

I Platinumed last night, too many games too little time.

Tempted by ME2 but not sure if I will like it.

Do I buy it?

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