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Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate

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Re: BBC rocks

Grand Tour

More trouble caused by Cohens war against Clarkson and motoring TV

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Re: Strangely the BBC does nothing to encourage right-wing comedians.

If you are going to do political jokes there is plenty of material.

Not just Boris, you have Abbot as well, and that England flag woman.

I am all for equal opportunities piss taking.

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So where are they going to find all of them?

Permanent Michael Gove?

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Re: The BBC Is OK.... Honest

Cohens gone, singing chairs gone.

But now inflicted with some dire shite about rhyming done by some ex Strictly person.

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Re: I really don't see the issue..

Freeview & Freesat here.

I did try Ondigital but the pay channels were rubbish apart from the airplane one, and dealing with one card two devices was a complete PITA.

The boxes were also pretty poor compared to my IDTV, went digital for anamorphic widescreen.

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What would be the alternative to a liberal metropolitan bias?


But people forget that the programmes BBC often make would not get done by other channels.

Strictly would become a shouty mess. Bake Off would get filled full of product placement and adverts.

Eastenders, I'll give you that.

But then the BBC allows programmes to find their feet, such as Only Fools and Horses.

And never forget BBC Bristol Natural History Unit with David Attenborough.

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My wife watches SCD, my boss and his wife watch SCD.

Anyone notice that it is glossy well produced feel good TV much better than the shouty crap on ITV.

News, funny really, I think they are quite neutral UK wise, as mentioned elsewhere giving screen time to some potty people, but are neutral within the sensible main stream.

However internationally they are more biased, it is obvious they do not like the Orange Fuckwit.

Then see things like Question Time, plenty of chances to let fools show themselves up.

This Week can be quite funny and seeing ex politicians from various parties being able to discuss stuff sensibly.

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Least worst

Like democracy.

No good method, but there is least worse.

At least Cohen has been shifted on, I am sure he was a plant to ruin the BBC.

As to programmes, they do them for everyone, except shouty crap for annoying people.

Licence fee to me is worthwhile just for the output of the natural history unit, and they are also the only mainstream broadcaster left in the UK with unpolluted screens. As a logo hater this means I watch more BBC than all the others together.

If BBC1 or 2 get on screen logos the direct debit will be cancelled immediately.

Team Trump goes in to bat for Google and Facebook

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Re: What did you expect?

Please tell your handler that we know you are a troll account, and Vlad needs to try harder

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Re: Trump will want to be re-elected

The person who had the most votes lost, sounds a bit corrupt to me!

Supporting orange buffoon is an instant proof of lack of brain power.

Possible cut to British F-35 order considered before Parliament

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Re: Forget the choice of our airplanes for the moment

But we did have the only carriers which could launch in terrible weather.

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Re: First sensible comment I have seen.

Do attack helicopters have loitering ability? Do they have kettles and toilets?

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Re: Why cats?

Mind you an older war proven British designed aircraft does not need them either

Help desk declared code PEBCAK and therefore refused to help!

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One of ours was

Back in MSDOS exe days, rather than exit normally would kill off in Windows, then wonder why they were locked out for 2 minutes, then wonder why their HDD was filled with swap files.

They thought they were being clever but just killed the CMD environment leaving a mess and the data connections open.

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Why so many down votes near the top?

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What about the Computers Often Make People Quite Angry advert from John Cleese?

Coming live to a warzone near you: Army Truck Driver for Xbox!

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Even against Dorchester?

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Interesting, AS90 has longer range, but Challenger 2 gets closer and more personal.

However would anything be able to stop a Challenger 2?

Fear not, driverless car devs, UK.gov won't force you to write Trolley Problem solutions

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Re: The Birth Of Machine Sentience

I just hope it would aim for trump even if it was not in the way!

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Easy I suppose

If they run in front of vehicle - squish

BT boss: Yeah, making a business case for 5G is hard

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So what is being kicked off?

So they can have 5G

Terrestrial TV lost some to 4G

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

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Re: Dear Register

Was that the one killed off by Peckham Spring jokes?

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Re: Post op

Er no thanks

Managed to avoid until now, and she is a bit old to pop another

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Managed to avoid it

And now old enough not to matter.

Wouldn't have minded another either, the current bunch are all now legally adults. Would also improve the future gene pool a little more. (Well oldest is doing a science degree)

Pastry in a manger: We're soz, Greggs man said

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Re: Spineless of them to give in

I think you will find it is Spain in general.

All teh missing people and stolen children.

Franco stuff

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How to offend Muslims

They keep telling everyone they are offended by doughnuts and under no circumstances ties bags of them to Mosques.

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>> I think a significant proportion of those people would be in the bit of the Venn diagram that covers >>"christian" AND "has a sense of humour".

Not a born again or evangelical then.

But most likely a CofE, probably clergy.

If I had to get stuck with any of that group, I'd prefer the clergy, come across the others too many times.

Would you believe that some people think the Old Testament is accurate and not a bunch of myths?

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I thought this was the correct response.

Too many self important twerps clogging it up.

One of my tests for a religion is.

Can you find their local heads in the pub?

If yes, good.

If no, forget it.

At least you often find Vicars in them.

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Re: I ain't Spartacus

Can't upvote you enough.

Am I alone in seeing all those flashy so called doughnuts (eg Krispy Creme) and thinking just no, diabetes on a plate, sickly, no thanks.

But a jam doughnut, perfection.

What do Vegas hookers, Colombian government, and 30,000 other sites have in common? Crypto-jacking miners

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Re: So Vegas has a Rugby team?


Don't think so. Everyone knows what a Hooker is. Some people remember Stanley of course, but most people seem to think of the sweaty Rugby player.

But then there was the wierdness of a boy at school who liked football, many thought it strange.

I was useless as too shortsighted.

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So Vegas has a Rugby team?

And what about the Props and Fly Half?

Think the US is alone? 18 countries had their elections hacked last year

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Re: Who is Marc Rich?

Decent candidates

I saw a list and thought that the red team had some pretty shit ones.

A creationist, so they let the mentally impaired stand for president as well as sexual assulters.

I was surprised the Bush was not chosen.

Blue team, I can only remember the very old chap (Bernie Sanders) and Hillary Clinton.

Was a worse selection than we had early this year with May Corbyn and the other chap.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons

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Re: Just say no to parrotting Google

Google Chrome is popular because users are pushed into it by every time they visit a Google site.

Also because a lot of users have been conditioned to use search rather than the address.

Sorry but this irks me, you KNOW you are going to site X, type in the address rather than search for it.

Gong www.bbc.co.uk is quicker than searching for it and clicking to it.

Personally I just go Bookmarks and there it is right at the top. So much easier.

But then I do know someone who uses a sat nav every trip, including work to home (1/4 mile)

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Re: I have my do not proceed things as well - Geoffrey W

52 ESR and CTR here and not moving until I have to.

Why would I have to look up stuff like you suggest when I already have the menu?

I have enough things to do without having to learn new GUIs all the time.

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Re: What I won't do is compare my ($$$) car to my (free) browser ;-)


Well my oldest ever and my newest ever are both compatible with roads.

My oldest would have got hardened valve seats if it was not so difficult to get spares so was off the road a little too much (dead manufacturer - Rootes) and I could not afford 2 cars.

But they all had similar user interfaces.

Wheel in front, indicator & lights on left stalk, wipers on right stalk. right pedal go, left if there clutch, middle or left if two brake. Gear levers in middle, near hand brake.

Yet under all this all were different, one chassis, rest monocoque, all gearbox behind engine, all to back, one to front. 2 live axle rear, 1 live axle front, rest all independent. 1 tractor juice, rest petrol, 1 turboed, 2 hot cammed, rest as is. One carbed, one unit injectored, rest MPFI. 4, 5 and 6 cylinders. Inline and Vee.

Point is all are different, (apart from the similar to each other GM V cars), but are similar to drive with similar controls.

We used to have this with computers, with the WIMP environments, you could go between completely different OSes and not be surprised. But now MS wants cars to have foot operated steering and nose operated brakes. The "equivalent to" icon is the equivalnent of hiding the steering wheel in the glove box and having to fit it every corner, for the car to then automatically put it away again.

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Re: Such is life. Have a look around - it's a constant race of arms.

I think they changed the specification of mains so that all EU voltages were covered including 240v

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Re: I have my do not proceed things as well

But I want them there all the time, not messing with alt!

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Re: I have my do not proceed things as well

My spelling aghhh!

Select not delect

BBC News not new

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I have my do not proceed things as well

1) Must have File Edit menu with bookmarks and history.

I curently click on bookmarks then delect the site I want eg BBC new, Google Groups, The Register. I have no idea what a lot of the little icons mean, but I do have O level Engish so can read.

The monkey face for Grease Monkey is obvious, but what is the equivalent to sysmbol there for?

2) Square tabs.

Neat and tidy, do not waste space, looks sensible, there is a reason been in WIMP since for ever, they work.

3) Adblocking

Absolutely essential these days is some form along with.

4) Script control

Some web sites can kill the core, this stops it handling, I use NoScript

5) User scripts

I use Greasemonkey to remove googleconsent shite from blocking my screen as the domain lives in hosts, not I am NOT giving them consent, also kills off adblock warnings when configured.

BOFH: But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

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But they sometimes get bosses they like!

NASA tells The Reg: For crying out loud. We're not building flying taxi software for Uber

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I am most disappointed

FLying Taxis and no mention of Bruce Willis

BT hikes prices for third time in 18 months

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What is stopping me moving?

That BT is one of the few with FTTC.

That BT can be among cheapest.

That my wife keeps using a BT email address when I have set up one on my own server for her.

Health quango: Booze 'evidence' not Puritan enough, do us another

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I find I actually need to consume alcohol

To avoid problems.

I used to suffer with chilblains on my feet when young.

Found a cure in the drinks cabinet.

Yes been having small amounts of alcohol for years and never get them now.

Yes had Whisky, Vodka and Lager when young, not done me any harm.

And I am able to have a small drink and stop.

I am still suspectable as I almost got some recently after 3 days no alcohol.

Donald, YOU'RE FIRED: Rogue Twitter worker quits, deletes President Trump's account

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Re: Chirp

Leader of free world?

Isn't that Her Majesty?

Why are we disappointed with the best streaming media box on the market?

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Stiicking with my PS4

Does lots of streaming at I an also shoot Aliens & Robot Dinosaurs in the face

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

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So you found where the real BOFH works.

AI bot rips off human eyes, easily cracks web CAPTCHA codes. Ouch

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Want it now

I bloody hate the things, especially the road sign ones

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall

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Genuine rocket scientist as well

Ron Ayers

VR-bonkers Microsoft yanks plug out of Kinect

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Re: Just Dance

I used to love shooter fan XBots (as opposed to gamers with 360s) saying how great the dancing games were because they were Microsoft.

NOT because they were good, not because they were dance games, but because anything Xbox was automatically better than anything else.

Humble civil servant: Name public electric car chargers after me

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Re: Brushes & long wires are inefficient.

>>onboard Diesel Electric.

I bagsie the 2 x Napier D18-25

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