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Ex-actress 'accused Hurd of leaking HP's EDS buy'


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Is that you?

Union damns HP job cuts



I'm sure that, much like Homer in the Fat Guy episode, those of us remaining in the wonderful HP will soon be replaced by small model birds periodically tapping a keyboard.

(Probably come up with better code than some of the people here as well.)

HP loses massive DWP contract


Eeeexcellent.. </Burns>

Hopefully this will be another indicator the shareholders that Mark Hurd's cuts have not been beneficial to the company in the long run.

EDS HP staff vote to strike

Paris Hilton


So let me get this right, they recorded a billion dollars more profit than forecast in Q4...and they're still making people redundant and freezing pay?

How can these people look at themselves in the morning?

Paris, because at least she's worth getting fucked by.

HP Ireland asks staff to vote for pay cut


If there are no repercussions from taking the pay cut...

...then exactly why would anyone accept it?

HP skims another 10% off some EDS workers' pay packets

Jobs Horns

Funnily enough...

...this hasn't been publicised to UK EDS/HP'ers.

No cracking emails from Joe, Ann or Bill about the 10% cut.

What a surprise.

HP quashes executive jet perks



Let me illustrate how HP are so management-heavy.

We have just won a large contract in the UK with Aviva.

We receive an email from Bill Thomas at 16:17 on Mon 03 March, telling us of the large win, millions of pounds for everyone...but hey, you're still taking a pay cut, troglodytes. Jolly good, time for some cake.

We then get another email from Sean Finnan, the UK Regional VP (just what is that?), at 16:48. Sean has pretty much copied and pasted the entire of Bill's email into his own, but cunningly, has put his own name on the end of it to make it look like he was involved in the process.

The following morning, the same information is cut and pasted - for a second time - by one of our local management onto our local intranet.

I really don't think you should be looking at the grunts to see where things are going slightly awry.

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