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Ten... new games you may have missed


"Ten CONSOLE Games I might have missed"

Cover and write about whatever you want, but at least don't get us excited with misleading titles ;)

There's life beyond PS3/Xbox, y'know!

Facebook forces users to expose or remove connections


A bit of old news?

Errr, actually, in our neck of the woods at least (Canada), this rolled out about two weeks ago... in fact it's part of the big world-wide hoopla you guys have reported on about FaceBook privacy, and large part of what caused the conference last week...

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e netbook


Little red thumbsticks?

I was really hoping that with the Lenovo offering, we'd finally have a netbook with what seems the most logical of input devices - those little red thumbsticks/mini-joysticks from the Thinkpad series; they take no space whatsoever, and while non-technical users do take a little while to get used to them, they're faster and much more precise (try selecting a specific pixel or drawing a straight line accross the screen, not to mention every-day operations like dragging icons etc on a pad). I can't believe there's a prohibitive cost or structural problem with placing them in netbooks - so why is it that none of them have it, even as a secondary option?

First company that produces a netbook with one of those has my money; otherwise, I just can't see myself spending actual cash on a device with a tiny, imprecise, aggravating input method that basically forces me to install a mouse :(

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