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Come mobile users, gather round and learn how to add up

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Re: Testing gone wrong

Decades ago I was reviewing somebody's code which had (something like) this:

switch (intvar & 1)

case 0: do something; break

case 1: do something else; break

otherwise: printf("Something went wrong");

It took a lot of patient explaining to explain how the 'otherwise' clause would never be executed, and years later I still think it didn't sink in.

Before dipping a toe in the new ThinkPad high-end, make sure your desk is compatible

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Odd, when my hands are at rest on a flat surface, the ends of my fingers are higher than my wrists. The natural height of a table being an inch or so above your elbows (otherwise there's no space for your knees), combined with physics and mechanics, sort-a forces that.

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When will they ever learn.

Not enough sockets on the front.

Bish, Bash... gosh! Good ol' Bourne Again Shell takes a bow as it reaches version five-point-zero

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Why are there so many products rolling around to 5.0 just as I'm rolling around to 5.0 (times ten).

Chinese rover pootles about... on the far side of the friggin' MOON

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If they were on the Moon, there'd be stars. That's a stage blackout curtain in the background!

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Re: I can just imagine the timeline

The dark side of the Moon is currently facing us. As is clear from the above photos, the Chinese have landed on the light side of the Moon - otherwise they wouldn't be able to see anything.

Amazon exec tells UK peers: No, we don't want to be dominant. Also, we don't fancy being taxed on revenues

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"You're the same company, so you shouldn't be allowed to use dirty tricks like inflated prices of goods and IPs to hide profits."

And they're not. wossit called, Transfer Pricing Rules requires companies to bill itself internally exactly what the market price is and not something artificailyly inflated or deflated.

Microsoft pulls Office 2010 updates because they're big in Japan. As in, big pain in the ASCII

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Phff! I'm currently fighting SDL and trying to get it to acknowledge I have a Japanese keyboard plugged in. Neither the YenBar key nor the BackslashUnderline key works. While most of the code I'm fighting with uses CamelCase or lowerCamel, it gets really fiddly trying to enter escape strings.

Drone goal! Quadcopter menace alert freezes flights from London Heathrow Airport

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Re: At least people can take comfort from the fact that ...

Well, it distracts the plebs from Brexit. Noticable it happened just as MPs were fighting the government in Parliament, demanding that the government remove 'no deal' as an option.

Hold on, that's the decision that legal opinion has declared is the perview of MPs - the legal case that Remainers fought and fought for. Ok, MPs, get on with it!

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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.co.uk isn't a top-level domain. .uk is a top level domain. The hint is in the name "top level domain".

Linux reaches the big five (point) oh

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Make up your own reason

...my 50th birthday yesterday. :)

You were told to clean up our systems, not delete 8,000 crucial files

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Re: Like leaving documents on top of the bin

A friend of mine moved house, and put loads of belonging in BIN bags. While he was doing some shuffling, the BIN men came and disposed of the filled BIN bags for him.

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Re: xfer

The earliest files (of my own) I've got are from 1984-ish. The earliest with a datestamp/embedded date 1985.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Oh dear....

.... that day when I discovered something had SET TMP=C:\DOS ....

Found yet another plastic nostalgia knock-off under the tree? You, sir, need an emulator

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Re: Imagine anything as efficient

If I'd ever had children they were going to be called Fred, Jim, Sheila, Hazel and Andy.

More nodding dogs green-light terrible UK.gov pr0n age verification plans

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Re: Just like buying a magazine.

Well, if the logs shows them going through a VPN, they that in and of itself is proff of visiting dodgy sites. As, if they weren't visiting dodgy sites they wouldn't be going through a VPN and the sites would be in the logs instead.

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Re: Just like buying a magazine.

"it's also not right that children are exposed to this kind of stuff"

There's the flaw right there. They're *not* "exposed" to this sort of stuff - that would be the real-world equivalent of Grubby McMacson leaping out of a hedge and waving his todger. They *find" "this sort of stuff". There's a misguided thought that chosing to look for and read something is equivalent to watching television. No, using the internet is volition in the opposite direction to watching TV (or walking down the street).

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"that the Conservative government"

I had to read that a couple of times to remember that yes, it's our government you're talking about.

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate

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From the age of eight I was an avid reader of Everyday Electronics, and designed and constructed loads of electronic devices - performing electronic engineering. If "doing" engineering was illegal unless you were certified, it would make the activities of thousands like me of my generation illegal. And HTF would you get certified if doing the stuff that gets you interested and skilled to become certfied is illegal?

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Re: Great for this Engineer

I did CompSci in the 1980s and it was completely and utterly useless for any sleeves-rolled-up actual creation of computer code. I spent almost three years thinking "when are we going to do some, y'know, actual progamming?"

There a quotation something along the lines of: CompSi is as much about programming as Astrophysics is about telescopes.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Re: What an engineer does in the UK

So if, in common parlance, which defines language, "engineer" means "fitter", what word do we use for real actual engineer?

Happy new year, readers. Yes, we have threaded comments, an image-lite mode, and more...

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Re: Blimey

No, they've gone to the light side of the moon, otherwise they wouldn't be able to see anything. Look out of the window, the dark side of the moon is currently the side facing us.

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"Thanks to our hardworking backroom vultures, the Reg now has threaded comments "

So *THAT'S* what you broke. Can you at least have the display option drop-down available without me having to log on so I can switch it back to sane.

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?

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Re: Vindicated

I once set up some machines named after local towns, alloa, sterling, dollar... guess what happened next.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Re: Seriously?

In my mid-teens in the 1980s I wrote a Forth system and started writing a Basic interpreter.

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

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Re: what the *bleep* has happened to the comments?

No, it's the layout as well as the size. It used to be in a nice neat column in 100% font size, with replies neatly laid out after. Now it's across the whole screen at something like 150%-200% with replies seemlingly taking up twice as much space.

Edit: ah! a bit of experimentation, somehow 'Sort by nested thread' had got selected which makes a right pair of danglies of the the layout. Selecting 'Sort by oldest' does a stty sane.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Talking of chaos, what the *bleep* has happened to the comments? I know I need reading glasses, but this is ridiculous.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

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Re: Are you sure

Correct. The current position is that Brexit can't be *un*implemented without Parliament doing something. The status quo is to leave in March and nothing else. If we want to Remain, Parliament has to change the status quo. If we want to leave with a deal, Parliament has to change the status quo. The status quo runs until it is changed, and the status quo is to leave the EU and nothing else.

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Re: Slightly wrong.

Correct. Currently the status quo is leave with no deal. We've passed a law to repeal the European membership act *and* *nothing* *else*. Parliament has to chose to change the status quo, and if Parliament is deadlocked the status quo is the status quo.

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Will a shot of B5 help the nation?

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Re: How about a high power laser burst ?

What if the people controlling the drones are nowhere near Gatwick? The Mercians have been bombing Afghan weddings from the comfort of the American midwest.

Ding dong merrily on high. In Berkeley, the bots are singeing: Self-driving college cooler droid goes up in flames

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Re: "using a nearby fire extinguisher"

California's an earthquake zone. In Japan there's usually a public fire extinguisher on every block at the bottom of a lamp post, eg link.

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Re: Theft

Everybody knows the Shuttleworths are from Sheffield. Just down the road from the Wrigglesworths. (Listen carefully, they have neighbouring exchange phone numbers)

Postmates plans rollout of autonomous delivery robots in US

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Re: 3D food printer

With an autochef you simply feed in any nearby convenient protein sources....

J.G.Harston Silver badge

How big are these things? That looks like something you'd trip over. And how is it going to get through my gate and up my steps to my door, and how is it going to ring the doorbell?

Thanks to UK peers, coming to a laptop near you in 2019: Age checks for online smut

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Isn't this rather like having age verification in newsagents just in case a kiddie finds a grumble mag under a hedge?

Millennials 'horrify' their neighbours with knob-shaped lights display

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Surely at least 50% of children already know what a winkie looks like.

Former headteacher fined £700 after dumping old pupil data on server at new school

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He didn't download it, he copied it.

He didn't load it to a USB stick, he saved it to a USB stick.

Gave up at that point.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

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Re: BBC are naming names

Yeah, my first thought was: just roll back to the previous install.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

Re: Pffft

32m out of 66m, that means 34m are ok, so YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!!!

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab

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Re: Push volume button to mute

Corsa. When I first got mine I ended up pulling into the side of the road and opening the door to turn the cabin light on so I could check maps. When I eventually went online to track down how to turn the light on my response was exactly: WTBF???

Also, the dashboard light adjuster is an anonymous dial under the light switch that is easily nudgable and does nothing when you experiment with it with stationary with the headlights off. Took me ages to work out why my dashboard was dark when I had the headlights on.

Analogue radio is the tech that just won't die

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£50 a month? FIFTY QUID A ****ING MONTH??????? for a bleepin' phone????

J.G.Harston Silver badge

There's also the problem that if they turn off analogue radio I'll have to replace a perfectly working radio in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the workshop, one in the living room, one in the car and one in the shed. When they turned analogue TV off there was only one TV affected, and I didn't even need to replace it, just put a dongle on the aerial.

1,700 lucky Brit kids to visit Apple Stores for 'Year of Engineering'

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An engineer examines problems and works out (engineers) solutions.

A technician applies pre-designed technical solutions to situations.

A fitter takes stuff out of a box and places it in its intended location.

An electrical engineer will measure an installation, calculate requirements, use those calculations to work out appropriate installation designs. (This is a second floor flat, the supply is 60m away, the voltage drop will be... the cable will need to be....)

An electrical technician will take pre-designed standard design solutions and apply them. (Two storey house, 2.5mm T+E ring main, 1.5mm lighting spurs)

An electrial fitter will take an item out of a box, follow pre-designed instructions, and attach it. (Remove old light switch, wire up new light switch)

J.G.Harston Silver badge

In the context, a pupil is at school, a student is at college or university. Kids at school are ***NOT*** students, they're bloody kids.

J.G.Harston Silver badge

A student at age 5? That's some hell of an education fast track.

Consultant misreads advice, ends up on a 200km journey to the Exchange expert

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Cleaning a laser printer

Early 1990s.

"Open lid, remove toner cartidge, remove charge transfer drum (see diagram)"

Ok... done that. Turns page.

"Under no circumstances do this in exposed light"

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Re: Spoilers in Tech Docs!

"do you click the doorbell or do you press it?"

Neither, I ring it. You should use the vern that describes the ****ACTION****, not an incidental implementation-specific method of getting to that action.

You select YES, you don't click on YES. You may not have a clicker, your clicker may not make any clicking sounds, you may not want to use the clicker you may want to use the keyboard or a touch screen. It's this american moronism that does things like call a mobile phone a one-specific-implementation-of-a-mobile phone, and "buzz saw" - what the hell is a buzz and why and/or how would I want to be sawing it?

What the #!/%* is that rogue Raspberry Pi doing plugged into my company's server room, sysadmin despairs

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Re: easy pickings

In one job I didn't know my contract had ended until I lost network access in the middle of the day in the middle of imaging a dozen desktops.

UK.gov to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections

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You can't even pay your tax with your National Insurance number, even though it is a requirement to be paid and appears on your pay slip and P60 (yearly salary statement). To pay your taxes you need your Unique Taxpayer Reference Number. But you still need to put your National Insurance number on your tax forms.

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