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PARIS joins the 17-mile-high club

Bob L'Eponge

17 miles up is just the stratosphere not space really

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but 17 miles up is not really "space" is it? More like the stratosphere. Noctilucent clouds are found up to 50 miles I believe. Are they in space? And how would a helium balloon get above the atmosphere anyway? One compensation is that both "space" and "stratophere" begin with "S" so a more accurate description of the project could still use the PARIS acronym.

Bah humbug! Bob.


Environmentalists greenmail Google, Dell

Bob L'Eponge
Thumb Down

From pressure group to corporate raider in a single bound!

Another case of words having brand-new meanings in the Humpty-Dumpty world of El Reg!

Unless you really mean to suggest that Greenpeace are threatening Google with a takeover unless they buy back their shares at a premium.

Otherwise, it's just another environmental pressure group doing a bit of lobbying. Move along please, nothing to see!



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