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Veritas lays off a third of its sales staff – merry Christmas, everyone!

Martin Ouseley

This is the usual round of senior management protecting their bonuses before the end of the financial year. Lower the headcount so that the employee to profit ratio is more favourable.

Oh, Zuck off: Facebook under attack for its attacks on net neutrality

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Re: The Californian ideology


Martin Ouseley

Re: Free Basics

Not if it's tied to Facebook.

BT bumps up broadband speeds

Martin Ouseley
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Don't care how fast it is

Won't touch it with a barge pole until they renounce PHORM.

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

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Good News!

Phorm will be able to collect your data even faster.

Asus lights up 1TB SSD Lamborghini laptop

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That's one hell of a netbook!

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