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Microsoft: Vista desktop key to life fulfillment

Fazeel Khedoo

So I guess this makes me... odd?

Our home HTPC stays on pretty much 24x7 for instant usage, from music, films, internet, actual work etc. I guess I agree with this article in someways without even knowing it as I always make sure we have a good wallpaper on screen for whenever the screen or projector is turned on as it's ALWAYS always the first thing you see on screen.

- Dekstop icons off (always)

- Apple dock for Windows Vista (random app works pretty well)

- Auto changes wallpaper on reboot using any of the 1000's of personal photos

- Minimal usage of Windows SideBar (just not on the side)

- Tablet input slides out from the left only when needed (for our Wacom scribble thingy)

I miss DreamScene as it always looked KooL (better with DreamScape), but as our HTPC is on 24x7 it's not ideal due, as the power consumption will drop heavily when idle (15%-24%), but with DreamScene enabled it's higher (27%-41%).

This was taken a month ago, but gives you the basic idea: http://www.fazzfilmz.co.uk/random/asus_forum/screengrab-feb2009



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