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Top Solaris developer flees Oracle

Facundo Garat

it's time to move Solaris to GPL!!

it's time to move Solaris to GPL!!, maybe we can have ZFS merged on linux kernel.

Sun powers Niagara hypervisor update with IBM speed boast

Facundo Garat

??? what are you comparing?

is this spec? http://www.spec.org/jAppServer2004/results/res2009q1/jAppServer2004-20090113-00127.html

Here they are using a T5140 getting 9,500.76 Jops...

Reading a little bit more would give you more detail about SUN Configuration:

J2EE Server CPUs: 64 cores, 8 chips

DB Server CPUs: 32 cores, 4 chips

Maybe they should be comparing against a fully loaded 570 with 32 cores.

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