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Sun powers Niagara hypervisor update with IBM speed boast

John Falkenthal

Seems Like IBM is speading FUD.... again.

Sorry Anonymous Coward, you are mistaken, LDoms are fully certified with both Oracle RAC and standalone DBMS. Also, LPars ability to move VM's is based on checkpoint/resume despite claims made that it's "live". I could go on, but I think we all pretty much get that IBM spreading FUD is more predictable than Old Faithful, and I personally get a chuckle out of reading it. Please continue.

John Falkenthal
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LDoms on Supernova/Rock

I would agree, not supporting LDoms on Supernova/Rock systems would be stupid, that's why LDoms will be fully supported on Rock systems from day 1. LDoms will also be the server virtualization technology used on all future SPARC CMT based processor systems after Rock.

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