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VMware, Novell hatch virtual appliance scheme

Adam Hawley

FlexFrame for Oracle actually uses Oracle VM and Oracle is in all these areas as well...

I think a key player was missed in this discussion: Oracle. By the way, Fujitsu-Siemens FlexFrame for Oracle is actually based on Oracle VM, Oracle's server virtualization and management software since no Oracle products are certified with VMware. Oracle also has a virtual appliance packaging technology called Oracle VM Templates which are pre-installed, pre-configured virtual machines created by Oracle or anyone...users, partners.... who wants to develop virtual appliances based on Enterprise Linux from Oracle (its identical to Enterprise Linux from Red Hat but distributed with all the things that need fixing to run Oracle flawlessly...). Many of the major Oracle products are already available for download this way. And Oracle also has a JeOS edition that includes scripts for building Oracle VM Templates based minimized footprint OS images. All of these things are available today and allow free re-distribution (Enterprise Linux, JeOS, Oracle VM) without even having a re-distribution contract from Oracle so it is well suited for use by vendors and users to create and distribute pre-packaged solutions as appliances.



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