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Ofcom and DTI slam Murdoch TV strategy


Australo-American megalomaniac

Go Ofcom and DTI! I don't much care for Beardie, but I have even less desire to see Murdoch having the same stranglehold on the media that he does in Australia.

He's done the same kind of thing there, buying a small stake in Fairfax (which owns most of the newspapers in Australia that he doesn't) making the Aussie press even more incestuous than it already was. Thankfully, the UK is better suited to national papers than Australia, because of its size and population density

Until recently, Australia had restrictive foreign media ownership laws, but Murdoch got off because he used to be an Australian, and News Limited used to be based in Australia.

Virgin should launch a direct competitor to Sky on satellite - we can have UK versions of ESPN for sport and HBO for movies.



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