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Emulex pins adapter future to Ethernet and encryption

Joe Gervais

From the Horse’s Mouth: What OneConnect Supports

I’m a director of product marketing at Emulex and as Magellen posted on 2/18, Emulex OneConnect referenced in the article is a new platform, not to be confused with the current shipping Emulex LP21000 FCoE CNA. The new Emulex OneConnect platform will enable a new class of products called universal CNAs that provide universal connectivity for the data center and replace a number of point products such as NICs, iSCSI HBAs and FCoE CNAs used today. With full offload and hardware acceleration for a number of protocols including FCoE and iSCSI, the technology delivers the efficiency necessary to extract maximum value from deployed servers, irrespective of the customer’s choice of protocols. Emulex has a reputation of bringing storage products with enterprise class scalability and reliability to the market, and will be delivering this value again as we introduce products based on the OneConnect platform later this year. Stay tuned for more details on the OneConnect family.



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