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Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Remember their ads...

... ... Download your music and movies faster with Eircom broadband ... ...

Which is why I have a 7meg line with them and nowhere in the literature that they sent out to me contains a list of sites that I can download from.. so when they ask me to appear in court.. I'll ask them to show me my terms and conditions that I verbally sign on their phone system. and at the same time ask to see the full board of management who sanction the use of these adverts.. how am I a mere user be expected not to download music and films when it's part of the adverts...

I left Magnet Broadband because their adverts proved to be false when I signed up, found out one day when I was wondering about line improvements .. Contention free internet..

<<The jolly roger because it's time to bring back the Phacks..


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