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Snowstorm swallows GPS skiing gizmo's creator


Get your facts straight and show some decency

Firstly, Scott is no longer with Snow Sports Interactive. He left a few years ago. He helped to test it and then tried to sell it in the US. The device is for use while skiing and is more of a fun thing to track which runs you've been on and compare times with others etc... But it also has the advantage of tracking you - especially if you go cross country.

Secondly - he was not skiing. You're an insensitive moron "Trygve"... He wasn't in a blizzard. He wasn't on skis. He left a bar in the Hirafu village - i.e. a town - at 1am, on a clear night. He never made it back to the hostel he was staying in - a 10 minute walk along paved, plowed roads. A simple search and people might not have noticed you're such an ass.



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