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Who's a Siri boy, then? Apple hoards your voices for TWO years


Speech recogniser training

Speech recognition in the cloud has given companies a reason/excuse to gather masses of training data. The masses of data have improved speech recognition performance a lot in recent years. Either we have good speech recognition and donate our data, or we have bad speech recognition. I actually think the former is a good deal.

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest



I don't believe that people run away from Gnome in droves. Are there actual numbers to prove it? And no, counting Slashdot posts that whine about it is not good enough. I love Gnome 3 (I have 3.4, I accept it may have been less finished before). It stays out of the way and lets me focus on my work, until I need to switch tasks, and then it is very slick. My theory is that the criticism in Internet posts only comes from people who've got nothing better to do than configure their desktop environments all day.

Google's email service goes down


IMAP access is working

IMAP access does seem to be working fine though, at least for me.

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