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Apple's iPad Pro: We're making a Surface Pro WITH A STYLUS over Steve Jobs' DEAD BODY

Rob Thorley

Re: Value?

For that kind of money, the keyboard should come with a bunch of cigars, some whisky, and a troupe of dancing girls.

OnePlus One cut-price Android phone on sale to all... for 1 HOUR

Rob Thorley


There was a glut of invites on the forum towards the end of last week - if anyone still wants one, I'd suggest getting over there.

Son of Hudl: Tesco flogs new Atom-powered 8.3-inch Android tablet

Rob Thorley
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Re: There’s no official word from Tesco on the weight of the Hudl 2

I literally laughed out loud. Thank you.

Samsung looks to up Tizen market share ... by upgrading Galaxy Gear

Rob Thorley


"To get the new firmware, Galaxy Gear owners should download the appropriate version of Samsung's Kies software "

Stop right there. Anything involving Kies should not be attempted.

Amazon offers Blighty's publishing industry 'assisted suicide'

Rob Thorley

Re: With NYT-editorial levels of truthiness, we boldly go....

If publishers decide to stop supplying Amazon, would that be anti-competitive? Or, could the publisher be penalised for that? Surely that's a B2B transaction, customers would still be able to get the books from Waterstones or WHSmith or [name your poison]. It just wouldn't be available through the Amazon channel.

Sure, if publishers acted in concert and it impacted consumers (e.g., price-fixing) then they should be done, but if they all, en masse, stopped supplying Amazon, could they be done for that?

Google+ maker Vic Gundotra: My work on this 'NETWORK THINGY' is DONE

Rob Thorley

Re: Google+ fans

I think you are over-estimating Curry's moral code and understanding of what makes a good device.

Google! and! Facebook! IDs! face! Yahoo! login! BAN!

Rob Thorley


They updated their Ts & Cs for existing accounts a month ago or so.

Took a look, deleted my account. I was only using it to look at Yahoo News, which I can get elsewhere.

Flying fondleslab causes injury after plane hits turbulence

Rob Thorley

Re: Read much?

I had to re-read that again. The text says "The report does not say if the third person sustained an iInjury."

I expect that is supposed to read 'i-Injury', i.e., a special Apple-branded experience.

No, me neither.

Candy Crush King went 'too far' when it candy crushed my app – dev

Rob Thorley

I want Candy


Will Malcolm McLaren's estate, and some ageing punks, now have to pay royalties?

Candy Candy Candy

Surely this is stupidity taken to the extreme...

Didn't get a Nook for Xmas? That's OK, hardly anyone else did, either

Rob Thorley

I bought a Nook HD+ off eBay and it's waiting for me at home.

I got a Simple Touch last year for £29 and it is superb - looking forward to seeing how they went about the HD+

Congrats on MP3ing your music... but WHY bother? Time for my ripping yarn

Rob Thorley


I put a couple of CDs in the car to play. The wife and kids have had at them, and now the jewel cases are missing, the inserts are all over the place and the CDs are scratched to buggery.

I've already ripped most of my CDs to mp3, I have an emotional need for physical media; so much so that I have actually started buying vinyl again.

But I've learned my lesson and the kids can play with mp3s to their heart's content.

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

Rob Thorley

Spare two bob for a cup o' tea, guv'nor?

Full revenues for 2012 for the part of the business sold to MSFT were $15bn.

To buy that for $5bn sounds cheap.

In fact I might pop to Barclays and see if I can get a short term loan, $5bn at 5%, and pocket the rest.

Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB

Rob Thorley

Very Large Phones

What about PUSes - Phones of Unusual Size? :-)

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch: Cloak lifted on secret details

Rob Thorley

Re: Out of left field...

Or you could employ someone to stand in a room in the opposite building and semaphore your texts for you...?

I like the idea of learning Morse specifically for this purpose :)

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

Rob Thorley
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Got an email last night advising it will be here next Friday. This is after their Twitter team told me I'd have it in 4-5 business days - i.e., today./ tomorrow.

It's getting a bit silly now.

Rob Thorley
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Scheduled to ship

Just bought one 15 mins ago, and apparently mine will ship today.

Nice !

It pays to study the habits of your email users

Rob Thorley

Force of Habit

I moved from LotusNotes to Outlook last year.

I like to know how many emails I have in my inbox, so in LotusNotes I would press Control +A to select all.

Then D to deselect all.

Unfortunately in Outlook that doesn't have the same effect...

Forgetting Microsoft: How Steve Ballmer's Surface could win

Rob Thorley


by the thought of sexy nuns, I neglected to finish the article...

HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

Rob Thorley

HTC Changing Strategy Again?

I thought HTC had decided they were going to release a set of phones (One X, One S, and One V) and concentrate on those?

And now they're releasing a new phone instead of updating their existing range?

I've had my One X since O2's release day, and I love it. If I could get a bit more battery life, that would be great, so I could go 36 hrs on one charge.

4.1 should not be too much of a change from 4.0.4, but still, where is their focus?

New Nokia Lumia mobes fail to inspire investors

Rob Thorley

Re: Nokia need to put out Android phones

My understanding is that Apple took Samsung to court for their Touchwiz capabilities, i.e., the skin overlaying Android, not Android itself.

So those who don't overly-embellish Android with Apple-like functionality should be okay.

Take your point on the MS royalty though.

BSkyB deals Ofcom a blow in battle over telly sports prices

Rob Thorley


From the article: "Sky did, on the whole, engage constructively," the ruling adds. "Sky has no theological objection to wholesale supply of its premium channels"

Is wholesale supply of entertainment a subject of theological study? Maybe it forms part of the commandments of the Dead Sea Scrolls? (I've not read them)

Or do they mean idealogical?

Google silences podcast app Listen, disbands Team tool

Rob Thorley

Google Listen

Well, I'm not sure the changes they are making will affect me.

I use Google Reader to search for and subscribe to podcasts, and then the Listen app on my phone to, well, listen.

The search function in Listen was always rubbish.

Ice Cream Sandwich still a no-show for most Android users

Rob Thorley


I'm on 4.0.3 on a HTC One X and there are already custom roms (unstable) for Jelly Bean (4.1.0). Google have released a 4.0.4, but since I'm on O2 it hasn't got to me yet.

Knowing that there are later versions out there which I don't have does annoy me.

In truth, I don't need it. My current phone and software works fine.

I'm just greedy and desirous of the new 'shiny'.

I'm not even sure what improvements are in the latest update - it's just newer.

What I *would* like an update which means I don't have to recharge my phone every 36 hours.

Never had this problem/enjoyed this feature with my Nokia 3210 :)

O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco

Rob Thorley

O2, is it?

The fact that spokespeople have suggested not using their mobes except in 'urgent' or 'necessary' situations makes me want to organise a tweeting flashmob at all Olympic events.

Of course people are going to tweet and use Facebook at these events, they're probably the most interesting thing to happen to the users in an age (and that's not a dig - if I was there, I would tweet, update my FB status and check in using Foursquare. Think of the pointage on that!). Of course they want to record the events for posterity. If people are taking photos and they have Dropbox synced up those photos will be going up to 'the cloud' as well, so the networks can't blame unexpected usage.

They need to cope; beef it up however that's done, and expect people to use the service they provide. It's not rocket science, is it?

Google ditches the bits in the bottom of the box

Rob Thorley


I've been using iGoogle for as long as I can remember.

The company firewall blocks Google+ but not iGoogle, so I will miss this service when it goes...

Android Firefox: Screaming, awesome, you'll go blind etc

Rob Thorley

Chrome BETA

It displays passwords in the clear above the keyboard - but masks them onscreen.

Needs updating

HTC peeves punters with One X woes

Rob Thorley
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My One X is Okay

I've got a One X on O2, it's working fine, except for the battery monitoring, it seems a bit stuttery - i.e., the device stays on xx% for ages and then drops like a stone. If it did this smoothly I would have no issue.

I'm hoping O2 release the updates soon, maybe this is due to be fixed.

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY

Rob Thorley


As a Windows user, got mine yesterday.

Barclaycard slaps pay-by-bonk plasters on mobes

Rob Thorley

Re: Back of your watch

Except the sticker is 1/3 the size of a credit card - slightly too large, I would have thought?

Valve chief says Apple will own your living room

Rob Thorley


I for one welcome our new fruit-based Overlords and their plans for domestic domination.

When will they start producing fruit-based toilet paper, and what must-have features will it possess?

Chrome celebrates second b-day with sixth release

Rob Thorley


When I run 5 tabs in Chrome and several add-ons, I'm horrified by the memory usage.

It's nearly enough to make me go back to Firefox.

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction

Rob Thorley
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If I wanted to read a blatantly anti-LibDem piece, I'd buy the Torygraph or the Mirror. I suppose the no-nuke future is slightly tecchie, but where does Apple fit in to this?

You standards are slipping, el Reg, and I for one don't like it.

Google Buzz bug exposes user geo location

Rob Thorley

Buzz Can Be Switched off

Go to the bottom of GMail, just above c2010 Google, 'turn off Buzz'.

Go on, you know you want to...

eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers

Rob Thorley

Never Again

I sold an iPod for £80 and was charged £11 in two discrete invoices - the listing fee and the FVF. Never again. Friday-Ad or Gumtree here we come

Google's email service goes down

Rob Thorley

Apple and iPod Sync

Over the weekend I couldn't sync my iPod to Gmail, although I was accessing t'internet without issue. Hope I haven't f***ed things up?

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