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Eircom to block Pirate Bay

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"Everybody knows Eircom is shite! Most people have been quietly moving to other providers without telling anyone , and a lot of people have been moving to sky( as UK customers... a " friend" with a uk address gets a sky dish , and ships it over, along with the box & card ... far cheaper)

The problen is ,a satellite has a very finite amount of bandwidth."

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Sky supplies broadband to it's customers via land-line, and not via it's subscription TV service. They bought Easynet out in the UK to give them a major infrastructure to do this, and to supply TV on demand, but they do not use their commercial TV offerings to pump broadband, nor is a sky digibox capable of this., so this would not be a solution to the current pedicament in Ireland.

What needs to happen, is Eircom needs to get a spine and tell the IRMA to go feck themselves, unless it really is (as some people here think) trying to run itself into the ground. Maybe thats the plan all along. Maybe they think the corrupt Fianna Fail government will bail them out... Too late Eircom, they spent all out cash on bank loans and bailouts.

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This is a violation of civil rights and a blow to free speech and democracy. There is no way they can justify such an action. None of the sites they are banning are illegal. A torrent is not illegal, so banning a site just because someone can post a torrent of an alleged illegal file is utter bollocks.

Considering the tech guys in ISP's are the biggest warez and porn addicts in the world, I find this quite ironic in some respects.

Anyway.. Stop the planet... I want to get off.


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