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Life hands Sun steaming sack of...

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Ted - you still there? Or has your head exploded? ;-) Anyway, quick question - are you running Linux? The reason I ask is - JavaFX video isn't yet working properly on Linux. I'm told the JavaFX team is working on fixing it. You know the problem with code, though - it's only done when it's done. The point is, if you're using a platform that JavaFX supports for video, you will actually see JavaFX video on JavaFX.com. At this point, people who see JavaFX video will no doubt start complaining that they *wish* they could see Flash video ;-)

The truth is - it's early days for the JavaFX platform - there's lots more that the JavaFX team still has to do. If you understand how new technology gets adopted, though, you should be able to understand that JavaFX is currently at stage that's easily good enough for early adopters to use.

For what it's worth - I don't think you're right about the window of opportunity being gone for JavaFX. The Internet is still quite primitive and evolving rapidly - including the distribution channels. So there's still everything to play for... and it's not the zero sum game that you seem to think it is. That is, for JavaFX to win - Flex/Flash/AIR, Silverlight, AJAX and/or Obj-C don't have to lose...



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