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Discovery docks with ISS


LoL maybe it was

Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun, Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun SPACE BAAAAAAAAAAT




I'll get me coat

ISS crew flees flying space junk

Paris Hilton


Like there really is a space station up there, in space, like, ummm!!

Paris cos she'd believe anything!!

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment


WTF is wrong with you all...

People nowadays just got no fucking idea. Having been in a position of IT Manager (although now earning much more money contracting) this story makes me laugh.

Firstly, Facebook, bebo and all the other shitty social sites out there should be blocked completely from work, for social reasons, family reasons and just so that prick doesn't make anymore money from it (green... slightly).

For small businesses it can cost thousands of pounds in manhours wasted. If you want to see sharon on receptions facebook status, do it in your own fucking time!! And don't be quoting me "human rights" or "invasion of privacy".. Bollocks. Go to work, do you job and stfu. If you don't like it there, fuck off somewhere else, theres plenty of polih workers who'll do your job better and without spending half the day farting about poking neil and dave joining "i'm a fucking pirate" groups and the like. And if your dull enough to slag the company off then its your own stupid fucking fault for being so dull in the first place.

Get a real life. TALK to your friends rather than text/msn/FB etc...

This country has gone fucking nuts with all this "my rights" bollocks.

If i had staff wasting time looking on fuckbook or pebo I wouldn't hesitate to sack the fuckers on the spot. You don't get paid for surfing, sorry, fact of life.... do what your employed and paid to do and nothing else. Cival fucking liberties....

And if people are so concerned about their "private life" getting into the wrong hands.... stop fucking posting it online for the whole world to see. Twats!!

Ryanair trades blows with 'idiot blogger'

Thumb Up



Scotland Today in news nipslip outrage



Suddenly want bitty for some strange reason??

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