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US gambling capital bans iPhone card counter

Andrew Kelvin


This gives me serious gas. Okay I have to admit I do see a doctor for that problem, but really? You're outraged by the thought of using technology to gain income from a game of "Chance?" Really? Really. So just in case people don't know, even the corner supermarket with a couple of video poker machines and those three reel machines use technology to gain the benefit of odds that you're going to be a complete LOSER! Now compare this with your Belagio, Harrah's; Oh yeah! Definitely Harrah's, etc... These folks pay big bucks to install the latest technology to get every single penny of your income including but not limited to your house, your kids, your life, and everything that you are. Sure, they post the required "Game Responsibly" posters all around for those who actually do sink rock bottom, see the poster after those 10 drinks at the table, and actually go to the cashier's cage to ask for the privileged to be place on their "DO NOT SEND" lists and to be officially 86'd. How do I know all this, well I'm the bastard that helped Harrah's get'er done. How did I do it and still sleep at nights. Because I convinced myself that gambling is just a form of entertainment and that we have Casino Hosts whose job it is to manage their 3000+ guests intimately enough to help them avoid getting those $200K markers. Sure wish I took that HR job now!



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