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Woman sues rail line for 'exploding' toilet

John Irwin
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Have You Ever Taken A S*** On A Train

Maybe she should have watched this first, courtesy of Armstrong & Miller


If you don't laugh then there is something wrong with you !

Peppa Pig told to belt up

John Irwin

Won't somebody think of the children ...

Oh wait, hmmmmm I'll get mi coat.

US gov Photoshops bin Laden wanted pic

John Irwin

Photoshop or Kebabshop

Sure he delivered my kebab last week, shine deep in snow he asked "why you no clear your path."

'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC

John Irwin

Before They Go Ahead

Well hope before they commence the operation they set a system restore point, oh how I have learned from that lesson !

Yorkshire boozer establishes 'smoking research centre'

John Irwin

The Cutting Edge

The pub is across the road from me and the news vans descended yesterday, I can't see BMBC standing for it myself, me thinks their others licences will be revoked.

We shall see.

YouTube blocks music videos in UK

John Irwin
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PRS Licence - Loophole

If you are a DJ / Musician / Performer are you aware that if you are performing at a "family occasion" i.e birthday, wedding etc that you do not need the PRS Licence ! so just make sure it's someones birthday in the pub I mean what's the chances of it being someones birthday everyday

Scotland Today in news nipslip outrage

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"More tits on the news please."

We have that already, they're called the Government

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