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Storage vendor bloggers - losing data or losing the plot?

Vinanti Benton
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Wrong and Right

Chris, you're on the wrong side of this issue, but for technically innocent reasons. Val has exposed a malicious attack scenario (involving user-generated MD5 collisions) which archiving developers like me had never accounted for back in 2003/2004 when we developed our initial integration with the Centera API.

Bottom-line, all of the early archiving implementations on Centera upto version 1.2 (including KVS, IXOS, iLumin, EDUCOMM, et al) are vulnerable to this data loss scenario because EMC configured collision detection OFF as the default in order to enable the popular Single Instance Storage (SIS) feature.

That means this troublesome Symantec KB article has relevance on the Centera side of the equation, not just the EV side.

See my latest update on why and how:




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