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Southampton Uni slaps IP notice on FOI requests

Paolo Marini

Here comes the Queen

Your tax return form is copyrighted by the Crown in UK, but you are the author of the information needed for the tax calculations. Who "owns" the copyright on the final work?

I suppose this is a common problem: Southampton Uni owns the printer paper and possibly have a copyright on the design of the form, but surely they cannot expect to copyright a mere list of facts obtained by adding together a few numbers, like in this case... it's like teachers claiming copyright on the result of their maths exercises...

CRB checks can take years to complete

Paolo Marini

How often?

How often is a CRB check required? It does sound too strange to me that there are 20-some million people checked every year?!

Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no

Paolo Marini

go get them tiger, ehm, leopard

well, well, if that's not a bitter bite for the apple...

I still wonder what's the exact difference between a patent and a trade secret... because Steve himself has plenty of the former to his name (and they only last 20 years) but pleading deniability of something that is well known and announced looks fairly comical to me...

haven't Snow Leopard features be known for a while already and hasn't Apple itself publicised them? how exactly is that talking about these features is not allowed because they are a trade secret? then Apple should not even run commercials of anything they are not already selling...

(and the latter suggestions is for everybody really...)

US music publishers sue online lyrics sites

Paolo Marini
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agree with "Paul 125" - read the copyright law before you sue...

copyright doesn't prevent someone to come up with the same "words" or ideas or creation independently, plus I've seen many art students go in museums and "copy" the artwork with their own hands... which is perfectly fine by the copyright laws!!!

this is a no-brainer case and the judge should dismiss it as soon as he/she reads the claim...

Microhoo deal has a Google escape clause

Paolo Marini
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I say it's a good deal

not sure if better than the previous acquisition one(s) but surely they retain control on their company(for now)... they earn quite a few bucks (at the expense of Microsoft, I would add)... and they actually don't have to lay off people !!!

Apple tablet spooks world of PCs

Paolo Marini

How old is El Reg audience?!

Has everyone forgotten that Apple was the first company to manufacture a tablet PC ages ago, with the Newton. They had the skills long ago and now they see that the market is ripe for the introduction of a very usable device. That's what Apple does: design, engineer and sell usable devices... now if you need something that it's going to be unusable, feel free to buy Windows.

CRB check failures rocket ahead of massive expansion

Paolo Marini

Something is not write...

oh, I mean, right.

Are they saying that 4mln people have been employed in the last 12 months? (and 3.5mln the 12 months before that?) As far as I know a CRB check is only performed on a successful candidate and I'd be more than happy to know what skills allowed these 3,900,000 people to find a job...

Or are they saying that the mistake rate is only just 4 people for each 10,000 ? (and in that case it's a risk that I can live with, as long as they admit that it was a mistake and take corrective actions)

There, I said it.

WD unfurls 1TB Scorpio

Paolo Marini
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Surely it would have been devilish to make a 666GB one...

ehm, are they using buggy Pentium 66MHz for the calculations? how is that using 3 platters with that density gives a 1GB drive, but using only two of them magically gives 750GB (instead of 666GB) ?!

The ROI on hosted solutions

Paolo Marini
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For the luv of *od

Is this Republic of Ireland, Return on Investment or what else?

Please remember that the Web is accessible from anywhere in the world...

Guns N' Roses blogger faces music prison

Paolo Marini

Why is sneezing a crime ?

"That is because once [germs are] released [in the air] it is virtually impossible to prevent unlimited dissemination of the work."

I guess we should arrest all those with a cold for lowering the overall world productivity (and I won't go as far as saying "causing the current economic crackdown")...

Nokia to preinstall Skype on handsets

Paolo Marini
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Clarifications for "3" Skype

As others have mentioned, it has already been possible to use SkypeOut on the "3" network for a few months, but unlike some others have quoted, it doesn't require a data plan - it just works - from your £15/month voice plan ("3" has also always had a special plan for £12/month on a dedicated Skypephone and recently introduced a £9/month with a specific Nokia handset).

The only limitation is that "national" calls to UK are not allowed (so far) with SkypeOut, so you can only call abroad - but you can still use the standard Skype calls to anywhere/anyone on Skype. Text/SMS messages and video-calls are also not enabled in the "limited version"...

And I've read somewhere in the small print that the "fair use" is 5000 minutes/month for Skype calls (not SkypeOut ones, which depend on your Skype credit...)

Cisco Linksys Media Hub 500GB home NAS

Paolo Marini
IT Angle

how is that ?

how is that you need an "installer" to setup a network drive ? long were they days when you had to configure AppleTalk and Netware (MAP ROOT H:= anyone ?), but mapping a network drive these days should not require an "installer"... should it ?

Copyright cops launch MS-happy software compliance tool

Paolo Marini

@David, real cost of Microsoft software

agree, I'd really hope they'd use the figures from this article when calculating TCO...

Let me try myself with the following assumptions for the "borough" example:

. customer size: 200 desktops (near the top of their "typical" range)

. number of Servers: 8 (1:25 seems a good ratio to me, as they didn't indicate any number for Servers)

. cost for Servers: 20x that for a desktop

. unpaid for licences: 50% of total (equivalent to the £600,000)

so 100 desktops and 4 Server unlicensed for £600,000 gives:

= £3,300 for each desktop and £66,000 for each Server



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