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Mexican phone firms to fingerprint new customers

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Another half baked and probably useless law.

The law was approved based also on another issue: phone blackmailing via fake kidnappings; as a mexican citizen, I've already been "kidnapped" once, thankfully I got to laugh about it for I was home when "I" called to ask for my ransom all weepy.

Yes, it's election time and they want to convince us, the people they already rob, that we should vote for one thief or the other. There's an spanish expression "dar atole con el dedo" meaning acting like someone's doing something when in reality it's just that: an act. This is what they're doing.

The law will be useless for one simple reason: no need to get cellphones abroad...there are these magical, mysterious machines called public phones; this regulation will serve pretty much the same purpose as DRM or several other "edicts" passed 'round here: annoy and alienate the lawful population or the genuine costumer. I also find amazing that criminals have the money and patience too deal with the extremely expensive and unreliable cell phone service her, while around the world mobile telephony is the way to go, in Mexico it could be still considered a luxury.



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