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Report: SAP exec charged with $1,000 LEGO bar-code caper


Re: What a Falcon ijediot

Who didnt listed at schooll?



whereas "insetad" never grates?

Google+ offers new 'Ignore' feature

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Yeah but

yeah but when are they going to allow google apps users in?

They went to a lot of trouble to get us to sign up to Google Apps, only to shut the G+ door.


Royal Mail tells The Register how it's using private cloud


Sat by the letterbox

I'll watch it while I await my morning post...

Oh hang on, its on at 11:00. Well I'll watch it anyhow and then have lunch while I await my mail.

Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?


Fanny Magnet

I haven't heard that phrase for 20 years, takes me back to being 18.

A well underused term, lets reserrect (yeah I know) it.


Three to drop mobile smut shield

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When ???

Did they mention when this Nancy state ban being lifted?

Reminds me of a film... "P0rn Three"

Google releases stable version of Chrome 7



I thought I'd had that version for ages?

Google flips default switch for always-on Gmail crypto


Mobile Phones

We use Nokia N71's. The GMail client is great but if the "use SSL" is turned on on the account, you cant get at it on the mobile. The only way is to, unfortunatly, uncheck this option.

Or is there a way to use SSL on the Nokia?

Open to idea


Broadband tax of £6 per year to fund rural fibre rollout

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Keeping up with the Jones's

We run our business on Virgin 2Mb cable. It works fine and is completely fast enough for all our needs.

Sure we dont have hundreds of users, just half a dozen.

And sure the upload speeds are a bt slow, too slow to host stuff (which I dont think they really like anyhow).

Maybe for us all to watch hd streaming tv we'd need more.. but we are a bsiness doing business tasks.... and its enough.

All this "we need 100Mb" - why?


BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

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You pay your money...

.... you take your choice. Wait and see. We've all seen it beofre in all walks of life.... you see a car for £20,000 then one for £10,000 - its always going to be a flase economy for opt for the cheaper.

Sort term = cheaper,

Mid term = more expensive

Long term = you buy the 20k one

Paris??? She knows

Ofcom sets out Olympic spectrum plan

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Time to wake up

This is again unreal. Just HOW MUCH time and money are we - the tax payers - going to have to pay for these people to hop-skip-and-jump around london?

Its a school sports day event, with a real sporting event price tag.

Let the French have it

NZ couple do bunk with £3.9m bank error

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Banks are just crooked

Several years ago I withdrew £200 from a cash machine in a pub. It payed out £170 and stopped. I immediatly told the pub landlady who washed her hands quickly of it.

I called the bank, they said they would check the machine. I heard nothing.

After half a dozen letter to them I got a letter back saying that no error had been found on that machine.

I had 3 accounts with them and a mortgage and had backed with them for 20 odd years.

They was no way they were going to give me my money (obvisouly they took £200 from my account!).

I wrote to the area manager and conceeded, there was no way I could "prove" this error, but I asked him to consider my following question and respond. Then I would drop the claim.

I asked him why, when I had a current account, mortgage, savings account, house insurance - together worth many thousands of pounds and since I earned a decent salary - although not enough to happily say bye to £30 - why I would try and fiddle the bank out of £30? Surely if I was going to fiddle, I'd have gone for mor ethan £30.

I heard nothing but did get the £30.

Sharks.... BE CAREFUL

Why the Icon - I bet she never makes unwanted withdrawals

More IBM contractors get rates cut

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Big Blue

Slightly smaller, cyan!

Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London

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"one of the planet's greatest cities" - have you been there recently!

Why Paris? - now there's one of the worlds GREAT cities

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears

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Will this explain why the 8mb link we pay for, runs at about 5mb in the day and 300kb in the evening? Are the bank throttling them?

Google blames Gmail outage on data centre collapse

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European Farms

Flipping French Farmers

Yahoo! boss warns of reorg ahead

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They are re-arranging Yahoo! What into Ohoay! ?

Why Pisar? Why not?

Nokia to preinstall Skype on handsets

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Great article

but wont the operators just block skype traffic? am i missing something?

i use skype on not one or two networks - and i realise its a "normal" call as to the handset. but it works for us.

but if there is a way of getting skype without being a customer of theirs , well in my opinion that can only be good, as they have messed me about, a lot. but the skype draw keeps me with them.

will this set us free from these shackles?

why the icon? probably wouldnt try so hard to break free of her shackles.

Brit, French nuke subs collide - fail to 'see' each other

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Recent collisions

So two subs collide at sea. And didnt two Russian satellites collide recently too in space...

Its looking quite good for the hadron collider isnt it? Oh no, thats broken.

Why the icon? Coming wildly together in this way just makes me think....

Google finally soups up Gmail search

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Personally I like GMail, and it works great on my phone. Sure a preview pane would be good but the single thing I miss is a "view unread" mail. Or a filter criteria that allows unread mail to be shown. Its such a small thing to be missing from such a great site (I nearly said product).

I know I can type "label:unread" but why ? I tried the grease monkey to create a button to do this filter - but failed miserably.

Any ideas?


why the icon? - she never leaves the small things out.


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