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Apple MacBook Air 11in Core i5 notebook

Jonathan Fingas

It shouldn't have built-in 3G

Why do some insist on built-in 3G?

Hey, I know, I'll pay extra to commit the computer I have for the next 2-4 years to a particular cellular technology that will probably be obsolete halfway through its lifecycle!

It's not even a very efficient use of tech. It would be smarter to get a MiFi or other pocket router; for the same money, you can get *any* device you own on 3G or 4G, not just one. The pack also helps you save battery life on the notebook.

How can I get a Creative Zen to work with a Mac?

Jonathan Fingas

You can do it, but...

As was suggested by Tony, there's software to do it. However...

The truth is, you bought a player without bothering to check how well it'll work with a Mac, and one that doesn't really work at all without third-party software. Unless you somehow have a chronic aversion, I would think it smarter to get an iPod or (if you must be cross-platform) a Sony Walkman S600 or S700 series player. Those are fine players and at least work on the Mac through drag-and-drop without needing special apps.

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