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Sony restores PlayStation Network in full

Luke Armstrong

o rly?

Did you actually check before writing this article?

I still can't access the PSN store directly or via LA Noire. Infact accessing the "Downloadable Content" screen on LA Noire causes it to lock the entire system up so it doesn't respond to anything but being turned off.

I've completed the game and all I want to do is download the pre-order bonus content, but alas I can't as everything goes through PSN. Hopefully the past couple of months will encourage game developers to host their own content on their own servers.

Pizza-making ATM hacker avoids jail

Luke Armstrong
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Default Passwords

It's fairly common amongst those little standalone ATMs that charge you to withdraw, usually found in newsagents and nightclubs. Quite often they have the default passwords, and what they do is change the settings to swap the £20 and £10 trays over, so when you withdraw £100 you get £200.

I'm glad they get conned as most of them charge at least £2.50. But there isn't much chance of getting away with it as they are always covered by CCTV, the login process can be quite long/noisey/obvious, and you have to use a card to get the money out so if you don't want to be traced you need to steal that too.

I doubt you could "hack" a bank owned ATM, the only way to get into those from the outside is with a JCB!

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers

Luke Armstrong

Works for me! :)

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