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HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks


Are you really surprised

I'm an IT consultalt and I really want to like Linux but it's a constant let down.

Every 12 months or so I fire up a distribution to see how it's come on and it certainly has over the last 5 years or so but it's still so far away from being mainstream.

Only yesterday I loaded Ubuntu on my PC and there's no driver for my printer, there's no napster client or tunebite equivalent, I've loaded Lord of The Rings on-line under Wine and it runs OK but not as good as under windows, my bluetooth adapter doesn't work, I've got no sync software for my phone or my road angel, etc, etc. I haven't even tried to see if my games console can interact with it.

So after a few hours of fiddling and searching, which I don't have to do under windows, it'll probably be getting wiped again soon.

IMHO for the desktop environment the MS tax is money well spent. Linux just doesn't cut it for the average home PC user.

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