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ARM wrestles Intel for netbook crown

Conrad Mazian


"Intel has one arrow in its quiver that ARM doesn't: Windows. Although Linux enjoyed solid acceptance in the netbook market when those sub-subnotebooks first appeared, that love has been withdrawn due to Microsoft marketing and users' reluctance to learn a new OS."

Bullfeathers. Windows gained market share because Microsoft:

A) Dropped their pricing

B) Used their monopoly position to push OEMS not to use Linux

Customers didn't ask for Windows, Microsoft asked for Windows. And Microsoft got Windows, and pretty well destroyed the Netbook market. Then along comes ARM, which can't run Windows XP/Vista/Vista 7, it can only run Windows CE, which is crippled by design, or Linux, which isn't. And of course if it could run Windows, Microsoft wouldn't let them install certain versions with certain screen sizes...

I think ARM is far better off with Linux, which will allow the companies that use ARM to innovate, as compared with Microsoft, which wants control.



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