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I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss

john gilmore

Scientists fairly rational

My experience with climatologists is that they are not as political as presented in the media. In my current course on Climate change the professor has stressed again and again the complexity of climate -which is the element missing from the talking points. He expresses all models as significantly unpredictable ranges and occasionally says things like "My personal opinion, because of my personal research, is that these models here are not taking enough of _____ into consideration. But that is one opinion among many." He often describes the scientific community as a body of opinions on the subject. He is also Chinese, and we are in the States, and it's interesting that he seems detached from the US political debate on the subject, not afraid to present a fully balanced view, and often seems confused by the extreme reactions of students one way or the other.

The data is compelling with regard to greenhouse gasses increasing temperature. The data supports a theory for human-caused increase. I'm a very, very leftist person, and support strongly the initiatives of the Obama administration, but the class has really calmed my nerves and helped me recognize the complexity. The way it is argued in the media is tantamount to describing the functioning of a car engine in terms of a spinny-wheel that turns axles. It's just not that simple.


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