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Intel chip flaw gets double exposure


@Anonymous Coward

Why oh why do *nix fanbois' go on about bloatware being an MS problem?

last time i installed lenny it was over a gig in size, installed 12 different text editors, 3 different GUI front ends, 4 different sound engines, 4 different programmers kits for everything from C to Java, and god knows what else.

bloatware is everywhere and linux is just as guilty as windows.

yes, you can prune linux down, but you can trim windows down too. as a standard install lenny installed more useless crap on my system than vista did. At least vista only gave me one of each application instead of 4 or 5.

Coat on back, runnin' like hell ;)


Kaspersky Labs denies panic mongering

Paris Hilton


".To be very clear: This infection can only happen if the user has already installed a Python interpreter (if you don't know what that is, then be assured that you haven't installed one)"

This is the sentence that should have been dubbed "bollocks" for sure. Theres plenty of M$ users out there who dont realise that an installer is installing another app that it requires, they aren't even reading anything other than the "next" button.

Paris, cos she always knows when a python is installed.



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