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Mobile phones to get universal charger

David Wilcock

If only MicroUSB were standard!

Sure, 5-10 years ago, eveyone had the Nokia charger..... Then came the HTC and BlackBerry - [did you mention BlackBerry?!] with the mini USB.

Some BB models required specific chargers - but ostensibly, HTC-type and BB-type chargers are interchangeable - I know because I field test lots.

THEN Blackberry brought out the 8900, with a 'different' mini USB - it has rounder edges.

There is no bloody way that we will ever see "one size fits all" - we all secretly know this.


Sony unwraps 'world's thinnest' LCD TV

David Wilcock


So no cables into this puppy, not even power?

Surely one neat multifunction cable, even to a remote unit, is better than one power cable and one box which is reliant on wireless tech (and about 0.5m away from the TV anyway).

I know wireless power is coming - make it soon and safe!



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