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OcUK puts £10K bounty on the heads of DDoS varmints

Jon Woods from Southampton

Working fine now

Lol WTF!!

I'm not gay, I'm not. I just tasted it as I was a bit curious that's all, I'm not gay.

The shop and forum are working brilliant for me now so it looks like they got the culprit, it was probably Basmic or Visage and I hope to get a reward because I gave OCUK all the details I had on them both from my hate site that isn't a hate site anymore.


Jon Woods from Southampton

Hi Tawakalna

Great to see you back on the internets Tawakalna why don't you pop over to our forum, you know the real cool one (wink wink) as we've missed your stupidity and lies on there.

It's always funny reading your made up stories and laughing at your completely irrational hatred of a man who shunned your sexual advances you obnoxious little gayer.


Jon Woods from Southampton
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fao Spie

I used to be a member of the ocuk forums but I got a bit upset with them so I started a hate site as I'm like that then the owner of ocuk tried to sue me for doing it and I cried alot about it as I should be able to do what I want really, I'm not spoilt or anything.

I begged Spie not to continue with the court action and he eventually agreed and let me carry on my whining as long as I didn't publish any of his copyrighted material, although I thought it should be up to me if I wanted to do that anyway but he's an idiot.

So he's not all bad and I play with racists and bigots anyway so that doesn't bother me.

I don't shop there as I can't afford anything in life at the moment as I'm still trying to get my musical career going (mum reckons I'm really good) but when I have got some money I will buy stuff from them as they're really good I've heard.



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