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Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter

gerald fenwick

demobbing F-117's

what, you think that the USAF parked 63 stinkbugs because of 1 kill in Serbia?

good grief.

the stinkbug is made of 6 different aircraft - it was designed as a hybrid of spare parts so as to fast track its build - some of those parts (including F104 and skyhawk) are no longer available. Its a logistics nightmare

there are now over 100 raptors available at the 1 manned LO aircraft level in service

the mission of the F-117 has been overtaken in a lot of areas by the new generation PGM's and standoff weapons - it's 25 years old, it's running out of parts, one of its replacements is in service and there are superior weapons delivery capabilities in play?

why keep a logistics embuggerance when there are at least 4 superior support vectors that say get rid of it.

and again, the Serb shootdown was due to human factors, a pilot who broke the rules - and a serb commander who had initiative to recognise that they were complacent and moved accordingly.

LO is not invincible - why people carry on about stealth aircraft and then don't understand the implications of bad employment is just fan clubbing commentary.

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