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Pandas so useless they just look at delicious kid who fell into enclosure

IT Angle

Come on then...

Pandas so useless.....even mentions of Red Pandas in the comments.

There must be a Mozilla gag in there somewhere.....

Fujitsu pitched stalker-y AI that can read your social media posts as solution to Irish border, apparently

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I'd buy those for a dollar.

Apple is Mac-ing on enterprise: Plans strategic B2B alliance with HPE


Have to say that that I think there was a point when Apple could have made a dent in at least the SMB enterprise market. They should have pushed Mac OS X Server and the XServes as a all in one business in a box solution like the old MS SBS product which Microsoft was breaking up when they thought they could make more money by selling separate products.

The "proper" OS X Server around Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard and the G5 and Intel Xserves made it a really good solution IMHO.

But then along came the iPhone and Apple Computer became Apple Inc, OS X Server became just an "app" and the Intel Xserves were killed off and they started offering Mac Minis as "servers". They just lost interest.

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it


Re: Git TF!

and yes I know all you fellow Scots not the original electric soup which my dad used to talk about seeing the local alkies consuming in old Dundee but that's what Buckie got called round my way amongst other things.


Re: Git TF!

No, that'd be ES (Electric Soup)


I'd go for Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi:

You dont' know what you've Git till it's gone

They paved paradise and put up a data centre.

Great news, cask beer fans: UK shortage of CO2 menaces fizzy crap taking up tap space


Re: Case for the prosecution

Long live the new lager!

Microsoft Azure Europe embraced the other GDPR: Generally Down, Possibly Recovering


Re: Title

I blame Eadon.

Pwned with '4 lines of code': Researchers warn SCADA systems are still hopelessly insecure

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Re: SCADA systems running windows

I'll see your Windows 3.1 CNC machine and raise you a BridgePort Wire Eroder running DOS 3.0 running off twin 720k floppies.

Apple will throw forensics cops off the iPhone Lightning port every hour


It's less DJing now and more live "producing" now that you can essentailly have a complete recording studio on your MacBook. Layering not just effects but actual instruments over the tracks and then doing the mixdown live as you go. Be it automated or manually tweaking it with a controller. The next step is no doubt going to be an AI DJ. (shudders)

In the end the real skill of a DJ is not being able to put together a seamless mix or knowing where exactly to place the drop or being able to scratch 3 decks at once, it's simply about choosing good music to create a mood as it always has been. Be it in a hip club at 2.00am or your cousin's wedding.

Right I'm off to Discogs....


Doug S

Then came Traktor and then you didn’t even need hardware. Nowadays you literally can “phone in” a set.

Mine’s the one with a pair of Sennheiser HD25s in the pocket.


Agreed but nostalgia apart, there is/was a greater sense of theatre with a box of 12's, a pair of SL-1200s and working the crossfader on an SH-DJ1200. I was a very poor amateur but when you saw DJ Shadow or Z-Trip or DJ Hype do a vinyl set live (as I have several times over the years) it was some experience.

It's all too perfect today where you can fade in the breakdown to the thousandth of a millisecond and you can pretty much pre program your set. Even the old school DJs who have embraced the digital age still have a little xtra something to my mind as a lot of them still use it in an analog way with all the imperfections that implies.

I know, I know, rose-tinted.


A "real" professional DJ drops the needle on those SL-1200 MkII's.

GNOMEs beat Microsoft: Git Virtual File System to get a new name


ZFS, ok maybe not, then how about ZFGFS Zero F***s Given File System?

Five actually useful real-world things that came out at Apple's WWDC


Re: Funny Sound Bite on Radio 4 This morning

+1 for After Dark reference.

Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion


"This industry is insane"

You only just noticed!

You've heard that pop will eat itself. Boffins have unveiled a rocket that does the same


On record and of course T-shirts, the Poppies have it for me.

Live, Ned's just edges it.

If you disagree then there is no love between us anymore.


Any mention of Stourbridge's finest is OK with me. 28 years since Touched By The Hand of Cicciolina....bloody hell. Still the best World Cup theme ever.


Look how modern we are! UK network Three to kill off 3G-only phones


Re: 2G (GSM, not USA CDMA)

2G will continue for a few more years yet. There are a lot of legacy systems especially M2M devices that still depend on it and the network kit will still be around as it is still used by hundreds of millions of users who can't afford (or you could argue need, 1st world problems and all that....) our shiny smartphones.

Good news as well for my original Nokias, 3110 and 8110.

Orchestral manoeuvres in the Docker: A noob's guide to microservices


Now you've done it

I can't get Enola Gay out of my head now!

Windows Notepad fixed after 33 years: Now it finally handles Unix, Mac OS line endings


For the Fruity Users

For those of us on the dark side, BBEdit FTW although TextEdit is a little gem. And yes I am old enough to remember TeachText and SimpleText.

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties


Re: Still using both Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center

WHS was one of the few MS products I have ever really liked, it really only seemed to be aimed at home hobbyists though which intrinsically limited its appeal a bit. MS being MS though, they killed the single best feature, Drive Extender when they moved to WHS 2011. Although they did add Time Machine backups which was nice for my Macs.

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes


Old, old story

Remember all, management it say, IT is just a annoying cost, it's just a drain on the business.

Until that is you suddenly realise that your business is IT.

<Nelson Muntz voice> Ha-Ha

The tech you're reading these words on – you have two Dundee uni boffins to thank for that



I am pretty sure that I went to physics lectures by Walter Spear in the either the Harris Building or the Ewing building while I was doing my Electronics degree in the early 80s.

Apple's magical quality engineering strikes again: You may want to hold off that macOS High Sierra update...


Re: System 7...

Yes I remember too, Extension Manager was our friend.

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I'll just stick to System 7

Mad Leo tried to sack me over Autonomy, says top HP Inc beancounter


the CEO of HP, demonstrating incompetence, I can't believe that......

'I crashed AOL for 19 hours and messed up global email for a week'


1995/96, using Claris Emailer on my Quadra 700, so exciting.......sigh....

Sysadmin’s worst client was … his mother! Until his sister called for help


Walls can be useful

As the comments for this will probably show, we all have one or more of the family or friend war stories. Let the downvotes fly but in my case the best cure for this I have seen over recent years has been that tablet thing from that company from Cupertino.

For some walled gardens are the safest solution, for them....and us.

Gemini: Vulture gives PDA some Linux lovin'


Re: It's still rather disappointing

N900.....my best phone ever.

iOS 11.3 update throws Jamf-managed iStuffs into a loop.. into a loop.. into a loop... into a...


Re: Stuttering Music

Can't spot the difference on all my DJ Shadow or Kid Koala tracks.

Software gremlin robs Formula 1 world champ of season's first win


Re: re: F1 borefest

Agreed, if you want cutting edge machines and fabulous racing then it has to be Moto GP. Never tire of watching The Doctor at work, win or lose.

Fleeing Facebook app users realise what they agreed to in apps years ago – total slurpage


Re: You are being watched. The Facebook has a secret system, a machine that spies on you

Problem is....it's turning out more like Samaritan in charge rather than The Machine.

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


Some sort of Amiga thing.....that's why I read El Reg.

Fancy a viaduct? We have a wrought Victorian iron marvel to sell you


Re: The silv'ry Tay

As a Dundonian every time I go down Riverside the old pillars that remain from that bridge always catch the eye.

Your mouse can't reach that Excel cell? Buy a 'desk extender' said help desk bluffer


Gone too far?....All the way to Tennessee perhaps?

La, la, la, I can't hear you! Apple to challenge Bose's noise-proof cans

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Re: Sennheiser...

Go for a smaller OTE, I have stuck with the Sennheiser HD25 since I did a bit of DJing years ago. They have the added bonus that they can really take a beating and every part is replaceable. My current HD25-ii are the perfect travelling headphones for me.

4G found on Moon


Re: Audi Luna Quattros

If you are talking Quattro then there is also Herr Rohrl of course......


Nokia tribute band HMD revives another hit



Still use my original 8110. The issue for them these days is the battery. Every one you find will be DOA after 20 odd years. I found a place that can refurb the old batteries so job done.

Still works with an EE SIM which nostalgically says "Cellnet" on the phone.

I had a thing for the *110 Nokia phones I had almost everyone at some point. 3110, 5110, 7110, 8110 and of course the 2110, now that was a phone! Pretty sure if you sorted the batteries they would all still work.

The Gemini pocket PC is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like


Re: Nokia

SailFish which was born out of Maemo (N900) and Meego (N9) can run on it so in a way you could add a little bit of Nokia if you want. I might give that a go.

UK.gov's Brexiteers warned not to push for divergence on data protection laws


The "exceptionally high standards" bit is just more of what seems lie at the heart of what drives Brexit for some people. Along with "deep and special" and "bespoke" and "Canada plus, plus, plus".

It smacks of entitlement because of course what they really mean is we are just "better" than everyone else.

See also "they need us more than we need.......etc"

US Pentagon scrambles after Strava base leaks. Here's a summary of the new rules: 'Secure that s***, Hudson!'


Re: IOT Hysteria

I say we take all IOT devices, put them in a pile, then take off and nuke them all from orbit.

It's the only way to be sure.

Apple whispers farewell to macOS Server


Mac Minis, yes they were never proper servers but the late lamented Xserves both PowerPC and Intel most certainly were, they were really nice pieces of kit.

As for OS X/MacOs Server, that did become essentially a tool for managing iThings. It peaked in usefulness at Leopard/Snow Leopard IMHO and it was downhill from that point.

I agree about the golden triangle setup though, that was a total pain although it was better than editing AD attributes, I still have nightmares about that.

29 MEEELLION iPhone Xs flogged... only to be end-of-life'd by summer?


Round and round we go

Sigh...here we go again.

Fanboi, brainless sheep, reality distortion field, hipsters, blinded by the shiny, £1000 for a phone!!!!

Give it a rest, Mr Internet.

I am looking at my backup phone one of which I had new when it was released. Nokia 8110. It was an unbelieveable £200 in 1996. £200 for a phone!!!! Hipster (or the 1996 equivalent), brainless, ..........

Plus ca change....

So not just Cupertino.

'WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?' Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel spinning Spectre fix as a security feature

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Re: All of this makes me long for...

Right, time to fire up the Quadra 840.



Re: At amanfromMars 1...

Personally I think that AMFM1 posts are not a bot per se but simply the output of the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 sub-meson brain hooked up to an atomic vector plotter with the whole thing suspended in a strong Brownian motion producer, say a nice hot cup of tea.

Probably....( or improbably).

EL Reg would not be the same without him.

A certain millennial turned 30 recently: Welcome to middle age, Microsoft Excel v2



Version 1.0 was about the first Microsoft product I learned to use. On a Mac Plus if I remember right. Excel v4 and Word v5.1 on a decent 68k Mac have yet to be bettered IMHO. Jumpers....goalposts.....

Apple hauls in $52.6bn in Q4, iPhone, iPad and Mac sales all up


Re: What is the point of the cash pile?

I'd call it AppleTalk in the hope it would completely erase my memories of the first product called that. (still have the flashbacks)


Re: What is the point of the cash pile?

If it were me, comms would be where I would spend it. They already do the hardware (including chip design), software and have the cloud infrastructure. Next up the pipes that connect it all together, a global ISP/network that would complete the walled garden. Even the bandwidth are belong to them then. You could call it say....AppleTalk.

Google's phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done


Re: Just like Apple

robin thakur 1

When you put it like that I concede the point about specs. Apple of course have previous about going their own way with different architectures while everyone else sticks with the crowd although with Macs even they had to give in in the end. Again like I say no real experience of day to day use of an iPhone or indeed Android (apart from trying to help out other people) never had either type as my smartphone history reads: N900, N9, Jolla, Blackberry Passport


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