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Obama: 1m electric cars on US roads by 2015, please

Iani Ioannidis

RE: @Why electric

Thanks to all who replied for the constructive challenges to my opinion. Please understand that my intention was not to rubish electic powered cars as a viable and sustainable automotive solution.

First thing first - I believe that IF _today_ the automotive industry was asked to stop producing petrol or diesel cars, then electric would be the most likely way to go.

My problem with the "platetarch's" (controversial title, I know!) comment is this:

I do expect the powers-that-are to gather data, facts and evidence and then debate, analyse and assess all the options carefuly. This is a very important topic and it will affect the way we live our lives for decades. We should be backing the right technology for the future and not jumping on to whateverl looks good today.

I am very worried that such quick decision will mean that we will be investing in the _wrong_ (ET or HT) technology. And by 2015 it would be too late to switch the the _right_ (ET or HT) one - missing out in all of the potential benefits.

I do not think that a proper scientific debate took place yet: i.e. Electric technology (ET) vs Hydrogen technology (HT) as a technology for the FUTURE of automotion

My personal opinion is that, by 2015, HT will be preferable to ET in terms of practicality, cost, sustainability, environmental impact and the ability to deploy at a large scale.


- Although HT is less mature than ET, it is more promising on paper and requires more investment and support (i.e from Obama) to achieve its potential

- HT challenges (including many of the ones mentioned in replies to my original post) are being addressed (just do a google search. e.g. http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/01/23/worlds_smallest_fuel_cell/) as most of the key stakeholders are investing in HT R&D.

- California's HT pilot seems to be successful.

Happy to take this discussion ot a forum if people like to discuss further.

Iani Ioannidis

Why electric?

I am very impressed with the speed in which the new "planetarch" made his first green commitment. It is a very welcome sign.

I am just worried whether or not he has looked at the issue closely or at all.

The sustainable and eco-responsible future for cars has moved on from electric to hydrogen powered cars. The cost is less, the benefits are higher and as an eco-responsible automotove solution hydrogen power is more sustainable than electric power.

Is he just misinformed or is there a hidden driven by the automotive lobbies of US to make a quick buck?



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