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Sniper-aiding app arrives for iPhone


"Sniper" app has been on app store for months

This app looks interesting but probably not as useful as isnipe which has been available on the iphone for some months - so why the sensationalist reporting?

As someone who shoots as a hobby and who makes home-load ammunition it's very useful to be able to customise the initial data set such projectile weight, zero range etc. But, even with all that information at your fingertips the likelihood of you being able to dial in the exact settings and hit a target, at range, with the first bullet, is very small

The line "let any idiot with a sniper rifle take out enemies with ease" belies a lack of understanding of the skills and knowledge needed for accurate long-range shooting.

As for "communicating with your chosen weapon"... can someone tell me where I can buy a rifle with an onboard computer, USB / wifi and a headphone jack?!!!



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